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A) I can't quite tell if I'm going to love or hate the next episode of The Office -- it seems polarizing -- but I can tell you I laughed harder than should be humanly possible at Dwight grabbing Jim's crotch. I cannot believe I just wrote those words about an actual clip  from the show.

B) Apparently Castle and I will be making regular dates for the remainder of the season any time there is a hint (or a giant bucket) of emotional gold in the preview. STUPID TWO WEEKS FROM NOW. Why did I have to visit Tumblr so early? Especially since, as it turns out it'll be a 2-parter with another break, I am resigned to sitting on my hands until December so I can collect both pieces at once.

A good reason for visiting Tumblr: Oh, validating things like this: “We got a chance to see how deeply Beckett cares about Castle. It was a moment that shined, especially at the end of the hostage episode. This is one of the first episodes ever where Castle is the one in danger and Beckett is his hero coming to save him. We’ve had so many episodes where in the course of her journey to resolve her mother’s murder, she’s been in danger and he’s been the one to come to her aid. This was a moment to show the other side of that relationship in that she cares for him just as much as he cares for her.”
—     Stana Katic -  speaking about the final moment of “Cops and Robbers”, The Hollywood Reporter interview

Yeah, this has become a vital need in my life now. Hey, remember that time in early September when I was depressed about only having three canon ships left? I have rectified that, a lot. For example, all I want to do is wallow in despair at how many days there are until I have the next two episodes in hand, because the fandom has whipped me into even more of a frenzy than the preview itself. Isn't the whole point of maintaining an enormous and nigh-unmanageable stable of TV shows so that I will never feel the unbearable pinch of waiting for something good without something else to distract me?

Well, anyway, off to go find the fic.
C) Icon meme

1. Reply to this post with "WHY DO THESE PROMPTS HAVE TO BE SO RIDICULOUS?" (I'm a rebel!) and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

ER: Abby/Luka
I grabbed the first decent ship icon I found (plus I liked the mural in the background), and it's proven endlessly useful for things like Maura Tierney projects, the surprising number of times I still bring up ER given that it is off the air, and general sympathetic "here is a hug" comments.

So You Think You Can Dance: Neil Haskell & Lauren Gottlieb (season 3)
Two of my all-time favorite (and very pretty) dancers, who came together to form my favorite partnership in the show's run -- I was very happy when I found one featuring them together. (the heart may or may not symbolize the subversive fictional universe in which I cast versions of them as a dating couple with a little black terrier named Penny; NO ONE KNOWS!)

Bones: Booth/Brennan
Always a soft spot for Past Them. Adore the subtly intimate gesture -- can't actually remember the context of this scene; expect to be delighted when I stumble across it someday.

Life Unexpected: Eric/Lux
I love split-screen icons, and I think the coloring in this one is incredibly pretty.

Mt. Fandom (it bugs me that I didn't correct it on my own to add in a dot after the "MT")
This may very well be my favorite icon in the world. Borrowed from the Doctor Who macro comm, where it was turned into an icon by popular request, it perfectly encapsulates the reaction when a) something happens that divides the fandom, or b) one episode makes you feel the entire spectrum of feelings. For me, it's usually the latter. I've had it for years and it still cracks me up.
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