RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

So, following my 8 hour stint at the library to finish work...

1) This totally eclipses the Grayson Remix (a/k/a, "one of my fandoms took me up on the Live Up To These Awesome Precedents challenge!"):

I have watched this something like ten times and I'm still laughing so hard it hurts. As soon as the visual effects kick in, the tears (of joy) come streaming down my face. Don't judge me!

2) NCIS, 9x01, "Nature of the Beast": It's nice to be able, for once, to go into hiatus without caring at all what happens next. It looks plot-heavy and involves Tony doing secret things again, so I probably won't understand it even when they explain it. -- RS, May 2011

Accurately Predicting RS is accurate. I came in a couple of minutes late and thought I must be missing something something great -- Gibbs, hospitalized Tony, Kate's sister?! But then nothing. So bored. I got the sense they were telling us quite a bit of important information, but they told it in such a slow, dull way that I barely followed any of it.

Really, all I registered or ever needed to know was that EJ's other teammate was the face in the photo last spring. Don't even need to know why, really. Which is good, since I don't. They seem poised to keep a subset of this mystery going with Scott Wolf, but I just curiosity at all. Man, I thought I didn't care about the mytharc on X-Files, but I was a captive audience to that compared to this show's version of it.

I did like the brief moment of reminiscing about Franks over dinner at Gibbs', though. And the mention that Amira & her mother are nearby now.
3) Raising Hope continued to be precious and Jimmy mystifyingly attractive, although Sabrina's hair depresses and angers me now. It's like a Cleopatra wig. New Girl, which I did not watch, apparently exploded in the ratings and fandom alike. WHAT THE HELL, AMERICA. I can't even do anything except sputter incoherently with disgust and disdain.
4) Fudgenuts**. Due to all the bonus time from LJ's shortages over the past few years, my account now has an extra month of paid time of which I'd like to take advantage. My extra icons, on the other hand, do not. I only have a few extra, but since it was holding all my Glee icons hostage, I did the unthinkable and...*gasp* deleted 10 icons I have had for years to bring back the more recent and therefore useful ones for the next month. I just destroyed the structure of SO MANY POSTS, I don't even want to think about it. Never mind that if/when I choose to add them back, they will be HORRIFYINGLY OUT OF ORDER! They'll look like brand new uploads, when they're really very very old!

(**I don't think I have ever typed this on LJ before, but this is what I actually say out loud in place of the F-word when I'm just mildly annoyed)
Tags: bad shows, how i met your mother, lj, ncis, raising hope, tv commentary

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