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JD: Thank you, *God.* That. Was. Beautiful.

a/k/a, "I have met Future Me!"

This garage sale the one that advertised itself as the "Vintage Garage Sale" featuring "Antiques: furn, toys, books, glass, more." IT DID NOT LIE. At first I walked up the driveway and saw one tall square unit stacked full of kids books, but mostly newer or 90s ones. =/ Then I walked into the garage. Which immediately morphed itself into an antique store.

The whole thing was filled to the brim with old stuff: two tables in the middle with figurines/glassware/old Christmas, and then the whole perimeter filled with shelves and tables of old things. Namely: 3 boxes of vintage children's picture books. And then AN ENTIRE TWO-SHELF DISPLAY CABINET FULL OF OLD NOVELS. 1940s-1960s, maybe some a little older. I nearly passed out at the sight.

I limited myself MOST severely, to only two books, because most of it wasn't quite up my alley and after suffering faint buyer's remorse yesterday I'm trying to be really hard on myself since I plan to, you know, go crazy with the books in October.


$2.00: Big Zoo (1941, 1960 fifth-edition printing)
Apparently it's my week for juvenile non-fiction books about the Bronx Zoo! Again, I bought this because of all the great photos -- the book is just packed with them -- the book is about 150 pages, and about half of those are pictures, with spreads after every 15 pages or so of writing. Ooh, look at that, the inside jacket clipping (it's an ex-library, so that part was cut out of the jacket and pasted inside) boasts "162 photographs."

(bigger when clicked, if you want to read the text)

$1.50: Bob, Son of Battle (1960 printing)
Although I would not normally go in for a children's book that is an "abridged" story, especially when the original  book sounds like something I need to own and WHY HAVEN'T I READ IT??, I caved on this because of the beautiful illustrations. It's an oversized book and while there's a lot of text, on every single page there are also black and white or color illustrations. Just gorgeous collie drawings everywhere.

(end pages & a random color sample)

(bigger when clicked)

(I cried inside when I found Big Mutt on the shelf -- a neat old dog book I have read and would like to own -- but had to put it back when I saw that in addition to beat up and fraying edges, the back cover was covered with those little spots. I don't know if they're mildew or what, but I don't want to bring home any more books like that.)

I literally spent 45 minutes looking at everything two or three times, there was so much, and it was all so gorgeously staged. AND, it was all reasonably priced. Some of the older toys were priced a bit higher, averaging $5-10, but still lower than you'd see in an actual antique store or online. The books were all $1-3, I think. Not giving stuff away, but extremely reasonable.

There was a little Bluebird of Happiness, too, which is ironic since I just read about those for the first time on a thrifting blog.

I had the most fun looking at the shelf of toys in the back -- mostly Fisher Price, including a cool wooden pull-along cow and seal beside five of the little dogs, and then a farm set priced at $10. It's a little barn w/ animals that I used to own, and am now STRONGLY kicking myself for getting rid of at some point in childhood due to the non-realism factor.

There were also some metal tops, metal lunch boxes, a small rocking horse, a few dolls and a couple of antique baby doll carriages, and a couple of new-in-box sets of mini 101 Dalmatians figurines (I'm guessing 1990s) that were just adorable. plus neat things like an old sewing machine/table, and what appeared to be a combination old fashioned radio/record player -- it was huge. Plus, I had the hardest time forcing myself not to buy any of the several cute animal figurines that were priced anywhere from 50 cents to $4. In particular there was a little porcelain black Scottish Terrier for $1 that was calling to me, but I didn't have enough padding to safely carry him home.

There was even a mounted deer head to entertain me, though I think that was just normally hung in garage. For sale were a few sets of mounted antlers.

AND AND AND, at one point when I was the only person there, the barking/whining dog in the back yard managed to push the latch open and come bounding into the garage to see me, so even though the dog was, quote, "a runner" and not supposed to be loose, I got to pet this beautiful Husky mix for a minute or so before she put it away.

Basically, it was everything I love in a garage sales. And all just a few blocks from my house, a 10-minute walk at most!

And here's how I learned I had met Future Me: in addition to the fact that the woman running the sale had waist length hair, right before I checked out she engaged me in conversation, joking about how much there was to look at partly as a result of an "addictive personality." Then, AWESOMELY, she told me that even after weeding all this out she still had two equally large cabinets filled with old children's books, which she said she loved. My eyes lit up as I enthusiastically agreed, and we had a nice little chat. She seemed very happy that the books were going home with somebody with someone who would "really appreciate them."

Oh, also, she mentioned that she liked to scrapbook. Just in case I needed a little more convincing that I had found a mirror version of myself 20 years in the future.

I am, in fact, not entirely convinced there were not wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey dynamics at work.

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