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Titles, what are those

1. Trailer alert: John Krasinski. Drew Barrymore. Whales. MOVIES IN 2012 ARE AMAZING.

Punching the air like a boss. It's only taken...a ridiculous number of tries, but he finally has a costar as good as Jenna Fischer! To date, Mandy Moore is the only one who's come reasonably close. That is a lot of sad casting choices.

[edit: while attempting to verify the exact number of #moviefails, I wound up learning for the first time that he was in an episode of Without a Trace. HOW was I not previously aware of this?! Let me remedy that immediately. Season 3, "The Bogie Man," here I go. Awww, it's cute trying to see him play a tough guy town pariah. Cuter once we peel the layers off the character and dig deeper. Turns out this is a really fantastic episode, less the Martin/Samantha destruction.]

a) How I Met Your Mother, 7x03, "Ducky Tie": WHAT is with this show and destroying my ships?! For the love of... Victoria is supposed to be untouchable, and now she's just an idiot. I don't even want her to be Mother endgame if that's how they're going to wreck her character first. If I understand correctly, Victoria is with this guy for like -- 6 years? -- and one Magic Moment with Ted = kissing? He is not that good looking! I realize his hair has improved a million percent since you last saw him, lady, but he's not as charming as he thinks he is. It all just leaves an unpleasant taste in my mouth. Cheating is not how soulmatey relationships begin.

Also, I don't care what Ted says at the end, I've never seen a character sound so flat-out WRONG in their attempts to sound Wise and Knowing. Anyone who tries to tell me that what we've seen for the past countless seasons "isn't working" will be laughed out of sight and into the hidden wood chipper behind them.

I did enjoy the old-timey music playing over Robin's version of events, the return of the Bang Bang Bangity Bang song, and the ducky tie/all related puns.

b) 2 Broke Girls briefly earned my wrath as people's claims that it features "raunchy" humor struck home. But then the horse kept walking into the kitchen and Caroline crawled into Max's bed both sober and drunk, and since this latter thing satisfies an extremely high achievement level when it comes to delighting me with female friendships, I declared it forgiven.

c) The shine is officially off New and a Half Men, despite the alluring prospect of future Judy Greer, so as long as it continues to dominate the syndication market I'll just hope this year's batch of episodes get added in this summer. Too yucky to make it appointment TV.
Uncharacteristically, I must mention Raising Hope two weeks in a row because this is making a strong case for a favorite episode. It's...really hard to see how Sabrina's rich-girl backstory fits in with season 1 canon, but at the same time, Stephen Root was involved so I could not exactly hate.

Sabrina also got to wear a pretty dress, break my heart with her insecurity, and then set off fireworks in the dormant heartspace that is reserved for the unrequited UST I'd all but forgotten existed with Jimmy. Yes! More things like that, with the tears and the even-more-awkward-than-usual cheering up speech and literal shoulder to lean on from the guy!

Elsewhere, Burt and Virginia marveled over a fancy Japanese toilet, and were much more hilarious than a storyline featuring a toilet has a right to be. Oh, and another My Name is Earl alum came along, for a bonus point.

-NCIS, 9x02, "Restless": Aww, look, it's me! You know that if I could have gotten away with it, I'd like nothing better than to spend my life running from home to home so I could be a perpetual high school student and never have to turn 18. Pretty sure that constitutes fraud and will land you jail time, but the idea is still nice. I especially love when cases wrap up in heartwarming ways. I seem to recall this scenario working out poorly on SVU.

Gibbs/Abby cheek kiss count: 1. This episode also features some amusing dialogue surrounding Abby's Prom photos. I missed part of this due to wind annoyances, but I got the gist of it. Overall, a million percent improvement over the premiere, to be sure.

Oh, and the episode came with a bonus headslap for Tony. I've missed those.
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