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First night with CBS in a month

Monday was The Day Of The Uterine Wars, which meant I spent 3 very successful hours in couch potato mode, two of them spent waiting for the aspirin to kick in and the last lying very still to make sure it had achieved total effect. On the bright side, I got to see 2 Broke Girls again (95% great and 5% 'stop it with the smug lines that would make this rated R and force me to hate this if you were writing a movie instead of a network show'), confirm that Two and a Half Men has not yet tired of Naked Ashton Kutcher, skip Generic Unfunny Comedy With Lady Too Good For Her Love Interest, aaaand show up for Hawaii Five-0 because my emotional ties to Kensi Blye are very much intact and not severed at all.

H50: "The one with all the guest stars ever"
a) I have no idea why they chose to cross over with NCIS: LA, but whatever gets Kensi on my screen without Sam or Callen is a win in my book. If she happens to share some dialogue with Steve and I notice how smokin' hot the two of them look standing next to each other, that's what we call a bonus.

b) And once again, the rule of "Anything that looks interesting in the preview will be both introduced and wrapped in the first 15 minutes" proves true. The problem is, if you leave then, you don't know what non-promoted goodies you might miss. (the answer is almost always nothing, but there's that sliver of hope)

c) In addition to Kensi -- hi there, Annie Wersching! And you, Shawn Hatosy. I'm not even counting the recurring guests or that one irrelevant guy they were promoting in the commercials.

d) Wo Fat's inability to strangle John Locke deeply disappoints me. Even Ben Linus managed that.

e) How many times do we have to establish that fights which take place in a ring are the grossest thing in sports? IT'S GROSS. STOP SHOWING IT, TV SHOWS.

f) And while I am a little goggle-eyed at how fit he is, we probably should not have Steve shirtless very often because all those tattoos, seriously, he looks like such a lowlife scumbag it's hard to actually look at him unless he's bathed in shadow.

g) Lori -- it is Lori, right? (she says in her best condescending Dr. Dorian tone) -- also disappoints me. Not immediately pretty + just a touch too much confidence/aggressive personality = instant fork in the idea of me shipping her with anybody.

h) Um, and then while trying to confirm her name, I saw this picture. PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY THEY WERE ON HORSES AND POINT ME THERE ASAP IF IT WAS PART OF THE SHOW.
-HIMYM, 7x05, "Mystery vs. History":
So...why did everyone say it was imperative for Ted to click on the link immediately? What part of that said "MUST BREAK PROMISE NOW!!111!!"? Fortunately she doesn't seem like a great loss. Even though Ted was having one of his random attractive weeks where, even though he does nothing particularly different, I look at him and think, "Yeah, that dude seems worth marrying."

Should I be picking a side in the title clash? I never thought about researching people to death as soon as you meet them, but that might be because I think a phone should have a singular purpose (two if you count texting) and it's annoying and unnatural to combine multiple devices into one.

In other news, I was much more overwhelmed than I thought I'd be by Marshall & Lily finding out their baby's gender. It was just so short and simple and utterly sweet the way Marshall said it. And all things considered, I laughed enough times I put might put this one in the win column.

Noretta: I can't think how a variety of circumstances featuring everyone picturing their significant others as their own parents is something I will ever need to watch again. Especially not when the subplot concerns Nora and how she and Barney continue to beat Barney/Robin in terms of textbook proper courting without having any actual chemistry, and it causes a nervous twitch in my eye from *twitch* holding back redundant complaints.
While I am doing Monday shows: Terra Nova, "The Runaway"

I don't know how Jim and Elisabeth became the go-to people for everything when there were nine pilgrimages before them, but I'm going to let them have the creative license for it, because it is awesome and results in things like stray little girls forming insta-bonds with Jim and clinging to him like a monkey. *\o/*

Most precious thing I have ever encountered? Definitely, at least since last week when Zoe was doing it. I'm so glad we can ignore that little hiccup of her being a spy because that was only half the story.

If my number one goal for the show is to have family moments, this episode went all out to deliver. What says family like fostering a precocious ragamuffin? This way every single family member gets in on it, from Elisabeth and Maddy splitting caretaker duties to Zoe demonstrating adorable overtures of friendship -- not the least of which is this sweetly offered drawing --

and Josh, who gets to both gripe about Maddy kicking him out of his room (things there should be more of: verbal warfare between these two; the good-natured teasing is fantastic!) and play Reluctant Babysitter, which needs to have at least three stories written about it post-haste because we got severely shortchanged on film. Fools! Don't you realize this is the best way for Josh to earn character credit with me? Forget Skye, add more babysitting duties.

Don't forget this exchange!
Jim: Josh? Need you to babysit Leah and Zoe until I get back; few hours, tops.
Josh: What am I supposed to do?!
Jim: Think of something.
Now an interlude for Jim to play Stone-Faced Guard Dog between Leah and Mira...

Quick side detour to talk about a new thing we learned about Taylor: he can  be a scary mofo, but he can also turn into a teddy bear around children. It's like the world is suddenly made of gumdrops and candyfloss!

Oh, and then there was Maddy's cute but doomed internship. Relevant for her dad being proud of her, prior to the flameout (I can has scientific internship under Malcolm now? It'll be just like Harry Potter, but less hate-filled), and her brother's reaction to hearing about it.
     Josh: Aw, did the over-achiever only sort-of achieve? Instead of open heart surgery, she could only do an appendectomy?
     Jim: Josh?
     Josh: Hm?
     Jim: (very pleasantly) Stop talking.

This gets us up to roughly the three-quarters mark, even though I am thoroughly satisfied by this point -- so much so that I forgot to mention how the Sixers threw in a little "o hai, we got the drop on your people, here are some hostages (Wash) in portable stocks" scene. No time! For a bonus course, after our contracted dinosaur scene of the week, somebody decided that the Sixers should use Jim's face as a punching bag after catching him. With all of the cuts and bruises being superficial, I am a-OK with this.

Oh! And let's not forget how much we enjoy the "if looks (or tone) could kill" contempt dripping from  "Maybe you should have had one of your spies get it for you, instead of sending a little girl."

Ordinarily that would be enough, but not for this show! This show gift wraps it. With a bow. First he reunites what remains of a family...

See what I did there? With the title of the previous episode? :D

,,,and then he goes off to get stitched up by Elisabeth (who to my relief, seems more proud of him than annoyed by his tendency to ditch his family for life-threatening situations that may or may not have been worth it). Kissing, naturally, ensues (as does swift retribution from a cut lip).
"If I had a terra for every time I've had to put you back together..."
"You're making me sound like Humpty Dumpty. I married a doctor for a reason."
"Hey -- you did good."

"Sorry. Sorry. But you know, Leah's going to be all right because of you."

Now, where was the last time I saw this...

Don't you just love when we play Battle Of The OTP Poses?

And one more round with Leah the Love Bug, because it makes me very giddy and puts Jim that much closer to being on my Favorite Male Characters of 2011 list.

Look at the fancy things I did with the coloring and contrast levels in this one!

(I especially like how he winces in pain at the onset of her rather boisterous hug, but otherwise makes no move to discourage her)

Plot Advancement: The fandom is all up in arms about how obviously the Sixers are going to turn out to be the good guys, or at least have a valid agenda, while Taylor will turn out to be corrupt. They are ruining it for me just like they ruined Harper's Island. Shut up, shut up, shut up! I like the established sides of good and evil we are on, OK? Plus, I like to think Wash would not be among those with wool pulled over her eyes.

But I do find Mira entertaining. Better in small doses and not especially sympathetic yet, whatever her tale of daughter-missing woe, but those bat**** insane crazy ladies make for good television.

Up Next: oh, I don't know. This time I'm going to try not watching every spoiler clip that comes my way, because it took all the suspense out of last week's mystery. But I've already waited a very patient week. I don't think I can get through a second without cheating. Yep, there I go, one secret scene down the hatch. Still excited! It's like the Twelve Weeks Of Christmas, counting down to the finale, except each present is actually a giant box full of smaller presents waiting to be unwrapped.

P.S. Since the steps required to get a supposedly simple reference screencap for my earlier mention took me on a 45-minute detour...

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