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Double Headers

1. Kym just used her tail to knock over a cup of coffee, destroying my Watch! magazine with Pauley Perrette on the cover. I am ill-pleased.

2. Today, despite having read zero books since Thursday, I checked out 8 more books because my dad wanted to browse the movie section at a different branch, one we never go to. It's a tiny place, literally just a room in the community center, but although it is tiny they make efficient use of the space. I got as many books as I usually do on a trip to the library, yet it only took me 5 minutes to look at every YA title they had. All the chaff has been pre-weeded! This would probably be hard to sustain if it was my local branch, but for a quick trip I loved it. And oh, I have found some great books. I am super-duper excited to read a bunch of these, as opposed to my usual feelings of "Yeah, these will sufficiently entertain me, and one or two might even be great."

3. And since it was nearby, we then visited The Antique Mall, or as I like to call it, "the free admission museum." It's a space crammed floor to ceiling and wall to wall with various dealer booths, all bursting with stuff from legit antiques to a few things from the 90s, some on shelves and then rows of glass cases crammed with trinkets. It would take you hours to scan every single thing. The best part is what they don't have: clothes or furniture (except in a few scattered places). There are still dishes and glassware mixed in, but 95% of the stuff is truly interesting to look at. Hence my term, "museum." Another appropriate term might be "a hoarder's estate sale," that's how much stuff is crammed in. It's GREAT.
4. "NCIS: The Season Of Personal Lives" continues:

a. 9x05, "Safe Harbor"
Did that title remind you of Ships in the Night, and thus Agent Borin? Ding-ding! You are correct.

Of note:
+ Abby + puppy is now in the credits. If it was there before, I just noticed. Excellent work.

+ Tony actively, if temporarily, shipping "Bibbs." Yep, I can handle that. Will also accept Borin enthusiastically and actively joining in their efforts to play matchmaker with Gibbs/One Of Borin's Friends.

+ I liked Ziva making a connection with the mother on principle, and referencing her siblings, but unfortunately said mother was the super-aggravating lady from the House finale, and I'm pretty sure it's a combination of her accent, gravelly voice and slow way of speaking that make her aggravating, so please stop hiring her.

+ FAVORITE MOMENT: Gibbs darting in out of nowhere to get in Surprise Good Child's face. "You wanna see intimidation, bitch?" is going right up on there on my list of favorite Gibbs lines. It doesn't hurt that he jumps in after the guy physically shoves Agent Abby, so it's kind of like chivalry, except not patronizing. It never comes off like she couldn't handle the guy on her own, it just happens to be extra effective when you suddenly demonstrate two against one. I don't know, it was all very quick and gleeful for me.

+ Abby matter-of-factly pointing out that they can't find Gibbs' perfect woman, because he's already found her. AWWW. ♥

+ How much do I love Borin flat-out secret spilling to Gibbs that his team thinks he's lonely? THIS MUCH. Their dynamic: best. I would happily sacrifice a little Casey Novak time for more of Agent Borin. I'm not even a huge Diane Neal fan, she just happens to have two excellently written roles at the moment that do a lot to pump up their respective shows.

Ziva: Are you lonely, Gibbs?
Gibbs: You're never alone when you have kids. (forehead kiss) Night, kid.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
...which start to look like a row of sharp teeth when you put too many of them a row and it's Halloween season. Wow. I had to make them pink to counteract the effect.

Anyway, that reminds me of this awesome post I found on Tumblr that illustrates just how heartwarming the show's been lately.

b. 9x06, "Thirst"
Or, "Now that Tony's attempted to meddle in Gibbs' love life, the show decides to dabble in Ducky's."

Sooooo...I spent most of this episode wincing and cringing and going "....awkward" and/or "this is weird, this is weird, this is too weird, I CAN'T LOOK DIRECTLY AT IT. (spins around in chair and covers ears)" Ducky is the sweetest person in the world and I wish him all the best, but I don't think I can be witness to romance. Even proper courtly romance. Is more secondhand embarrassing than teenagers. Plus, I just wasn't really feeling it. Predictably, I did not get on board until there was an injury and crying, and then I perked right up, all, "Yeah. I could feel some things about this."

Unfortunately, by that point we were way down the Road of Lost Causes. About halfway through the episode, being my gullible self, I had also said (only half joking), "Show, I am bored with this. Unless you brought her on to be the murderess of the week, I cannot for the life of me see why we are going on all the dates."

Turns out that is exactly why they brought her on. It had to be actively spelled out for me, but at that point my jaw dropped, leaving me with a strong sense of injustice and "Oh, that is mean, show. Cruel and unusual punishment. What did Ducky fans ever do to you? Leave him out of your mind games!"

That said, well played, well played. Being mostly out of the spoiler loop has its distinct advantages.

Lastly, because I can't remember when we last saw the Corgis, someone please reassure me that he mentions missing the dogs most because they have since passed away from old age as well, not that he gave them away to other people to care for. I'd really prefer to get handclaspy and misty-eyed over the importance of pet pups rather than rageful. This show has an awesome record when it comes to dogs so I assume that's what they meant, but I'd like someone with a solid grasp of canon to back me up. I have the memory of a goldfish when it comes to this series. 
5. Eeney, meeney, miney, mo, should Community stay or should it go?
Truth 1: When you fall out of the habit of watching, it is perfectly acceptable to drop this one if you can.

a) Remedial Chaos Theory
If it were not for the godawful repetition, this would have become my new favorite episode. Seriously. The gist of this one took down "A Fistful of Paintballs." Repetition drives me insane -- by the second time I'm twitchy and by the third time I am screaming and mentally clawing people's eyes out; I could never work on a TV set -- but aside from that I sat mesmerized with joy and did not move a muscle except occasionally to squeal, clap, fist pump, or do a little spin of joy in my chair. Or make disgusted sounds at the endless variations on Pierce's "joke," which was literally the only other negative thing I could come up with.

And mind, this opinion formed before Jeff and Annie started making googly eyes at each other (OVER INJURY. Show, you get me), each timeline's scenario greater than the last until there was full-on making out. Making out.** With no lasting effects on canon, this show's specialty, which is maybe the greatest invention ever for a ship I really only like as an attractive diversion, instead of headed-for-marriage soulmatehood. Also, I don't know about you, but I found it hysterical that Annie stopped to compare his worrying about her to something her dad would say.

LOOK, I DON'T KNOW. My method of shipping is special and weird and most of the time I only like the parts that could be accomplished just as well by a relative as a lover, so this sort of thing works for me either way. Besides, How I Met Your Mother just made a big thing out of dating people like your parents and ultimately concluded that it's a positive because if your parents are awesome people, then dating someone with similar characteristics = smart life choice. Provided you don't actually picture your parent while kissing.

**Anyway, by now you have probably figured out that I was actually much less interested in the kissing than I was about Annie cooing over his non-existent head wound and him telling her she's a great nurse. I am on board for the flirty innuendo! I just make a quick exit stage right when stuff starts to get real.

Um, in things-that-don't-make-me-sound-creepy commentary, I loved everything. Including/especially the part where it was 100% study group, 0% Chang or Dean or anyone else besides Toby. I can't even begin to categorize which timeline was best (although the Dark Timeline was pretty awesome, even before the extra-awesome ending tag, and I fully expect a small faction of the fandom to spin off and write stories set in that realm). I haven't even started to analyze the themes between what happened when each specific person was subtracted. EVERYTHING WAS GREAT, THE END.

(p.s. Troy's reaction to the troll was epic. It actually beats his reaction to LeVar Burton)

(and, I sincerely hope some people have made (and/or are using) Britta icons proudly emblazoned with "Godless Hippie Skank." )

b) Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps
Then this happened, and somehow managed to match the preceding ep's quality inch for inch. How is it even possible for a show to be this good?! Especially since I was feeling relatively meh about 3x03. And even though I said exclamation-point filled things about the first two episodes this season, these two are so good that they make those look like crap by comparison.

crackers4jenn has managed to basically recap it while quoting, screencapping, and offering commentary along the way. It is THE BEST, even more than it is usually the best. Start there. Come back for my pitiful scraps of extra comments if you can:

+ I loved all of the stories. All of them! Even Pierce's gross non-story, which I actually preferred to the asinine werewolves vs. vampires theme in Annie's and those horrifying close-ups of her neck implying blood-carrying things!! Although prior to that point I was super-duper interested in the continuining theme of Jeff/Annie (featuring Protective Jeff), and I'm really glad those promo pics of him carrying her through the doorway came out ahead of time, because they entertained my imagination for days.

+ Why is it so much fun to watch good actors act poorly? Don't know, but it's hysterical. Britta's story made me laugh until my ribs hurt, and that was just the beginning.

+ Did I mention the part where it contained some more context-free/no-lasting-effects-on-canon footage of JEFF AND BRITTA MAKING OUT? I think the show may be using a subtle way of asking me to marry it.

+ On the other hand...purging brain of Britta/Abed now, oh god why.

+ I nearly cried laughing at Shirley's sermon story. It was full of truth. So much truth. I would make time to hate on Dean Pelton's part in it, but that's a pretty accurate representation of what I might find in my own personal vision of hell.

+ Troy & Abed as random hood thugs. Dead of laughter.

+ Jeff's story full of hugs and Christmas sweaters. Dead of adorable.

+ I loved everybody's name being turned into a descriptive verb/noun.

+ I did not expect that we would get to see the results of the personality tests! That was a pleasant surprise, A+.

Final Note: I stumbled upon this excellent How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Britta Perry meta post during my internet wanderings. Everyone should read it immediately. There are lots of pictures, if that helps.
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