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I got distracted on my way to the CBS shows.

Terra Nova, "Bylaw"
So this is what a water-treading episode of Terra Nova looks like.  (It's still pretty good.)

+ Far more interesting than the murder storyline (I get enough of those a week) was the dino egg, and Zoe's wide-eyed fascination with watching it hatch. That tiny little newborn Ankylosaurus was the cutest thing -- well, tied with two requests of "Can we keep him?"

+ I like how Jim side-eyes Macolm if the latter so much as stands in proximity to Elisabeth. But I also enjoy watching Malcolm's eyes go all puppyish and lovestruck when she does something particularly clever. What can I say. I am a sucker for smitten men who can't have what they want. (let me be clear: in this case he is never, ever allowed to have it)

+ Josh's plan still seems like the stupidest plan in the history of the universe (is Kara actually counting on him to do this? Is she ready to leave her entire family behind? Do high school romances in the future often turn into lifelong soulmatehood that makes them think their love is special enough to be worth this irreversible upheaval?). That said, I enjoyed his tearing up and talk of three friends who killed themselves (fic! fic! fic!) and his "I have to get her out of there" sentiments.
[edit: I have an update on this. See blow.]

+ Jim hugging Maddy as the banishment sentence is carried out. ♥ This is much more interesting than her being around Mark.

+ Episode highlight (so glad it was released early): Jim/Elisabeth spat over a banishment vs. prison sentence. "I was just in prison, and mercy is not the first word that comes to mind when I think back on my time there."
Ooh. It's only touched on briefly here, but that is a hot-button issue I am intensely curious to hear more about.

+ *for lack of much excitement, pokes around Terra Nova page on Fox website* Ooh, a boatload of interesting bonus footage videos of Elisabeth, Maddy and Josh's "psychiatric evaluation" (plus Jim from prison), and various headlines and warning posters from 2149. My favorite thing about the series is that we don't have to spend much time in the future -- I barely lasted as I did for the premiere, and that was only because they were distracting me with protective parenting and unhealthy prison conditions -- but in small bursts, it's fun. Favorite bits:

-Apparently Jim was quite the hoodlum in youth, but "Then I met Elisabeth. We had the kids. The world outside kept getting worse, but it seemed brighter, because I had them. And now I'm here and they're out there and I can't protect them."

Josh, on the day before: "Kara and I decided to stay up all night. Go to all our favorite places and do all the things we love one last time. It was nice. For one night, I forgot the world was dying and I was about to escape and leave her behind."

Ooh, and here we go:
"Either I'll never see Kara again, or I'll never see my family again. That's what it comes down to. I know this sounds childish, but I've known her my whole life. She's the only one I ever told about Zoe. She was there for me the night my dad went to jail**. [long pause] I love her. But I love my family, too. The idea of watching them walk through the portal and never seeing them again? There's no good answer. Just two really horrible ones."

Well, damn. Now I get it. And it's going to put quite the wrench in this show's apparent plans to try and force-feed me Josh/Skye, because I'm going to be rebelling with the force of a thousand suns, whereas up to now those kids had a chance. Please tell me the aforementioned ship is a red herring driven mainly by a wishful fandom? Or Kara wouldn't choose to come anyway. thus freeing us of that obligation?

While poking around the supplemental material I also learned that it is illegal to transport any flora or fauna through the portal, which confirms my suspicions about the depressing lack of so much as farm animals, much less pets. God. Even worse than the lack of TV for me would be the absence of four-footed mammals.

AND got some epic backstory about how 3 months pre-series, Maddy came home coughing up blood, as her Rebreather hadn't been working properly, resulting in hospitalization. The Elisabeth ones are the hardest to watch, though -- it is too painful to watch her rationalize leaving behind her husband and one child to give the other two a better life, subversive plans in the works or not.

Next week: a whole truckload of awesome breaks out. Cannot wait.
House, 8x04, "Risky Business": Nobody in this household enjoyed the episode -- Mom walked away, Dad fell asleep, and I was so busy reading I didn't even pay enough attention to remember what the diagnosis was. In my case it's both because I can't stand Michael Nouri and because Park's disciplinary hearing took up way too much time and had no point or purpose except providing the highlight of the episode: Wilson offering calm and patient advice on how to win (or not) a House prank war. Decided, not for the first time, that this show should probably be called "Wilson" and changed accordingly.

Secondary highlight: Dr. Bonesaw, as I have chosen to call him, gleefully riling up House with a prank war because it will escalate to the point where he may get suspended, but House will go back to jail. It's win/win. Happy pranking!

P.S. I don't know what point they were trying to make about Big Bad Business, but all I heard was "see, sometimes people have GOOD reasons for moving corporations overseas. Quit your bitching. Maybe it's about keeping majority ownership of the multi-generational family business."
And in genuinely surprising news: Castle! That was really good!

+ Dr. Howser, Dr. Quinn, Dr. Huxtable. BEST CODE NAMES EVER. (Trapper John doesn't count if it doesn't start with "Dr.")

+ I really dug the last 10 minutes of fast-paced crimesolving they threw in at the end after the hostage situation let up. I almost tuned out once they escaped -- glad I stayed.

+ Alexis flipping out while waiting outside (reading about that was actually half the reason I bothered to show up this week. It delivered as promised).

+ Which in turn led to beautiful happy post-rescue family reunion hugs.

1. unexpected hand squeeze from "paramedic"!Kate
2. about eight hundred snarky references to Castle being her boyfriend
3. the most googly eyes I have seen since the alternate timelines on Community. Good girl, good girl.
4. Ending dinner. QUESTION: just how many of these seventeen combined life-saving efforts have we seen in canon, and how many of them were gleeful, like this episode, as opposed to mere technicalities? Because I should know this. And then maybe make a graph comparing the number of life-saving scenarios on all of my crime shows and see if that happens to correlate to how much I enjoy each show.

Oh god, it feels like a YouTube binge might be about to happen. Must! Resist! Maybe I will just hang out in the season 3 "I love you" finale clip area. Yeah. This'll do it.

Nope, hang on, just found something labeled "Castle and Beckett kiss." Um, what is this and why don't I know about it; I assume misdirection is involved considering how 4x01 went down [edit: totally], but still. Wow. WOW, this is oddly exciting for me. It is beginning to seem distinctly possible that I could, in fact, appreciate a few seasons' worth of Bones-style (itself a subset of X-Files style) subtle romantics.

OK, just tried the hit-or-miss style of testing a fanvid for leads. And it has sent me off to collect a song of fire and ice, or to put it another way, the burning apartment rescue (which I assume is the aftermath of the bomb I saw in the vid?) and the freezer lock in. HOW ARE YOU IN MY HEAD. The freezer bit is the greatest thing I have ever seen in my life.

Good god, what all the hell was happening in season 3? How many more things do I need to be aware of? Oh, never mind. Spoilerpedia to the rescue. The "Relationships - Richard Castle" section of Beckett's page is super nifty. 3x06 seems interesting. Ooh, and some kind of shouting in 3x24? If you guys had quoted this at me,I would have signed on to this show sight unseen. [ooh look, super prettified version]
Voice: It would have been a done deal at the "nearly die frozen in each other's arms" bit, wouldn't it?
RS: How do you measure romance, kisses?

In conclusion, if they are going to give me 95% of the perks and none of the ick that comes with a canon relationship, then they can just dawdle along in their ill-defined/feelings-repressing/dating-other-people lives forever. Remind me which of you watch this show? I gotta read your posts from now on to stay updated. I'll take to Tumblr if I have to.

1. Holy cow, 3x24 just keeps getting better. Even in crap quality, I can see that this quite possibly better than "I love you." [edit: nope. false. just went back to double check, and that part is pretty great.]

2. Here is a random hug** in slow-motion. That is exactly how I want it, YouTube, thank you for anticipating my needs.
**from 3x17, I notice it says; just how great WAS that one? Minus the inconvenient boyfriend, I guess, but the beauty of YouTubin' it is that you can cut him out entirely.

Twelve hours ago I was still annoyed by Castle's face and did not particularly ship this. What quaint times.
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