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We'll find a way of forgiving

I am not above begging. Does anyone have any spare Coke codes they'd like to give me? I only need 33 points within the next month to renew my subscription of Entertainment Weekly, after which I will probably have to quit cold turkey since I'm drinking much less pop nowadays, but until that's 3 points per bottlecap code and 10 per 12-pack. So if you drink but don't collect the points yourself, please donate them to the RS Loves Her Rag Magazine Fund.
Sidebar: one of the things lost when I skipped at least half of "Born This Way": prior to looking up my title lyrics, I DID NOT KNOW about the Warblers extra-gorgeously covering "Somewhere Only We Know."  #worshipping at the altar of Blaine and the Pips, #Kurt/Blaine makes me extra happy now, #oh hey Sam is in the background
Glee, 3x02, "I Am Unicorn"

Show tunes are not the way to go when winning RS's heart. She believes in roughly 2-3 musicals at a given time (Fiddler on the Roof fades in and out), and generally thinks the rest can jump off a pier unless they trick her with individual songs (Defying Gravity). Giving Brittany screen time is also not the way to go, though it's very convenient when you can just skip her and Kurt all at once without missing anything.

That said, while Kurt is hereby banned from singing altogether, everything else was perfectly listenable. Lea Michele + Idina Menzel cannot fail at anything except Lady Gaga. And even then.

All in all, a much better week for my blood pressure. I've already mentioned the worst things, other than what I'm steadfastly ignoring, so now we can just talk about good things!

Good Stuff
1. He referenced Mercedes saying she was Beyonce! Pilot callback! While we are on Schue/Mercedes moments, I zero in, non-creepily, on things like him extending a hand to help her up.

2. "Hummel's too much of a lady"!!!!!!!! LOL-ING FOREVER. I don't know how it is not super obvious to him that he (and for that matter: Chris) can never play straight roles because no one, ever, anywhere for half a second, will believe he has feelings for a girl. On a less positive note: Blaine, if you do not read for Tony,
a) I am disappoint, and
b) Kurt, take your sniveling little bitchass self out back and hit yourself with a bucket. Why a bucket, I don't know. It sounded good at the time.

3. The Skanks, who terrify me in all the best ways. I mean, on the one hand, they're repulsive. On the other, I want to follow them around for about a week straight and just observe all their crazy conversations, fascinated by their wild delusions of their own coolness. I'm genuinely afraid of what they might do to Quinn if and when she ever ditches them.

4. Blaine's ever-so-shiny audition solo. Not much for the ears, but visually it met Shannon's qualifications for the portrayer of Tony.

5. Rachel looked so pretty at the end of her audition. I forget how gorgeous she is when Finn's not around, dragging down the collective pretty and her likability at once.

6. The beginning of Sue's video, before Quinn starts speaking. Great direction.

7. Oh, Sugar's a hugger! Score another point.

8. "Weepy the Vest Clown." Hah! That is a good one.

Glorious Stuff
Oh, where do I even begin. Less a number or two, this section could also be named "Shelby."

1. Dance camp! Dance camp! In one gorgeous blend, I get to watch Will put his Dedicated Teacher Mode to work overtime, and watch him dance. I also get a lately-absent mentor moment with Finn, complete with a hug. Punching the air, part one.

2. "I'm less worried about that and more about the fact that you being here is going to be really hard on Rachel."
Ahhhh! THANK YOU. Plus, between my hardcore shipping needs and my eagerness for conflict w/ Quinn, I temporarily forgot that she was also Rachel's mother. I'm so glad Will remembered to be concerned about her. Also, does this storyline mean that we've rethought Beth disappearing into the mist and now Quinn and Rachel will be in each other's lives forever? Because, DO WANT.


4. Puck being...freaking awesome. When he is morally superior in every way to Quinn, the world is wrong. But I was in stupefied jaw-dropping mode all hour, between the way he gently tried to talk sense into Quinn, the apologetic looks for her craziness, how badly he wanted to see Beth and his dopey-earnest clownpig drawing. And while telling Quinn to lose the skank act. Or, or, "I don't care about you. I care about her." !!!!!! I believe the metaphor of the day is "he could play Tony." What's that, you just bought a character redemption pass? Very good. It's still temporary and can be revoked, but: one down, nine to go.

5. I have the smallest of soft spots for Sue's interest in Quinn -- at least we're mutually disapproving of Skank Quinn -- so no matter the reasons for the former seeking the latter, it was nice to see her demand a meeting.

6. To quote my notes, "SHOUTING! SHOUTING! SHOUTING!" My God, the teachery moments just never end in this episode. I love when Schue & Quinn are in conflict mode at any speed, but when he starts yelling, it's super intense. "So now you're a trainwreck. Well, congratulations." AWESOME. He made her cry. There is nothing quite like watching Quinn's confidence evaporate beneath a tongue-lashing from someone you take for granted as always supporting you. Now I know why I like this, it reminds me of 1x04 with Rachel.

7. If she hadn't wrecked it with her craziness later, I would have really loved Quinn's uncertain but immediately welcomed return. I might also have immediately decided on a missing scene before this that involves a much calmer conversation than the one in his office. Possibly ripping off all the season 1 G-rated Will/Rachel fics that involve him finding her crying. Definitely featuring a slightly ashamed apology from her, if tinged with "I'm still never coming back to glee" defiance, with his casual acceptance of her decision and a just as casual offer that if she's curious, he's holding a class in the auditorium after school for people that need a little help. With their dance moves, that sort of thing. Because let's be honest, you could absolutely spin the way she says that as a reference to an earlier conversation. This look also seems like it could be acknowledgment of a prior (civilized) discussion:

(the second picture is just because I like the framing. Waiting for it to be dressed up in icons)
Questionable Stuff
1. BACK THAT UP, Blaine's a junior? Uh-uh. No way in hell. I thought he was a senior LAST year (and apparently, so did we all). I will not accept this bull, not even for the alluring promise of one extra year full of Blaine.

2. "Thin, forgettable alto"? Give it up, writers/entire internet. I love her soft, pretty voice best, I will always love it best and, in particular, think her solos sing circles around Mercedes hollering her lungs out.

3. Just when I had breathed a sigh of relief that Quinn had washed some of the skank out of her hair...she spoke to Puck. Oh Quinn. Why with the insanity, legal definition of.

(that said...I still don't think she's gone completely out of character. Rachel's "I'm sorry you're so sad" line has been rattling around in my head for the past 48 hours, and I've decided to continue embracing her as my favorite -- that's two teen redemptions, show, now go for the hat trick! -- and resume having my heart break for her over the fact that she's spent the entire series restless and looking for something solid to define herself, and I'm afraid she's not going to find it by graduation)

4. The list of Stuff I Am Ignoring now comprises: Emma, Will/Emma, Sue's laughably unrealistic anti-arts agenda, Becky, most things Kurt-related unless Blaine is involved, Brittany, and Finn/Rachel.
Chord Overstreet on The Middle was FANTASTIC. Sure, he only had one solid scene and then a half bit via webcam, but what a scene! Besides the simple fact that I got to stare at him again, absolutely perfect representation of the el. ed. majors being churned out of colleges right now. Eyes: shining with joy. Too bad this isn't a regular gig. I would happily watch an entire show set in Brick's classroom right about now. Never mind all the hysterical stuff with Sue. At some point, I am going to catch up on Survivor and have to kick this show back into Wait For Syndication land, because I physically cannot handle how happy it makes me. I only know a diet of hate!
CSI, 12x02, "Telltale Hearts"

Is this the week Ted Danson gets his name back? Nope. But I am growing real fond of his nameless, faceless, as-yet silent wife. Meanwhile, Morgan is a breath of fresh air. The only thing more fun than having Greg work with Sara is having Greg work with two pretty ladies, one of whom has struck up an easy and sorely-needed friendship or at least positive working relationship with Sara.

Heartwrenching case. Particularly gutting when they showed the little girl seemingly asleep in bed, only to reveal a gunshot wound. THANKS. The only thing I didn't get was why Gitig said she had stabbed the wife with a knife rather than a towel bar, if we're working on the presumption that she was definitely responsible for that murder?

Also greatly enjoyed Nick's "How much pain do you want to have to work though,Hodges?" + mocking his hand shaking of pain. Oh! And the new Calleigh lab tech, thumbs up on that hire. Basically: in a 360 from 2009, you have learned how to improve the ladies but apparently at the price of writing good male characters.
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