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1. The nifty new Age Analyzer toy thinks this LJ was written by someone 36-50 years old. HAHAHA! But not off base. I'm surprised it isn't older, frankly, with my crabby grandma ways.

2. Watched "Bride Wars" again, this time with my parents. The following gem of a conversation took place:
(as Kristen Johnson appears)
Mom: Oh, she's skinny again! Remember how heavy she got? On Sex and the City?
Dad: The one that fell out of a window?
Mom: Yeah.
Dad: I shouldn't know this.

3. I ran across a pic of Abby & Jethro on Tumblr, which led to this. Remember when this episode happened and it was the best part of the entire season/counts as a series highlight? Now set to adorable music. Must resist adding third Abby-centric icon...

4. Speaking of things on Tumblr, I also ran across a wonderful crackpot theory that, throughout the nine seasons of Scrubs, JD was slowly becoming schizophrenic. "He can only differentiate between some of what’s real and what isn’t - and neither can the viewer, because he only sees the show through J.D.’s perspective.  By the end of season 8, he gets committed to a mental hospital.  But in his mind, he’s only leaving Sacred Heart to work somewhere else. Season 9 is entirely his own fantasy. " It makes weird sense when you read through it.

5. NCIS, 9x06, "Devil's Triangle"
Definitely the funniest opener this season -- could not stop laughing at Gibbs materializing behind Ziva right after her comment that it's not like they're going gray. Hah! That is a terrible consolation, as hair is extremely important (sorry guys), but all the funnier because it's even less relevant here. And I quote one Sara Sidle, "don't you know grey hair can be very attractive?" Some men actually look better with gray hair than when they were younger. Mark Harmon here is one of them.

(Richard Gere is another. I don't fangirl him enough, which is to say ever, but I should. Oh look! Someone seems to have saved a nifty screenshot after watching "Bee Season" last week that she can whip out at the opportune moment)


Ahem. Now that we are back from that digression...

"Ugh. It was fun when Gibbs' 3 ex-wives were a running joke, but the longer this show goes on the sadder his poor life choices become. (I am not even blaming the divorces themselves. It seems more like he has just horrible taste in women)" what I was going to say, but they seem to have anticipated that problem and perhaps deliberately triggered that response so that they could tack on the ending scene to make it either better or worse, I haven't decided, tossing around phrases like "you just married me to get over Shannon" and, for the second time in three weeks, how Shannon is the only woman he's ever loved. I sometimes worry that this show is putting her on the same pedestal that CSI: Miami has awarded to Marisol, but this shows gets away with it due to not being a crack den of insanity and live action cartoon characters its strong introduction and carefully built-up backstory to substantiate the claims.

I guess I kind of figured the impressive marriage/divorce rate was an attempt to compensate, but still. I definitely think the "You were my Shannon" bit was over the top and not particularly believable, thoguh. Bitch, please. I can just barely salvage something out of Gibbs' expression here, but I prefer not to hear claims of previous emotional deadness. And I stand by my claims that she seems like a particularly unpleasant person. All in all, this was not a particularly pleasant round in the season's theme of family. Moving on.

Other things I liked:
+ Abby's worksheet actually entitled "Questions for Gibbs," and him amiably granting her request for a do-over by literally turning around and then walking into the room a second time

+ I'm not the only person who found "Leroy" an impossible-to-stomach name, right? I mean. It lingered like a punishing squirt from a lemon juice bottle on the tongue (I have a large dog; this is what we do for control on walks).

+ Hi there, Meredith Eaton, always great to see you.

+ The aforementioned character winking and spouting off terms like "Cutie" at Fornell....or more specifically, his sputtering response that he's old enough to be her father.

+ Gibbs: Cheer up, Tobias. At least you'll never have to talk to Diane again.
Fornell: I have a child with her!
Gibbs: Oh, that's right. Guess I won't have to.

6. How I Met Your Mother, 7x08, "The Slutty Pumpkin Returns"
Magic alert, magic alert! Season 7 has managed to produce an 80% highly enjoyable work of genius!

Confession: I love Katie Holmes. Always have, always will. Never actually watched Dawson's Creek, just always thought she was pretty, and I'll admit it -- the first time I really paid attention to her was when she started getting media attention for dating Tom Cruise. But I enjoy the love story there I have made up in my head, and more to the point, I've enjoyed her in everything in which I've seen her act. Including this.

For example, pretty sure that Ted/Naomi is now in my top 5 Ted ships, right up there with Zoey and the long-haired librarian and Rachel Bilson and just ahead of the recently-demoted Victoria. So what if he doesn't seem to like anything she says or does? They can work around that! They look too pretty together not to give it a fifth or sixth or thirty-first chance. Begone with your lies of no chemistry. I saw fireworks. Sparklers, at the very least. Whatever; I can deny reason and facts like a boss when it comes to Pretty Factor ships.

Their epic failure as a couple was funny, though. That's the best part: even as it implodes, I can simultaneously adore and laugh at it. Are people really complaining about this? Worse, are people actually blaming Katie Holmes for it? Because guys, this show has previously hired Katy Perry.

Anyway. Whole bunches of love for the happiest this show had made me in a long time. And there's more!

As funny as it was to watch Robin mock Barney's shameful heritage relentlessly (and it was hilarious -- I laughed until it hurt), a little part of me is disappointed that they didn't end with it all just being an inside joke between Robin and Jerome. It really does dampen a lot of the fun of Barney's relentless Robin-mocking campaign over the series. Maybe I will make the inside-jokery my head canon, because I loved every jab and dig this conflict produced.

And then Barney's American version punched out his inner Canadian, and made it all better.  (Plus, Robin in her hockey costume, thumping Ted and Barney left and right with her stick, cracked me up.)

Finally: it seems like a lot of people hated the Marshall/Lily thread in this one, and I did too, but unlike you I wasn't bothered by the admittedly dumb and ludicrous pregnancy brain aspect. I was just offended to the core that anyone would VOLUNTARILY CHOOSE TO DECLINE the ownership keys to a house (your grandparents' house!!) in the suburbs, especially one that would get you out of New York City. The show and I will always clash on this, okay, but it is especially like being poked with red-hot pain needles when Marshall's eyes fill with hearts whenever he's inside a real house but Lily and/or the gang shoot him down. And it was a nice house, too. It was 2 stories and wasn't an icky townhouse or mass-produced monopoly house in a development or anything.

But otherwise, I even liked this part. DEFINITE favorite episode of the season, no competition.

7. Up next: Glee, and then I an working on a thing related to shipping in the comment section of the previous post. Stay tuned for more details as the story develops.
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