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Lost internet overnight and all day, with the result that I had to work at the library. Which inevitably meant that after I snagged a bunch of checkout material, I went shopping at the stores within half a mile of the library, which include a Half Price Books and a Savers and, not too much farther, a Goodwill -- not even counting the entire used-book room inside the library itself. Bookstores are everywhere! Anyway.

I tried to be well behaved and I did limit it to three purchased books, but there are no limitations to what I can borrow from the library, and when I have unlimited time and my pick of selections (seeing as I got there an hour after it opened and stayed until an hour before it closed), I go nuts. It took me two trips to drag everything inside when I got home (most of it is borrowed stuff, I swear), and then I flung it all on my recently-cleared-off bed. It made an impressive spread.

(these might actually take me two weeks to finish!)

Click to enlarge/read titles:

(for the desperately curious, the purchased items in this photo include Wild Animals at Home, Riding Lessons, and Barns. The first one because it's Ernest Thompson Seton and has sketches + photos and makes a glorious nonfiction companion to Wild Animals I Have Known and was only two bucks at Half Price, Riding Lessons because it's in nice shape and on my to-buy list, and Barns because damn, how often do you see beautiful oversized photo books relevant to my interests for sale at $3? Never, that's how often. They're never even at garage/library sales and Half Price would charge double that.

At the library bookstore, however, was peeved to see that my Killing Touch has exiled two more from the collection, as Beachmont Letters and A Girl Named Disaster have been withdrawn. The latter was a 2009 checkout, so maybe I didn't actually cause its demise, but BL is the FOURTH ONE so far to come off my January/February lists. What gives?? 

P.S. Here is a picture of Kym, who flung her head up when I came over to plug in the camera, lying on her surprisingly comfy makeshift bed at the foot of my own.

Possible edits to this post later, if I think of anything else worth locking.
Tags: books, my dog, photos, thrifty shopping

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