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Monday Night Television

1. I was googling "half price books" and clearance sales, in anticipation of the one this weekend, and I came across this picture someone had taken to show off the vintage children's section at their local store. DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? Two hardcover Marguerite Henry books, one nonfiction and one coveted color-illustrations story. WHO WALKED INTO THAT STORE AND DID NOT SNATCH THOSE UP? (not to mention Snowball the Trick Pony, which I don't know but sounds promising, and look at that $20 Amazon price and I can't find any other copies). [original post, for my reference. Another post said one of her kids was really into horses, so I choose to believe she bought them.]

2. Hahahaha! I love that The Playboy Club has been canceled. I did not see that being the first casualty. But good riddance, since I was especially bitter that one could indirectly link it to Reconstruction not being picked up because they wanted to concentrate on this piece of dreck for their period piece instead.

3. The Terra Nova couple is making me so STUPIDLY HAPPY. Instant chemistry! Married perfection! And three kids on top of this?? I don't know what your deal is with the bitchfest, internet, because this is a flippin' perfect storm. It's got an OTP, action (featuring soldiers, an ex-cop, and frequent medical emergency) and dinosaurs all at once!

I especially like the feeling of relief that comes with knowing there already exist 13 episodes in a self-contained arc, for better or for worse, and the one good thing about watching Off the Map waste away before my eyes is that I know it can't be any worse than that. If TN gets a season 2, it will just be a shining bonus.

It probably has titles, but I'm lazy right now. So:
First note: Look at me getting all giddy and clap-happy about a pending bedroom scene between a couple I don't even know! What is going on here? How am I not only not grossed out, but encouraging more of this kissing? Who cares! Andale, andale!

(I then proceeded to spend the next 48 hours avoiding LJ and watching every other Monday and Tuesday night show largely sans note-taking, because it turned out the only coherent thoughts my brain could produce involved eleven hundred variations on the various relationships within this family and/or what might befall them in this wide Jungle Of Potential Tragedy.)

I've been trying hard to figure out what it is about Jim Shannon that seems vaguely familiar and has caused me to rethink my previous "you are dull as a post, O'Mara" assessments, and I think I've finally determined that it's a passing resemblance to Alex O'Loughin's characters. Not in appearance, necessarily, but in terms of personality and mannerisms. That's all the more detailed I can get, but it's appealing.

So, while I would still prefer a better casting choice for his wife, I am usually happy enough to use fictional women as fill-in props for quality scripts, and that's what I've got going on here. It does help that this is a doctor/cop pairing, which is my favorite of all occupational pairings. I could blame this on Ship-Starved Fever, but when I said this show was filling the void for Medium, I meant it.

My only complaint is that they decided to make the middle daughter 16. 16? Really? Are you sure? Because I was gonna go with 13, or 14 tops, and since she looks so young it is an epic waste of time to throw her into a romantic storyline when we've already got an older teen for that and we could instead be using this time to talk about her amazing smarts and focus on her being a good sister, friend, and quick study of an eager student.

I like that we've got two girls in this family (especially since one of them is a little girl, and she's super cute on her own merit, but also, I am a sucker for fathers with very young daughters), but also like that in the major deviation from Medium's dynamics, we've got an older son, because the tension and potential for relationship growth between him and his father intrigues me. Plus, for all the ways in which he's an annoying pest, he's shed a good 75% of his annoying shell already. I've almost let go of my Life Unexpected-based distaste. PLUS, as beautifully demonstrated this week, older brother = sisters to protect. It's double the bang for your buck!

Let's go back to Zoe, and how precious she is with her inconvenient needs for nighttime cuddling. She got me to warm up 300% toward Elisabeth in that moment. Never mind how she steals the spotlight in, oh, every second she is on the screen. BREAKOUT STAR?

Random favorite moment of the night: that too-short-but-so-glad-you-didn't-cut-it scene at dinner.
     Maddie: Can I ask you something? . . . How do you know if a boy likes you?
     Jim: Can't. He doesn't. What boy? You're only sixteen!

(also enjoyed the follow-up "that's how you know a boy likes you" moment.)

And back to the couple: I think the moment they won my heart was with the "You may go" comment. Yep. That was the one. Helpfully, this was immediately followed by Sexytimes Attempt No. 2, which I should so be ashamed to admit I've been waiting for, and yet am not. I have been waiting for this since he left to sleep on the couch in the preceding episode. I think I have an exemption for married couples somewhere in my Rulebook For Heavy PG-13 Romance, don't I? ANYWAY. I love how cockily, "bitch please" non-threatened he is by Malcolm, too. It's highly entertaining.

Attempted Sexytimes No. 3: Third time's the charm. (although: "Really? Right now? You don't want to maybe...wash the excess blood off, first?")

And after my extremely long yet nowhere near exhaustive essay on the Shannon family, turns out about the only things left on my agenda are:
a) Skye: I like her, she's pretty and fun, and while I don't forsee shipping happening...oh, for a very long time and only if some more dramatic lifesaving antics are involved (and is it just me, or does Josh not seem particularly broken up about the girl he left? it felt out of place when he remembered her at all, even though on paper that should have been some remarkably powerful pining). But. Skye, as an individual, is my favorite girl right now after Zoe. Oh, and to follow up from last week, I'm up for the mentoring/father figuring from the commander.

b) I am actively anti-shipping Maddie/Boring Soldier Boy. As dull as I found all the faces on this show two weeks ago, his is a whole new planet of dull.

c) ALWAYS MORE DINOSAURS. There are never enough. This is where it comes in handy to have a Primeval background, though, because I feel like I have a fairly good working knowledge of the protocol involved with mixing people and big scary beasts. There's honestly not a lot that's similar about the two shows, but it feels like I have experience.

d) My only complaint with the storyline so far is that sometimes it's a little choppy. And not like it's bad writing, but I feel like it's such a big story that there's no way they can fit it all in, and the amount they cut (be it on film or in the writer's room) leads to some rough transitions -- like the whole missing hunting scene. Otherwise, flawless.

Next Week: Just when I think this show is firing all on all cylinders, it finds more cylinders by indulging my Illness Tragedy whims in a new and very specific, very rare way: MEMORY-LOSS VIRUS! Get out! Do you know who I was considering killing to see if I could make a temporary-amnesia disease happen in canon somewhere, any canon? That's not important. But I am excited for this.

-2 Broke Girls: AND STILL, CHESTNUT IS PART OF THE CAST. I love how they've decided to just let him regularly poke his head into the kitchen (or this week, go on a walk!) like a giant oversized dog. Kat Dennings is officially the luckiest actress on television right now. For the past several years, that distinction has been held by Jenna Fischer, but getting to work with a horse and pet it on a routine basis eclipses being married to Jim. 

In other news, the Goodwill plotline was great, although that tiny little boutique a) did not resemble the two warehouse-esque and trashy-looking Goodwills I've seen in my life, and b) still had higher quality stuff. I am very impressed it got name-dropped, though. More people should highlight thrifty shopping on TV! In fact, there should probably be a TV show about it. Scripted, I mean. If you could find a way to make it about people whose jobs or hobbies revolve around buying stuff at secondhand stores, great, or you could go the easy route of setting a comedy there as the workplace. There are enough donation horror stories alone to keep you going half a season.

My only complaint at this point is that Lizzy Caplan got snagged by New Girl for a guest arc instead of this show. I will not follow her everywhere, universe! And for real, you know you want to introduce her as Max's cousin or something, because they are just eerily alike.
How I Met Your Mother, 7x04, The Stinson Missile Crisis:
I watched this at 1 AM while I was falling asleep, because that's how exciting this show is to me now -- especially in light of all the other awesome Monday fare around. I discovered that Lovesick Barney makes me physically ill, and Weepy Robin annoys me even more (this is not A Thing. You already had it and then ended it for absolutely no reason; wow, apparently I require constant appeasement on this front or I will slip back into default Grouch mode in an instant.)

I did enjoy Lily's OB (Vicki Lewis! NewsRadio! Oh, I have not seen her in ages; now I love this character even more) and the story of the Bimbo Delivery Systems. That's all I got.

I can't stand Kal Penn (why is he back on my television?), and I wanted to slap Robin even more than he did for her completely pointless and unnecessary Marshall/Lily digressions. Get to the point.

There was also no reason Robin needed to tackle the bimbo and get an assault charge in the first place; if she didn't want to go the extremely simple route of telling her the truth and seeing if that took effect, she could have just let the girl go in there. What's the worst that could happen, Nora dumps him for good? That's on Barney's head for having such a gross system in the first place. All's fair in love and soulmatehood, and it's certainly less dirty than Lily's preferred method of breaking people up. Ted, your indirect "lesson" is lame and non-applicable.

House, 8x01, "Twenty Vicodin"
Depressing discovery #1: House has been demoted to Weecaps at TWoP and Sara M is no longer doing them. Boo! I'll be done reading those, then.

Of the past three outside-the-hospital premieres, this was the least fun, just because prison is generally not a fun setting to visit. That said, I am a super fan of House's overgrown prison-length hair. Can we keep that forever? And even prison is a more fun way to play with the storyline than the run-of-the-mill hospital cases. (side note: how minimum security was that prison? Is prison often like that, you can just wander around inside all day and just visit your cell when you feel like it until nightfall? Can I fit "prison" in here one more time without resorting to using a synonym?)

Kind of sad that everybody turned their backs on House permanently and nobody ever so much called or visited. His logic is sound enough to me -- he knew Rachel wasn't there, they'd left the room, and he would have been able to to see if they'd returned -- and while still awful, it makes the act a lot less "homicidal mania" and more "wanton vandalism." Which is what I've been saying from the start. It also makes it much less implausible to have him coming back as a doctor. Color me duly impressed by how you managed to pick up a totally shattered picture of the future and put it back together.

Furthermore, 100% on board with the pretty new doc, who may not reach Martha levels of adoration in my heart but is already miles above Cameron or Thirteen. Or Taub or Kutner or Foreman, for that matter. Next week will be the real test of how well I cope without Cuddy, but I have to say, Jessica Adams seems like she is going to make that transition much less painful than previously assumed. It's like the antithesis of CSI: NY.

Second side note: heh, I loved the ultimate role of House's cellmate. Way to be!

Overall, Buddy TV sums it up best: The first episode back is just about how House is doing in prison, and as a character study, it's pretty darn great.
(oh, and I love how next week has Wilson saying "We're not friends." I've heard that one before.)

And, quickly dashed off, Survivor: A nice week of treading water -- although, GO DAWN! ENGLISH PROFESSOR IT UP! -- where I didn't care too much about Stacey getting voted off or Papa Bear getting kicked out (*is confident someone will take down Christine as soon as a real competitor shows up*).

I did get nervous about pitting John against Ozzy, especially while teaming up with Jim so it's harder to wish for Jim's swift downfall. I also put Keith in the Dislike camp due to his copious amount of ugly tattoos, and I think Whitney's shoulder disfigurement may be large enough to send her in too. Coach only gets away with them because he's crazy and wasn't especially attractive to begin with. Speaking of which, I was highly entertained by Edna's oriental massage techniques. It's like watching a cat walk all over a Great Dane. 
Must cut self off and post this now, or god only knows how many more shows I will try to stuff into it.
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