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Christmas in September!

Alternatively, "I am a horrid spendthrift."

There were ten sales within a 3-mile radius of my house today. And they were ALL AWESOME.  Even when I didn't buy stuff - and I bought something at most of them - there was great stuff to look at, not a bunch of useless baby clothes and low-quality cheap crap.  I used up the last scraps of my remaining cash early on and had to go grab a $20 bill from the ATM along the way, so naturally I just couldn't spend fast enough, drunk on my wealth and good fortune.

Here is a quick glance at the pile:

Text version: I decided all the sales were so distinctive, they needed names.

Sale 1: Equineapalooza
(So named due to the incongruos sight of a sale run by two older women featuring a table with an assortment of no fewer than 10 random toy horses of various brands, size and age)

+ Grand Champion Clydesdale, 75 cents: I could have sworn that not too long ago, I was making a faint plan to sell off my model horses, since they are bulky and heavy, you don't need many of them for a good display, and most of mine are in a box anyway. So why did I buy this? Because I could. When the universe throws horses my way, I obey!

+ Black off-brand model horse, 75 cents: See above. I don't think it's a Breyer -- feels too light and hollow --  but it looks similar and it was the most quality horse there.

Bonus: A little girl of 4-6 arrived while I was browsing, looked at the various horses for sale and cried, "I want to get a horsie!"
Her mom: No, you have enough horsies at home.
My thoughts, cartoonishly pleased with myself: I get a horsie!

Mini Ryan Phillipe book, 10 cents: Honestly, I don't even like Ryan Phillipe and never have. But this book was tiny and full of glossy color photos and just such a lame, cheap cash-raising marketing ploy of a publication that it wrapped all the way back around to being awesome.

Free: she gave me a bag to carry my stuff home on the bike, but where most people hand you plastic, she actually gave me a really nice paper gift bag - a little beat up, but the thick, quality decorative stuff that people would actually sell at sales.

Free: the little Ninja Turtle seen above when I didn't have a spare quarter. He was an impulse pick since I had the set when I was little (I think we actually still have it), and I figured 90s nostalgia was...a good thing to grab? this was a dumb idea.

Randomly Noted: A movie poster in decent shape of "The Truth About Cats and Dogs" was on their free pile.

Sale 2: The Ten Cent Adventure
Loon paperweight, 10 cents: Pretty (and also, proof I am in Minnesota). Original price sticker on bottom: $3.99, 1989.

Small flocked black pony, 10 cents: He's the wrong scale for everything, but his mane is so soft it's like fur, and he appears to be brand-new and comes outfitted with his own set of removable English tack. I like him as a bookshelf display trinket.

Sale 3: Bookworld
The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs - "A. Wolf," 50 cents: This book is a vitally centric piece of my childhood, and yet it's one we don't own. Fixed. One of my rare exceptions to not buying children's picture books. Another exception will be made for The Stinky Cheese Man, if I ever find it.

Organizing from the Inside Out - Julie Morgenstern, $1: I really like organizing books, but people don't seem to sell them in droves like they sell cookbooks. I just grabbed it. Probably overpaid since it's a paperback and 10 years old to boot, however crisp and new it looks.

The Jungle Book - Rudyard Kipling, 50 cents: Ordinarily I would NOT cough up cash for a book with the egregious sin of having a name in permanent marker written on the front/side (this looked like a retired teacher's sale), but I was trying to break the $20 and I actually haven't read this and I like the cover and the 1980 mass market edition. It's a nice broken-in paperback, without being totally broken.

Sea Life, $1: On the other hand, this was totally worth it. It's oversized, the image on the cover is raised up and the inside is full of gorgeous color photos.

Sale 4: Grab Bag Estate Sale
Pound Kitty, 25 cents: awwww, 80s! I'm glad nobody cares about these and are always giving them away.

Scenic painting, $1.00: It's just on a basic canvas and is probably only a high school art class project, but you know what? I will always be in awe of people who can produce things like this from scratch. It's a weakness of mine: I love realistic high school art class paintings. I do. I love them like crazy, probably dating back to my ex-best-friend being a prizewinning art student.

***Zoo Doctor - 50 cents***: FAVORITE FIND! Ex-library, 1957, animals (juvenile non-fiction account of a vet at the Bronx Zoo)? That right there fits all the criteria for A WIN! Couldn't believe it was the only vintage kids' book there. Worry I missed things by arriving in the sixth hour.

Sale 5: Media Storm & Pooch Parade
Shopaholic and Baby - Sophie Kinsella, 25 cents: It's missing the dust jacket, but it's hardcover, and it was so cheap! And now I can read my favorite Shopaholic tale's top passages whenever I like.

Big Bad Book of Bart Simpson, 25 cents: Paperback. I always forget that I actually like comics when superheroes aren't involved. Besides: Simpsons! Quarter! I love how mega-cheap this sale was.

Computer Game: Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis ("3-D Park Building Sim"), 50 cents: WHAT IS THIS CRAZY PRICING?!?! Here is an idea of how crazy: they were also selling Age of Empires II, as well as the Conquerors expansion pack and Civilization III, at this price. Other garage sales will routinely mark these games at $3-5, even now, if they have the original box and manuals. And these people did! 

Computer game: Hunting Unlimited 2010, 50 cents (no manual, if one existed): Sue me, I have a disturbing bloodlust for murdering pixel animals. I've been looking for a good freeware hunting game for roughly 8 years now, but such freeware games do not exist. And yet, here is an awesome one for practically free.

VHS: "Coyote Ugly," 25 cents: Now that I can watch videos again, my plan to go nuts and buy out the world is progressing nicely. (p.s. SO CHEAP! I'm happy with 50 cents for tapes -- a dollar is too much -- but anyone who wants to go lower is all right with me)

Priceless: Petting a Puggle, which I routinely call the ugliest breed out there, but which makes no difference when its solid little bullie head is bumped under your hand, you are petting its silky smooth coat, and it is alternately parked against your leg and leaning on you like a squat little piglet or climbing up your lap to seek out your face with its tiny little tongue.

Priceless: Petting an ancient liver and white Spaniel mix who gets jealous of the attention paid to the first dog. Old dogs are so sweet. I love them.

Sale 6: Simpsonia
The Bart Book, 25 cents (copyright 2004): Small paperback, but with a super nice embossed cover and glossy pages: it's a guide to Bart. Would you believe I found this just a few blocks away from the sale above? First Simpsons books ever. Even better, it was originally 50 cents, but at that point I didn't have a single coin left, so I just made a mental note. I came back about 3-4 hours later, after getting cash and a stop back home to finish up a bit of work that was due by 1:30, and this time he waved me off and told me I could have it for a quarter!

Sale 7: Beanie Bonanza
Loosy the Goose, Princess the purple teddy bear (Diana commemorative), and Fortune the panda teddy: 30 cents each: All seem brand new, and the bears even have pristine tags inside tag protectors. Admittedly, the Beanie Babies are another collection of mine that I have meant to streamline and pare down, as most of mine saw hard play wear and half are in the attic already. new, so cheap, so cute!

TOTAL SPENT: $9.35. Hey, that's less than two of the Beanies cost new.


(I like to organize my blog posts by sales so I can remember how the day unfolded, while the pictures are more by category -- easier to photograph. Ergo, random order for anyone who just read the above:)

(tiny bebbe lions!)

And now, the final glee of the day: rewriting this post in a more streamlined version for thriftwhore, so I can relive it all over again! You can go there instead if the verbosity bugs you here.
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