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Found in my wanderings: this is helpful. Tumblr Common Phrases Dictionary.
Terra Nova gave me an idea for Grey's Anatomy.

Maaaaaaaybe...if I skip the premiere, watch the stairwell scene on mute, and then pretend it's 22nd century and population control is strictly enforced, I can believe this was a mandatory abortion. Yes! (or, a little more realistically, that there was a potential this pregnancy would endanger her health. Not a guarantee, or even a huge chance -- hence the marital controversy -- but a chance) Then I would be delighted instead of grossed out that Owen not just gives in but goes with her. Except I already severed all my emotional ties to this show and don't really want to go back. Damn it. What do I do? Maybe give it a year off, wait to see how everything shakes out, and then catch up over the summer once I ascertain how to handle it.

Terra Nova, pilot, "Genesis": I am still harboring vestiges of dislike for pretty much every face in the cast other than the little girl -- especially Landon, who's managed to get MORE petulant and unpleasant than he was on Life Unexpected. How is that even possible? -- but the doctor's British accent made her slightly more acceptable to me. More importantly, wow, Hotly Protective Dad Mode is just doing wonders for Jason O'Mara over here. By the end of the second hour I actually cared about him & his family. Which is good, since I was already 100% on board with the setting, the amazing dino CGI (Primeval what?), and the general scenario, and really didn't want to have to write it off.

Just don't think I'm going to twist myself into knots worrying about the layers of mystery and questions that need exploring. Whenever they want to dole it out, I'm here; otherwise I'm in it for family times and the society rebuilding that Lost was originally supposed to give me. Oh, and the dinosaurs. Did I mention them? I don't think I've mentioned my obsession with them enough.

In conclusion: Bye, CBS comedies! That was a quick parting of the ways. FOX has solidly booked Monday from now on. I can't wait for more of this 13-hour action movie.

[edit: why do I get the feeling I'm going to regret not detailing my every specific thought and reaction to, at the very least, all the family stuff? because I'm telling you, there were like eight different varieties of pure gold between the various family relationships, mostly centering around how Jim -- hey, there's a good name -- seems poised to fill the void left by Medium on this front.]

Glee, 3x01, The Purple Piano Project

I miss when I enjoyed watching Mr. Schue teach. I don't know what happened, but I want my crush back. Life without it sucks. Maybe this is just a temporary setback?

That's it: following my rocking and sobbing over a horrible THING WHICH TOTALLY NEVER HAPPENED, I've gone into self-preservation mode. I'm skipping liberally at will and can only talk in detail about the things that were not astoundingly horrible to me.

On the bright side, it turns out that there's a benefit to Ryan Murphy hiring all these new kids: I need them as a distraction because I'm sick of all our original teenagers. They have all sufficiently annoyed me at this point that I don't want to hear from any of them. To recap:

  • Quinn: pointlessly rebelling in every way it is possible to be horrible

  • Mercedes: dated above her, now dating...that

  • Puck: dated DG/won't stop mentioning her, has gross hair

  • Finn: ruined Nationals, dumped Quinn (direct cause of Quinn's faults)

  • Rachel: ruined Nationals, dating beneath her, befriended Kurt

  • Kurt: is himself

  • Santana: lame-ass lesbian storyline, is evil

  • Brittany: lame-ass bisexual storyline, is too stupid to live or even be funny at this point

  • Artie: has been uninteresting and irrelevant for an entire year now (borderline still acceptable)

  • Mike: fandom obsesses about him for no reason (borderline still acceptable)

Only Tina has not done anything wrong, other than date Mike longer than Artie. She still has some potential shimmering under the surface there.

Things That Were Not Astoundingly Horrible
-Sue's purple tracksuit was pretty (beyond that, she managed to make me long for Jane Lynch hosting the Emmys)

-The purple pianos were also pretty.

-I liked the snippy geometry teacher, clearly a relative of Angela Martin, who actually had a relevant statement in "People who call themselves artists think the rules don't apply to them."

-Santana had a briefly sweet moment of reaching out to her other best friend. (When Santana is the more well-adjusted one, you are in a world of hurt)

-The conversation in the teacher's lounge with Shannon was pretty good before Emma turned up.

(side note: By the time Will started threatening Sue, I was so worn out from the intensity of my general hate that my reactions had turned into, "Oh good. Now he's insane.")

-I liked the new rival glee club. (is that what it was? Rachel was talking to Kurt so I skipped a lot) Harmony seems fantastic.

-...and the Skanks are kind of appealing. I don't even know. They entertain me. (edit: it just hit me, and IMDB confirmed, The Mack is Courtney from So You Think You Can Dance! more appealing here) And for everything else that was wrong, Quinn had a beautiful ankle-length skirt in this scene, and was rocking a fringed purse.

Things That Were Glorious
I) Gritting my teeth through Quinn's mutation, because I was promised a temporary state and I can't afford to lose any more former-favorite lady characters this season, but DAMN, GIRLFRIEND, she has made every single despicable life choice it is possible to make*. I can only conclude that an evil spirit has possessed her and she is powerless to control her own actions. It's still going to take a lot of work to bring her back from the brink, but ohhh, Rachel reaching out to her was one of the few moments of pure beauty in the night.The look in Quinn's eyes killed me. Rachel's steadfastly supportive and unwavering speech killed me. "I'm sorry you're so sad, Quinn." Their relationship, whatever state it's in, means the world to me.

(*except for the 40-year-old skateboard artist one. I can work with that. My brain is more interested in working out ways that Sam, even as an ex, would be concerned about that and try to play White Knight, but with enough focus I could maybe imagine an attractive 40-year-old intead of the bum loser-perv that came to mind.)

II) So far, I am excessively fond of Sugar. Her cool, non-threatening, self-assured self-delusion entertains me to no end. She's pretty enough, and do you know what kind of scenario her name creates? Hint, the first thing Mr. Schue says to her is, "How can I help you, Sugar?" Say it without the capital letter, if that helps.

WHAT DO YOU EVEN EXPECT ME TO DO EXCEPT PAINT THAT IN AN INAPPROPRIATE-SHIPPING LIGHT? Look, one of the side effects to Glee abruptly destroying every heterosexual canon ship I had is that I'm just going to push teacher/student moments twice as hard. And while it was more of a fleeting reaction than any kind of serious inclination -- this is not even slightly a Quinn or Rachel situation, I promise -- I got quite a kick out of said reaction. And, just to repeat, quite fond of her. Remember how I was always saying this club needed more girls? Girls who weren't awful? Bingo.

III) Rachel kicking Mr. Schue's chair and ordering him to stop speaking. !!!!!!! This kind of interaction has always been my #1 demand for their (appropriate) teacher-student relationship. Now my entire life revolves around the idea of her being his right-hand assistant.

IV) Angry Schue/Santana confrontation, whereupon he kicked her out of the club for Evil Acts of Sabotage and Betrayal. Regardless of the specific pleasure I get from Santana's pain, it was nice to see him take firm and decisive action, and I successfully felt sorry for her hurt look. But, but Glee is kinda the best part of her day! Angst: it is delicious.

V) Blaine!
Straight note transcription: I love how, from the opening scene, Blaine just sits there and looks effortlessly charming and handsome. It's mesmerizing. Gazing forever here. Need to make some sort of Blaine's Face In This Moment collage.

Increasingly less sure I can maintain this shipping when he is wasted on an unattractive loser like Kurt.

(Blaine: takes Kurt's hand)
(RS: jerks upright and explodes in a fit of clapping, complete with happy squeal)

Well, how 'bout THAT involuntary reaction. Look alive, Checklist of Cute! All your G-rated moments are belong to us!

Round II: Just as I was musing with slight disappointment about how I really prefer Blaine is his tailored Dalton outfit...
This: *happens*

(RS: *sits bolt upright and again explodes in applause*)

Noted: Hmm, this is a cool party trick. I may actually be able to come to terms with the fact that this is one of the three canon OTPs left in my life. (but seriously, that hug. Precious. It's like having your arms full of hyperactive collie.)

The Music
OK, clearly I should have looked up the songs ahead of time, because by the time I got to one I hated everyone so much I had to wait an extra day to listen to them in full, as they just annoyed me more. But 80% of them were wonderful, in the way where I probably won't listen to them on their own, but the performances are A+ work and if I had the soundtrack at my disposal, I'd actually listen to them instead of having to cherry-pick tracks because the rest infuriate me.

+We Got the Beat: despite unnecessary focus on cheerleaders, that was so much fun! It almost (almost) made me happier than Empire State of Mind. Cute, innocent, happy group numbers for always! I just don't see why these writers always have to ruin things with disgusting messes.

[Skipped: Rachel seemed poised to sing with Kurt. I told you, I will have no more of this. Not then, not now, not ever.]

+It's Not Unusual: Blaaaaaaaaaaine! I have no particular fondness for this song, or even really this cover -- musically speaking -- but to quote dollsome, "You just make me happy." Be honest, did he consume some sort of magical potion that gives him infinity charisma? Because I've never seen this much contained in one person.
(although, performance-wise: grrr, again with the ruining things at the end)

+Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better: TAP DANCING. THEY TAP-DANCED. GAME OVER, WINNER.

+You Can't Stop the Beat: While I'm not sure the two styles within this version worked together -- Rachel's dramatic solo followed by fast, upbeat group work -- the former was beautiful and the latter was an insane amount of fun. Once again -- happy innocent songs for always??

In conclusion: you can't tell because I didn't write about the negative parts, but that was awful. The music (barely) saved it from being worse than last season's premiere, but...overall, not something I ever want to see again.

Up tonight: oh thank god, Shelby. I am already 300% more excited. Of course, I also foresee hurling myself against walls in a vain, despairing effort to force Will/Shelby, since the only reason I agreed to let it go in the first place was that Idina Menzel couldn't be booked full time.

EDIT: Things I Learned After Scanning Reviews
Harmony is a Glee Project kid, huh? %@#(*%&! I specifically didn't watch the series because I didn't want to get attached to people who didn't win. Comparing her to photos of the people who won, I already love her one thousand percent more.
CSI: Miami, 10x01, "Countermeasures"

My face for the first five minutes, starting about half a second after we zeroed in on a woman in a white dress with long, dark hair:

(unfortunately, I couldn't find a less overused GIF that conveyed close to the same emotion)

Oh, ship. We have such an intense history, I will never quite quit you. I had my doubts that you would be able to recreate the same magic, and I don't actually know how you fared on that front, because my brain took over this moment and saw whatever it wanted to see. One more glimpse you never thought you'd get of this couple. (greeting cheek kiss!) Momentarily recognizable as her old self, then impossibly serene. Frankly, between the painful dialogue and mumbling her name in the ambulance, everything was cheesy and manipulative as hell...and I just didn't care.

This is the imagery theme for tonight.

I was hoping for just a little more new material, rather than just repeating the same "you have to go now" lines over and over, but since you have to dig deep and go below the surface to find any meaning in CSIM these days, I can pull out all kinds of lovely things from the fact that his mind goes right to her. Or, depending on how spiritual you want to get, that she's the one waiting. I'll give the Sucky Miami-era dialogue/delivery a pass and blame it on the surreal nature of the scene. Once again, making a strong case for Alana de la Garza being the most beautiful woman in the world.

The rest of it was so bad I mostly stopped paying attention and don't have any idea how the plot worked out. I suppose it was too much to ask that, after Horatio got shot and actually started bleeding, he would have any actual complications from this fact. Abdominal gunshot wound, whatever, it ain't a thing! You'll have plenty of strength, especially if you're in your 50s, to dive off a pier and rescue a woman from a sinking car, and then it'll take about fifteen minutes getting patched up by a doctor before you're good to go right back to work. Possible side effects include mild discomfort and sweating.

[edit: oh, all right, apparently he eventually collapsed. It was still really hard to care, given that he did it to himself, and even with Eric there, the latter seemed a tad more preoccupied securing the suspect. Catching and taking the gun from him was a nice touch, though.]

I did come back for the end. I think they've gone slightly overboard exaggerating Marisol's significance at this point, but if they're convinced that's the path they want to take, I will reconcile my perception to fit it. ("Are you going to be OK?" / "I don't think so.") I wish I hadn't forgotten how to write fanfic. I feel this ep is begging for supplemental material from me -- expanded dialogue in limbo, maybe mention of memories; there's plenty of time to create between the table and their move to the pier -- but once again, I have no idea how to form vague ideas into coherent sentences.

Looking forward to putting this show back on the part-timer bench.
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