RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Like a band-aid, quick and painful

Internet inexplicably broke again at 8:30 this morning while I was in the middle of work, so I spent another fun-filled day working at the library from 11-2:30 and then again from 4:30-8:30 pm, thus missing all my TV for the second night in a row until my brother got home to fix it.

It doesn't matter much, though, since my plan all along has been to skip Grey's Anatomy and just hit the internet for the answer to my ultimatum as soon as it was available. In case you've forgotten, my demands will be outlined for you by Scrubs Jesus (who shows up around 00:27):

So, let's just get it over with and find out. One Google search and .06 seconds later,

Wikipedia says, "In season 8, She ends up having the abortion, Owen is by her side." Aaaaaaand, fuck you, I'm out. Emotional connection: severed. You are officially out of chances and We. Are. Done.

Voice: You ditch shows for having babies, you ditch shows for getting rid of babies, I don't know what you want from your television.
RS: You're ruining my dramatic exit.
Voice: I'm proud of myself.
RS: *quickly grabs the mic back* I just want to make it very clear that despite the light-hearted ending, I'm serious. I'm not watching the premiere, I'm not watching clips of the parts that don't suck, and I can't promise I will even click on your review posts, should they appear. I haven't hit the point of babbling rage-o-hol yet; I don't know if I will, because then I'd have to stomach it and acknowledge the show's existence. I'm just -- done. I wash my hands. Good riddance.
Tags: feelings explosion, grey's anatomy, scrubs, voice chats
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