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This date is too cool not to post something on it?

Snap-judgment reactions to Friday shows it is! Yes, we've skipped a few days since my last post. They've been locked in storage while I work on dealing with Glee.

Chuck, 5x03:
1. Who is Alex*, she is adorable, and why is she dating Morgan? Be honest: it's just to hang around Chuck, right? I can't think of any other reason to voluntarily come in contact with Grimey on a regular basis. And hanging around Chuck would be a number 1 priority in my life. This 30-second scene with the two of them makes me want them to talk to each other ALL THE TIME. And I don't even know how old she is supposed to be; if not for Morgan's age I was immediately ready to ballpark as low as 16.

*2. *Ohhhh, Knowle Rohr's** daughter. Neat! I did not even know he had a daughter, but apparently he has a lovely one and is all fiercely protective and sweet by turns, depending on who he's talking to, which makes him a relevant character to me for the first time ever.
** I know his name. And the actor's name. I just decided that after his extremely memorable turn on The X-Files, I would never call him anything else.

3. I spy with my little eye, amidst the mild torture fest that is forcing myself to sit through entire hours of irrelevant spy nonsense and scenes without Chuck or Sarah in them, two shiptastic moments worth remembering: cute morning stuff (Sarah, you're so pretty while trying to make your husband open up about Feelings) and one excellent "thank God you're OK!" kiss I almost missed while I was busy tuning out the other, less interesting kiss.

4. I stand by last week's (unreleased) opinion that I would like someone to flay Morgan alive. I very much appreciated the CIA following up on my wish and marking him for termination, but I'm guessing they will ultimately not be able to pull it off. Le sigh.

5. Just see to it that Morgan staying with Mr. & Mrs. Spy doesn't interrupt any morning cuteness, all right? Could you manage that?
CSI: NY, 8x07, "Crushed"
A plot: That teaser made me laugh all the way through the commercial break. I wish ALL teen parties would end with the collective body weight breaking off a second-story deck and plunging everyone into a mass injury pit of split lumber and broken bones (not to mention epic punishment for the kid hosting the party). Dead bodies are optional, but still strongly encouraged. I believe that is a reasonable risk you should have to accept for voluntarily looking like an idiot (never mind violating the law, if drinking).

However, much as I have advocated jail time as an appropriate punishment for underage drinking, and thus found their attempts to put someone away for manslaughter HILARIOUS, there is no way that charge should be possible. That's worse than when CSI put a Las Vegas man away for filling his mailbox with cement. Manslaughter has a tendency to be a slippery thing as it is, but really? The people who added the marble table are no more to blame than the last 5 or 10 people who stepped onto the deck and made it reach the weight-breaking point. That is a straightforward accident.

Luckily it got more complicated than that. "Cherry bombing" isn't...a real thing, right? CSI: NY does like to exploit real trends, but I haven't heard of this and I can't imagine it's a thing, even an isolated case (*is deliberately not looking up news to be sure*). I mean, I appreciate the message of "wanting to be friends with popular people is stupid," and I definitely appreciate the part it did to counteract Glee's starry-eyed notions of The First Time by reminding us that having sex in high school is a stupid-ass thing to do, but...not on board with the killer. Don't jail the pretty girls!  Besides, the world probably is a better place without the bitch she killed in it. Scratch that, definitely is. I can say that because we're talking about the fictional world.

Back to the original cherry bombing reveal, though, can I just say how much I liked Mac & Danny's reactions to it? Pitch perfect.

Also, show of hands, who else thought that the innocent half sister was the prettiest teenager on the show tonight? Because she really, really was. The redhead was a close second and would have benefited from longer hair. Even while alive, Dead Girl had that dead-eyed superficial look you often see in the so-called popular crowd.

B plot: Aaaaaaand, this is what I show up to see. Flack taking statements from rape victims, with all the non-judgement (and preemptive offers to get a female detective, pain me with thoughts of Angell though that did) in the world.

What I do not show up to see: JO, SHUT -- THE HOLES. Just shut the holes. Zip your face. This is mostly in reference to her tearing Lindsay apart, but it's also a good rule of thumb for life.

(sidebar: while looking up the quotes to make sure I had them right, I learned Steve & Tina's character names are Phil and Claire. Wow. Just wow. I sincerely hope the script is online so people can read it and then see Modern Family in their head.)

Actually, I guess that's pretty much all I've got for this one.

Oh, and while we're here, I showed up for the second half of Grey's Anatomy this week (and cut in during the commercials & sucky parts of The Office), because the preview had Awesome Potential Tragedy written all over it, and GA's dark promos rarely lie.

1. Boom. Wow. Done. Onward with the glorious Teddy/Owen shipping it is!, but really. Everyone else is super distraught that Henry's dead, and I thought I would be, but I didn't get a chance to hang out with him enough to really get attached. Instead I'm just happy he lived as long as he did -- presumably there will still be a boatload of lovely new-to-me scenes if I ever get around to tracking them down on YouTube -- and now I'm super psyched for the emotional fallout. Half of which I got in this episode! More on that later.

[EDIT: 1.5. Just found a super convenient YouTube account that compiles individual character scenes in neat clip packages, so now that I have hunted down all the Teddy/Henry things from this episode...guess which was my favorite? The answer is d, all of them. But especially the ones with the panic and Owen trying to calm her down. God, now I'm subverting myself.]

2. As long as we understand that my default mental image of Cristina now shows her in a devil suit (complete with horns), and as long as everyone on the show keeps their mouth shut about the Dark Ages, I will agree to temporary amnesia for context-free scenes with Owen. I'm OK with their decision to send her in blind (I'm too in love with the idea of Cristina operating on coworkers' husbands), because I got exactly what I was hoping for it. I can't risk this show on a weekly basis because I never know what sort of past things they might reference, but I took a chance tonight and it paid off big time.

Cristina's entire silent reaction? You know how I feel about silent scenes, but for once (or maybe it's the second time?), I thought it was perfect. I wanted the shock, the freaking out, the anger and hitting, which I was pretty sure I'd get and was excited to see, but then I crossed my fingers and hoped maybe that could just as quickly devolve into crying and accepting comfort? CHECKMATE.

(insert various dance party .gifs. TELEVISION IS ONLY WORTH IT IF THERE ARE TEARS, is basically my motto.)

3. From what I understand on Wikipedia, Zola got taken away. Did she get taken away for good? Oh, please say yes; it would be such a relief to have that unappealing little child out of the picture in a guilt-free (for me) way. I loved Derek bonding with her, but only because I liked that side of him. I'd much rather see him cope with losing her. 

I definitely liked what I saw in the preview, with Meredith spitting out how didn't want another baby, and upon tracking down the full clip I skipped for joy about the hug. And his last look before she gets in the ambulance (OF DOOOOOM! Or at least its cousin). I have no particular opinions on whether they do or don't try again, but I think I might enjoy the journey. Unless, of course, it leads back to Zola; I vote thumbs-down on that.

4. One of the first scenes I tuned in for was Derek berating himself for pushing Meredith into something she wasn't ready for, and to make matters better, there was Cristina on the receiving end, awkwardly but successfully offering some decently comforting words. Oh, how easy it is to forget the wonder that is this dynamic. Although really, Derek could pull this off with anyone...I have to transcribe this magnificence:

Derek: Meredith didn't want kids. I pushed her. She opened herself I feel like I did this to her.
Cristina: She wanted it too, or it wouldn't have happened.
Derek: She'll blame me. Like I've been blaming her. We lost Zola, and now if I lose Meredith...
Cristina: She always comes back. She might need a minute to back away, but she comes back.

5. Owen issuing orders to Lexie re: keeping Henry's anonymity was also really lovely. Her bangs are deeply unfortunate, but otherwise I love when pretty and likable people with no possible romantic connection talk to each other on this show. It's rare, but that type of chemistry explodes off the screen.

6. Circling back to my Teddy/Owen shipping inclinations, I latched onto his every word and expression and otherwise basically planted myself at the feet of my own personal Chief Hunt shrine. I do miss him. Every scrap of bonus footage I can afford to collect fills me with glee.

7. I really wish Alex would blow up in an ambulance. Come on, ER made this kind of wish come true.

8. I almost forgot the most important part of the patient storylines...COLBY! Er, Dylan Bruno. With rare notice-me shaggy hair. Whose wife is in surgery/possibly dying while he frets in the waiting room with an adorable small child. Yeah, dying now of emotional overload.

9. I loved the dramatic ending reveal and all -- appropriately stark and horrifying, once you figure out what you're supposed to be looking at -- but it makes ZERO SENSE that they got away scot-free while the other car upended itself and spat dead bodies out on the road. Please see points 7 and 10 for more information.

10. Derek's face at the dial tone. That is all.

Pity I didn't know it was a cliffhangery fall finale (in the middle of sweeps?! Not even the middle!), or I might have waited. Ugh. Still...relatively gentle, since I got the O/C bit already. Things I am looking forward to:

-Teddy's reaction to Henry (although I think any hopes of Owen comforting a second woman over this death went up in smoke as soon as he started blatantly lying to her about his vitals. Just don't go back to the OR, Owen!  Avoid it like hell and claim you got tied up; that's much easier to explain)

-More of Derek and/or Cristina's reactions until we make contact with the accident scene

-All of the speculative fic. I would personally like the AU fic, because at some point Meredith is going to use up all nine of her lives, and it might as well be now.

-Mer/Der reunion scene? Can we swing one of those? I don't know how spoiled you've been with OTP scenes up to this point, but I would like that very much.
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