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Almost forgot, I bought some more books.

We last went to this library sale in April, but this time we went in the morning of Day 1 instead of Bag Sale Day. It's 100% donated material so the selection is usually lower than a regular library sale, but it was way better this time than I've ever seen it. Of particular interest was an entire box full of cat books -- there seriously must have been 20 or more, outnumbering the dog books -- featuring everything from pet memoirs to gift-style books to cat care and breed books to, and I am not even kidding you, the (enormous) 1982 Cat Fanciers Association Yearbook. spoiler alert: I did not buy it.

I of course was in heaven, and have no idea how I kept enough control over myself to not buy out the box. Wait, yes I do -- Dad insisted I could just pay him back later so we wouldn't have to stop at the bank on the way. When someone else has the cash I behave much better.

The minimalist spoils, at a total cost to me of $3.50:

The Fur Person: 1982 reprinted paperback edition, I was charmed by the ink sketches and compact size of what may be the oldest (text-wise, initially copyright 1957) pet memoir I've ever seen.

Captivating Cats: purchased because every page was full of beautiful color photos. And I like looking at cat photos.

Every Living Thing: because this was one of two I don't have from him, and even though it does not match my paperback collection (and weirdly, these are some of the few books I would prefer to have in paperback), I was just so happy I remembered which two I was missing that I helped myself to it.

James Herriot's Yorkshire - A particularly awesome companion book I did not know existed, 1979, featuring color photos on every page of the places described in his regular books.

I'm also peeved that as soon as I got it in the car, the first 6-page sheaf promptly fell out of the binding, so I'll have to glue it in. But don't you love the calligraphy of the previous owner's name?? (pasted into the top right corner of the photo below)

Sample from "Captivating Cats"

Speaking of arming myself to the teeth with knowledge, I figured I had better click on TV Line's "Things You Must Know About Next Week's [Glee episode]." Well, I 75% figured I should click on it and 25% worried it would scar me for life (not unfounded fears), but you guys tend to suck at watching shows I watch, and thus it seemed unlikely that anyone would be around to give me the Censored for RS's Sensibilities recap, so I'm going to have to do this my own way. The important parts:

1. During a West Side Story rehearsal, director Artie tells Rachel and Blaine that they lack passion as Maria and Tony, then guesses that maybe they’ve never, you know, done it. “How do you expect to convey the human experience to an audience when you haven’t even opened yourself up to one of humanity’s most basic and primal needs?” he asks.

*flashes white-hot with rage* I WILL KILL YOU. I WILL COME THROUGH THE SCREEN AND KILL YOU MYSELF. THIS IS NOT ADVICE YOU GIVE TO HIGH SCHOOLERS (NOT EVEN IF YOU ARE A HIGH SCHOOLER). OR TO ANYONE, REALLY, BLACK SWAN, BUT ESPECIALLY TEENAGERS. Remind me to talk about what an unbearable human being Artie has become later. Oh, and I guess that explains a) why Rachel's doing this now, and b) her expression when asked that question. I am now grossed out forever and will always be disgusted by it.

p.s. don't think I missed that whole "during a West Side Story rehearsal" + Blaine/Rachel & deduced that this might well be a scene I requested to see. Ten bucks says I see plenty of passion despite Artie's stupid comment.

2. The opening night of West Side Story. I did mention that that was coming up, right? Right. So it won’t be a huge surprise that much of the hour’s play list comes from the musical.
Oh, hell to the yes. God damn, now I have to show up, since this is something I've been looking forward to. I just...will have to tread really, really carefully through the episode.

3. When Sebastian invites Kurt and Blaine out to local gay haunt Scandal, Kurt runs into his old nemesis at the bar.
OK, good. That's the kind of thing I like having advanced warning about so I can skip it.

8. a) Ultimately, both couples do the deed,
b) and it’s romantic, tasteful and all very satisfying.
c) (For the kissing-conscious Klaine ’shippers, there’s one significant smooch, but it does not take place during The Act.)

a) Gross. Not surprising, but still gross.
b) HAHAHA, NOT POSSIBLE. Literally not possible with teenagers. Barely & rarely possible with adults.
c) That's either helpful or worrisome, but at least now I know there's only one kiss, and it was in the previews so I'll know just where to hit the skip-forward button, because based on the quick flash I saw before diving for cover, it was NOT rated G and is therefore banned.

There. I think I should probably still wait until some kind of recap is out, so I can follow along line by line just in case my hyper-vigilance isn't enough to avoid unsavory things, but I should be able to watch this one. I have already looked up & listened to the songs they've released from the musical, and while per usual they do nothing for me as standalones**, I expect great enjoyment to be had from the performances.
**I'm getting strangely attached to "America." What does this mean?

P.S. The Glee tag on Tumblr & I have had to break up for a while, because if I see the phrase "Klaine sex!" written in ecstatic, er, glee one more time, I am going to rip out my eyeballs, toss them in a bucket of bleach, and then possibly throw up in it. I have been having a really dandy time squealing and clasping my hands with joy over their puppy love. Why would you take that away from me and make it ugly so fast?
I read a fantastic YA novel about the child of a hoarder, Dirty Little Secrets, and I LOVED the 75% of it that was just her trying to clean out the house, hour by hour. The writing was fascinating, especially with the occasional memories and flashbacks objects would bring up. The book could have gone on for an extra 150 pages just describing that. But then it was like the author just ran out of ideas or got bored and wanted to be done.

After an incredibly dull detour to go hang out with friends, including some ~*boys*~, she comes back home and her ultimate solution to avoiding the inevitable shame & news crews that will come with the fact that a pile of junk fell on her mother and killed her in their mold-and-maggot-infested to burn the house down. The book ends as firefighters are battling the blaze and people are asking if she is all right. THE HELL! Aftermath, please? How is she going to get away with that, and anyway, how is she going to cope? See, publishers, this is the kind of story that could use a 3-book deal or at least a sequel, instead of all those silly sci-fi/dystopia books.

In conclusion, I want to find lots more books about children of hoarders to see new takes on it, but I don't think they exist. THEY SHOULD.
CSI, 12x06, "Freaks & Geeks"I didn't even know freak shows still existed (for the record, I very much approve). I also pretty much figured that the sister would be the murderer from the start, assuming that they wouldn't want to be accused of perpetuating some kind of prejudice. But I forgave the show since it put in a scene at the zoo featuring giraffes, apparently just for kicks. Definitely a stronger episode than I am giving it credit for based on my extremely limited word count...but also one you definitely do not want to watch while eating, which I made the mistake of attempting.
All done with TV and an entire day of my weekend left. What do I do with free time, again? Oh, that's right: cruise YouTube. For example, spending half an hour searching for Gibbs & Abby clips until I stumble across a 5-piece set starting with the video below.  You know your relationship is special when there is so much footage that a person can separate out a top fifty clips and have every single one be either as adorable or as heart-wrenching as the last. I think they might actually make me happier than any romantic relationship on television right now. 

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