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Officially kickin' off the TV season

And by that I mean I hung out on CBS all night because apparently nothing else has started yet.

How I Met Your Mother, 7x01, "The Best Man"

NOTE: Let this be a lesson to you: don't switch back to Rich Text after you put in LJ cuts. There is a possibility that it eats your cut text, and a 100% certainty that it ate the entirety of this cut section, which OF COURSE was the longest. *(%&(*%&#(*%&#(%!!
I'm trying to watch this season with the perception of "What will be funny when I see this episode again?" (first answer: Classic Schmosby Remix), but I already feel suffocated by the unrequited feelings/triangle theatrics. Plus Robin's hair has officially decided to make me sad.

So, rather than torture myself through the upcoming year of Unnecessary Mystery Land, in my head, I'm just going to carry two versions of the wedding: one to Nora, one to Robin. Whichever one works better, in the given week, is the one I'm going to go with (I also harbor the distinct certainty that any wedding to Nora will not actually go through, though).

I may also need to believe it's all pining & angst and that there was no ridiculous half life of a Barney/Robin relationship beforehand, otherwise I will feel nothing but retroactive rage about how they broke up for literally no reason and Barney is, in fact, no different now than he was then.

I love how Marshall "ruined the wedding" by accidentally revealing the bride's pregnancy. Jim Halpert has already been there and done that, people. Old news! Also, Turk missed his own wedding. The point is that there are SO MANY sitcom weddings that were worse than Punchy's wedding. Like, all of them. Including Marshall's! Now that you mention it, there's nothing in the world I hate quite like a sitcom wedding. Sitcom MARRIAGE, I love the marriages because they last forever. But not the actual celebrations.

Let's consider the good things:
a) The dance was BRILLIANT. So much more fun and energetic than I expected. I'm talking about the actual choreography, but also, the CHEMISTRY. I caught feelings, I caught feelings bad. I...can't seem to keep those feelings alive afterward -- they took too long to make it up to me; I'm dead inside when it comes to daydreaming this ship -- but as long as I stay within these magic two minutes, I'm good. His grin when he leads her across the floor, the superclosealmostkiss ending pose, just how perfectly they complement each other in is nice to already have a Shining Moment of the TV season.

b) The orange/black/white theme happening in the wedding party attire. Those were my school colors, so now I have a weird affinity for them. Also a need for a pair of high school sweethearts from my hometown to throw a wedding featuring these colors. The orange vest looked weirdly appealing on Ted.

c) The baby stuff is cute so far.

d) Oh, come on, self. Admit it: overall, this is something you'll watch in reruns, whereas the next episode is not.

7x02, "The Naked Truth" Beercules was stupid and reminded me why I often hate Marshall now, and I'm already really, really sick of his new boss. Oh, and I've discovered I can't stand Nora. Is it her face? Her accent? Her attitude? Or the simple fact that she's breaking up my OTP? The last one sounds good, but I'm finding that I have real issues with what I can only describe as an air of smugness. Ostensibly, this is a thing you need in order to keep Barney in check, but it just really, really rubs me the wrong way to watch him act like a leashed puppy. So much for trying to stay positive.

But then Victoria appeared and took all the bad feelings away. If there is one potential ray of sunshine beyond Lily's pregnancy this season, it's her. I forget how long she's supposed to stick around, so I'm going to pretend it's forever.
Out of the blue, Two and a Half Men turned into something wonderful.In fairness, I did actually watch the show for a number of years, so I am not 100% objective. There are even some straggling reviews around here. Lately, passive acceptance has led to me allowing the stupid reruns that populate prime early-evening-syndication real estate to play in the background. STILL.

The promised parade of ex-girlfriends was indeed glorious. I'd forgotten just how many incredible women this show lured in to guest star. Charlie/Rose would be my OTP, if I were capable of shipping Charlie with anyone, so the proposal backstory is a lovely mental image -- but at the same time, I am inordinately pleased with the idea that she killed him for turning around and cheating on her. Never cross a crazy woman!

More to the point, the moment Walden showed up, I went head over heels. I was not aware I was that much of an Ashton Kutcher fan, besides really enjoying Kelso in That 70s Show, but it is completely working for me. It's not really less raunchy, yet it feels like it is. So much so that I'm...probably going to be here next week. Well, they teased me with a To Be Continued. What's that about?

[edit: oh! I forgot the best part -- when Jenna Elfman came down the stairs, and I squealed on principle. And then Thomas Gibson showed up, and I clapped again. And then I realized that I only know them as individual actors on other shows, but together they make DHARMA AND GREG! That show is a little too old and not a hot enough commodity for syndication for me to have seen it with regularity, but the few times I have seen it, I've loved it. The internet wants me to think they were transformed into bitter, spiteful people in this episode. Nah, don't think so. I'm going with regular married banter after an extra 10 or so years of marriage.

Also, JOHN STAMOS. Creepy though those mental pictures are...John Stamos!]

I didn't think I could love 2 Broke Girls any more...and then they added a horse.If it moves to 7:30 next week, I am sold. The half hour flew by, lacking the usual drudgery of a "setting stuff up for later" pilot. I laughed quite a bit. And I knew I loved Kat Dennings but I underestimated just how much, because Max instantly shot to the top of my Favorite Female Characters on Television list. We hardly know anything about her and I still want to read all the fic in the worlld.

And the new girl -- Caroline, must remember -- is great. She reminds me of how I'd always have this perception of the skinny popular girls, but whenever I actually spoke to them on on one, a lot of times they'd be suprisingly sweet and likable. Plus, did I mention how the end featured them sitting on her horse? Because that was BEAUTIFUL. I will even give you permission to write the horse out after this; I know better than to ask for more than an episode or two of a horse living outside a city apartment. But I'm so proud of you for doing it.
I watched Hawaii Five-0 on the theory that I needed to see how the finale plot strands were resolved. Terry O'Quinn (and, to my surprise, Kermit) drove me right out even before I remembered how dull this thing is unless Danny is actively snarking his head off. And then it punched me soundly in the heart muscle by having Rachel's baby be Stan's, severing what little emotional connection I had to this show. And then it delivered a SECOND blow by apparently having the cute girl whose name I'll never remember be in league with Wo Fat? Bye-bye! I'm not even sticking around long enough to find out if there is blackmail or violent coercion at play, which for the record, I've decided there is.
Skipped Castle, since a lot of the potential in Beckett getting shot went out the window when I found out she already had a boyfriend. What is wrong with you, show? Who squanders an opportunity like that? Honestly. Hit up YouTube for a clip or two, but was severely underwhelmed re: shippy kicks. Call me if this front ever gets going without choosing the bad Bones road.

(ignore me. My canon shipping prospects this season are terrifyingly thin and I'm going everywhere in search of scraps.)
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