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1. Darren Criss is the latest object of my IMDB resume-mining, and I just discovered he was in a final-season episode of Cold Case. Time for an immediate rewatch. Free Love...oh, that one! I liked that one, and I liked his role in it. Which was v. small. But awesome.

2. I watched a couple of Glee Project music videos that popped up on YouTube, just because they have this habit of covering songs that interest me...and now I think I may to have to hang out with more of them, just because I crave more of Lindsay (Harmony).So far, I've let in the ice Ice Baby/Under Pressure mashup -- good music, rage-inducing video -- and Raise Your Glass (favorite) and Please Don't Leave Me. There are a lot of people I can't stand looking at, proving that diversity in showbiz is not always the way to go, but on the bright side I'm starting to get why Dreadlocks won. The Leprechaun, not so much, especially when Lindsay is obviously the greatest treasure of all. I'm also stupidly attached to Marissa (look at her hair! look at her face! look at me proving why I did not let myself watch this show in the first place!).

And...those are basically the only three, but it's almost enough when I think about the guest judges I heard were on there. I think I might slowly investigate more of this. Knowing the winner isn't who I want doesn't make it any easier, but if I think of it less like an actual competition and more like a pre-determined storyline that merely results in bonus footage of a bunch of people I like...yeah, I can see trying out some of the regular clips as opposed to just the musical ones. The more I watch, the more it seems like an accidental documentary on a fun summer theater camp. (Or possibly what Glee rehearsals look like in an alternate universe.)

3. Now that Glee has officially taken over the cover, I want to one last time promote this magnificent October 2009 fanvid set to the original "Fix You." It was yanked from YouTube almost immediately and never went back up anywhere, but it's the best Glee fanvid of all time, and the images are better than those used in the show's montage this week. Alas, all that exists now is my extremely poor-quality rip, so you have to watch it in the smallest window possible -- but oh, the effects are remarkable. So I am, once again, bringin' it back for limited download.

(this June 2010 video is almost as good, but I don't like whatever effect they used that way overdoes the contrast. Fair enough; the first video's flaw is an over-emphasis on football, mainly because there wasn't a lot to work with 5 episodes in. And now I have to stop, or I will just watch Fix You videos all night long)
4. Glee, 3x03, "Asian F"

I will say this for Glee: it's stabilized beautifully this season. Episode 5 seems prepared to blow it all up, but until we reach that point, it is a perfectly palatable piece of quality TV. I can't say I'm breathless with anticipation yet, but at least I'm not dreading it.

I. "Best episode ever"? I have no idea how this thought occurred to anyone. I knew they wouldn't be touching "Dream On," but this wouldn't even make the top half. (well, I suppose it might manage that. Season 2 alone was 50% terrible, and this one had no Sue and minimal Kurt) There was a whole lot of super cheeseball surrounding Mike's storyline, and even at his saddest, he is just no match for Sam Evans. You made a terrible decision regarding who to offer season regular status to, Glee Powers.

II. I am fairly impressed at how thoroughly they're milking this West Side Story musical business. I didn't know it was a stage production and I have only vague, not-particularly-enthralled memories of seeing the film in class once, so I can't say I'm particularly excited by it. However, I'm really glad Rocky Horror was the one that got smashed into a single hellish installment. I may not love it, but WSS is one of the comparatively few musicals I at least approve of and will promote.

III. Unbelievable. I am so nauseated by Emma and Will/Emma at this point that now I can't even appreciate Hotly Defensive Mode OR Soft-Voiced Bedtime Comfort/Apology Mode + Handholding + Tear Action. "I wish I could make things better for you. I just don't know how." How the hell did they find a way to render this all but ineffective on my heartstrings? That is boyfriendly perfection right there, and yet in here, nothing. I used to at least be able to appreciate Will's end of things.

(no, wait, hold on. give me two more replays and I will be all over that last part as soon as I can mentally erase Jayma Mays. See? It's not even Emma. It's just Emma as played by this infuriatingly marmoset-eyed actress)

IV. Fix You: the clear musical winner of the night. One of their better performances of the year, and also one of the better songs, but then there's not much competition. Not crazy about it relating to Emma. The best part of the performance was them in all white on the stage -- should make for a lot of lovely graphics -- but musically I prefer the original. I've listened to Glee's version a few times out of habit, because I definitely LOVE that they've got Will singing decent songs again, but it just doesn't have the same emotion behind it. [edit: on the other hand, I have the worst time resisting the kids in chorus on any song whose original I like.]

As for the other music and its continuing trend of dullsville -- I grow weary of this, show. The Effie/Dreamgirls number I don't know seemed remarkably apt, lyrically speaking, and that was the second best of the night only because Mr. Schue got involved and, fine, I loved everybody's lines and the performance grew on me.

V. Mercedes continues to be a whiny, self-absorbed, temper-tantrum-prone baby (also: holy controlling-vibe boyfriend, Fatman!). OVER IT. "No one ever wants to hurt Rachel's feelings"??? LOL (Tumblr: *responds*) I can't even pretend to believe this was a hard casting decision when Rachel is so superior to Mercedes in every way.

VI. Glorious Moments:
-Teachery moment #1...

(I would say he then proceeds to ruin it with his words -- like, that's fair, yell at the girl who's about to be sick -- but, you know, it's Mercedes. I like her only slightly better than the Bitchios or Kurt.)

-Teachery moment #2, with impressively restrained lack of keyboard smashing at the sight...

Hey, can we skip Mercedes' daydream song and hear what Mr. Schue & Rachel are talking about? I mean, I see what they're talking about, but I want to hear the actual words in the conversation. They are smiling and talking one-on-one while leaving the rest of the club to their own devices! Cue The Rascals, "It's a beautiful morning..."

-Teachery moment #3, no picture: Loved the tagging-out at booty camp, especially more Finn encouragement (although I liked Puck's method of "bet you can't" even better).

-And teachery (dictator) moment #4

T-shirt speaks truth

Half a second of encouragement before going on the warpath and kicking Mercedes out of glee club.. I love how he apparently fires kids on a weekly basis now, like he's trying to keep the rest of them on their toes. Who will he kick out next week? Stay tuned! And more importantly: "EVERYONE KNOWS THAT RACHEL'S YOUR FAVORITE." Oh hells yes, I will take that retcon perspective and run with it.

-Shelby picking a fight with Shannon apparently out of pent-up frustration, and getting in a jab about her disgusting lunch habits. Weak, but it seemed strong in the moment. I will back Shelby on anything, anywhere and anytime. You know that. Even if Shannon does own donkeys, which would normally be a character trump card.

-Finn's defense to Mercedes that Rachel practices + his very sweet encouragement in the wings. For all the things he is not, he would apparently make an incredibly supportive behind-the-scenes stage boyfriend for when Rachel goes on to greatness post-education. Turns out he's awesome when restricted to very small doses. Who knew?

-Nice dash of Blaine/None-Hateful Kurt. Though my reaction was a very Jordan-esque squint of, "It seems weird when guys bring each other flowers." Also, congrats to Blaine on the sudden leeriness of kissing in front of other students. Harder when its your own school threatening homophobia?

-Best of all: the moment where the internet took me by the hand and explained that if Tony is the male lead and Maria is the female lead then Tony/Maria is the OTP. And so if Blaine is Tony and Rachel is Maria then HOLY FUDGECAKES, PRETTY SHIP 5.0 LIVES AGAIN IN THEATER?!?!?!?!?! Must see this in action. First I must know if there is a kiss or a duet or similarly shippy material [edit: soooo yes], and then I must know if Glee plans to stand and deliver, because I can and will freak out even more.

Meanwhile, I'll be reading this script and having a field day watching it in my head. Maybe need to grab the Broadway soundtrack for supplemental material. Although I just skimmed to the end, and...yeah, I don't remember anything that happens in this story except the "I Feel Pretty" song. Definitely not the ending. O.O

Up Next: Really? You're down to like 20% popular songs, and the first thing you're going to go with after the wise Coldplay choice is KATY PERRY again? Why do you hate me? In other news, Quinn amps up the mental instability (now more like Terri than you ever suspected) and I desperately want to see Puck put a stop to that, directly or indirectly. Just please don't try to imply some sort of crush on Shelby, because nobody wants to go to there. I can't honestly make myself believe that was more than an innocent offer of help.
+ Private Practice, 5x02, "Breaking The Rules"Without Grey's dragging me down, I am able to adopt a super-breezy approach to this show, which is: ignore all the stuff that makes you gag, invest nothing in the emotion department for patients of the week unless you know the actors, and try not to really care about the plots.

End result: I like the therapist gimmick because it means I get to bask in the shine of Addison alone -- I missed a few minutes, but damned if I didn't hear her talking about Derek and fighting for love, and damn if all those feelings didn't flare back to life!. Amelia is still a poor lost little dearheart, but epically funny while grinning and waving good morning to stupidly naked Addisam from across the way. Still laughing about that.

Had a surprising week of agreeing 100% with Charlotte. She has my full support on mistrusting/spitefully punishing the junkie drunk and chewing the lawbreaking husband out for being incontrovertibly Wrong and taking advantage of her. I wouldn't fully trust him right after that either, regardless of his big dumb puppy face and naively earnest devotion to patients. Even if the patients are tiny little kids.

More fond of Jake Riley by the minute. Everybody wins!

And finally, Pete/Violet is hanging steady, which is nice to see. I like the tension, the fact that they skipped ahead a month so they can tell us how the communication front has been dissolving without making it feel out of the blue, and the interventions from other coworkers (Pete/Addison was a particularly good dynamic).  Love the explosion of yelling, but really love Violet calmly informing him later that she will not be his punching bag. Violet is a wiser woman than me. I would have gone straight home in a combination of rage, sulk and tears, simultaneously hating myself and probably vowing not to talk to him for the next week and avoid being in the same room whenever possible if that's the way he wants to play it.

Community 3x03:
I was going to skip a review altogether, decidedly not loving the stupid Chang voiceover focus, but then they started ranking each other, know I can't resist a challenge like that. BEHOLD, MY BALLOT! If it makes you feel any better, I kept flip-flopping 1-2, 3-4, and 6-7, because I'm pretty sure my answers change between who I'd like best for this project vs. who I like best overall. I kept it this way so that Jeff would still get stuck with The Todd**. I can already hear his howls of protest.

1. Annie
2. Britta
3. Jeff
4. Shirley
5. Troy
6. Todd
7. Abed
8. Pierce

(**this is what overdosing on Scrubs does to you. I literally have to keep removing the prefix from my thoughts every time I type)

Otherwise, I got nothin' beyond a pair of favorite quotes that I was going to use for my subject line and/or cut text, before I stupidly added this content to the Glee post.

a) Britta: if loving worms is stupid, I don't want to be smart!
b) Todd: Your love is weird and toxic and it destroys everything it touches!
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