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There is a lyric applicable to The Office and I WILL FIND IT AND INSERT IT SOON.

First order of business: does anyone here have a Sporcle account? And if so, can I add you as a friend there? (I'm Televinita) In the meantime, here are games you should try: Animal By Eye (I struggled with the one the fewest people get, but I eventually nailed it, and everything else I was able to pop off immediately or close to it), and perhaps more importantly: TV Opening Themes By Clip (II). There are two versions, but I've already played the first. It's 9+ minutes of incredible fun! Though I was terrible, getting only 26/110. It gets to the point where when you actually hear one you know, you nearly cry with relief.

Ones I Knew: A List
How I Met Your Mother
Due South (ironically, I was in the middle of listening to the song right before I played this quiz)
That 70s Show
So You Think You Can Dance
3rd Rock from the Sun
Brady Bunch
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Dawson's Creek
I Dream of Jeannie
NCIS (I have never been so happy to hear its smooth, dulcet tones!)
Family Ties
Everybody Loves Raymond
Addams Family
Step by Step
Bones (which drove me insane when I heard it, knowing it was a crime show and able to sing the whole thing, but unable to place the visuals for 30-odd seconds)
Law & Order
The Jeffersons
The Office
Two and a Half Men
Tru Calling (Which you would know too, if you paid attention to my music lists)

This leaves a truly embarrassing list of themes I did not recognize. You'll see for yourself what I missed after you play (feel free to express your shock in the comments), but I think the most egregious loss here -- besides Pushing Daisies, though in fairness...that show only plays a 5-note theme in the opening credits, not what they have here -- was Sex and the City. I recognized it, I just kept furiously stabbing "30 Rock" into the entry box. AT LEAST I GOT THE CITY RIGHT. Kicked myself for not being able to place the extra-catchy/recognizable Boston Legal theme, either.

Anyone else feel like some sort of Top Twenty TV Themes post is on the horizon?
Second: I don't even know who is cuter at this point, Blaine Anderson or Darren Criss. See if your heart doesn't melt by the time you get to the end of this! (bonus incentive: see Blaine soundly deck Sebastian, more or less)

I showed up to The Amazing Race for the first time since the premiere, after the preview showed me steeplechasing rabbits. It was the most adorable thing I have ever seen on that show, and thank god for the double U-turn, because all but one group idiotically chose to churn butter (ugh!) instead of work with adorable creatures.

Now I just have to decide if the extra bunny time was worth sacrificing my new favorite group, because you know what else was adorable? That floppy-haired, blue-eyed Zac kid and his awesome dad with an accent. The former made even more appealing in Renaissance dress. Don't make me go back to past episodes, show. I don't really believe in marathoning back episodes of reality.

Unfortunately, since I'm delaying Once Upon a Time, my 7:00 Sunday slot is still open for live viewing and I think I'm going to have to hang around until Bill & Cathi drop out. They were my favorite non-Ethan part of the premiere, and I was so relieved when they were spared despite coming in last, but tuned out as I assumed they would not be long for this race after that. Way to surprise comeback! I love them to pieces. I've only seen about 4 seasons of this show, but they are definitely among my top 4 partners of all time.
Law & Order: SVU: The One With The Russian Bride Scam: Memorable solely for Amaro's backstory of violently-fighting parents (oh good, it's one of those "I strive to be a better husband/father than my dad" stories!), and the rueful, "TMI?" / "No." Such a simple conversation, such a bright bloom of chemistry. Why can't this be the way of things forever? I cannot get over how much I love their partnership.
CSI, 12x07, "Brain Doe": Mostly it seemed like filler with a side dish of set-up, as apparently Catherine's path out of the show will take her all the way out of Vegas. You know me, I'm always against moves out of state, but I guess I might not hate this sort of advancement. Sara was wasted on this dull case, although she and Greg did have roughly a thousand cute little scenes and/or looks, and I greatly appreciated her attempt to ruin Hodges' chicken nuggets lunch despite his explicit requests for her not to.

Oh, and I love Russell's kid so far, but a vague sense of resentment chomps at my heart over the Wholesome and Fuzzy Russell Family times. That part they've got exactly right in terms of what interests me, so why did they have to wreck it by making the most important member so distasteful? Oh, and Danson hasn't actually earned his character name, I'm just tired of typing out the longer version. You win, LAZINESS.
Community had another week of hitting it out of the park (now more than ever I want to revoke last spring's A and demote it to an A-, because this is what incessant quality looks like). I'm pretty sure I cackled nonstop between Britta's Roommate Advice, Hitchhiker Jesus, Annie's meltdowns, (time out for Pierce's dull hallucinations; JUST DIE ALREADY WOULD YOU), Jeff's Day of Blackmail/forced karoake, and really sweet silhouette puppet theater. When we hit that, even I stopped wanting to a) beat Troy & Abed with switches for their thick-skulled moronitude, and b) write long essays complaining about why Super Meticulous/Organized Annie would agree to move into a place sight-unseen.
The Office, 8x07, "Pam's Replacement"
I can just imagine how the pitch for this one went. "Jenna, we're going to talk a lot about how pregnant women such as yourself are unattractive and anyone who says otherwise is lying. And John, we're going to have Rainn repeatedly molest you. Did you catch that, Rainn? Focus on hand to groin contact. Everybody cool with that? Excellent!"

I'm torn on how much to praise this one, since I hated the cold open, ending tag, and the entire subplot related to the Warehouse Band. WHO CARES. YOUR THINGS ARE STUPID. (seriously, is like having commercial breaks built into the episode) But the Jim/Pam/Dwight was the best thing I have seen all season. It brought me ENDLESS amounts of joy and laughter while simultaneously putting Jim & Pam's relationship front and center with headline billing, which is all I ever ask The Office to do.

A quick sidebar on Cathy: There's nothing noteworthy about her appearance beyond a slim figure. Which makes her fine, obviously not unattractive, but also not particularly hot. I don't know what the right answer is in this situation.

And now, a list of things I loved:

+ An appearance of Sleazy Ryan, and the way Jim goes on alert at the first subtle hint of danger in Pam's still-sweet tone.
Ryan: Do you happen to know if that new girl is single?
Jim: Mm...doubt it.
Ryan: *sigh* Yeah, me too. *walks off*
Pam: You doubt it?
Jim: What's that?
Pam: Why do you doubt that she's single?
Jim: Honestly, I have no idea. I just figured we'd save her from Ryan.

+ The fact that Pam has become fixated on Hot or Not at all. (incidentally, if you have any ideas for subject line lyrics related to pretty girls or suspicions of boyfriends liking other girls, now would be the time to suggest them)

+ The entire break room scene with everyone overcompensating to talk about how pretty Pam is. Culminating in:

+ "There are universal biological standards of beauty and attraction, and you are purposely celebrating the opposite of them." Ha HAH! I feel like that quote is going to become so relevant to my future TV-reviewing life.

+ Every inch of Jim's response to Pam's initial Hot or Not query is perfect, from dialogue to tone/inflection to facial expression. "OK. Uh...I don't. So, are we good?"

+ Jim TH: No. I'm not going to tell my 9 months pregnant wife that I find her replacement objectively attractive. Just like I'm not going to tell my 2-year-old daughter that violent video games are objectively more fun. It's true, but it doesn't help anybody.

+ "What about before? Was I attractive before?" Aww. All I could think during that scene, though, was "Pam, you're so pretty." The loose tendrils of hair artfully framing her face, her makeup, and the delicate jewelry gave her an actual glow, regardless of what Dwight would say about me lying.

+ The flashbacks to everyone rubbing her stomach. I read enough pregnancy blogs back when that was a hot topic in my life to know how extremely true to life that statement is.

+ How Pam enthusiastically solicits Dwight's opinion, actually eager for brutal honesty, and ropes him into her schemes.
Dwight: I never touch a pregnant woman.
Pam: Yup, that's the Dwight I need!

+ Soliciting Kelly for advice! The Matchmaker Test!

+ Jim correctly identifying and outwitting the Matchmaker Test, and Pam knowing him well enough to KNOW he's trying to outwit it.

+ One of those glorious Jim-smacking-down-Ryan-without-even-trying times (I especially like how Ryan is just chilling at reception, eavesdropping). That said, Ryan's ability to perceive himself as a perpetual winner never ceases to delight me.
Ryan: Hey, who is this Mike Tibbits guy? What kind of car does he drive?
Jim: *shrug* Not his mom's car.
Ryan, unfazed: Yeah, cause his mom's car's probably not a Nissan Z.
Jim: ...touché?

+ Kelly, a woman after my own heart!
Kelly: Ewwww!
Pam: Kelly, calm down.
Kelly: I mean, I guess he'd be OK with hair. You should see if he'll get hair plugs.
Pam: I don't think Jim cares about his hair.
Kelly: Yeah, but I do, Pam. It's called being a nice person.

+ Dwight: Whoa, I'm slipping, I'm falling! *extremely unconvincing wild flailing* I'm stumbling, I need something to grab onto!
(No matter how many times I watch this part, I never stop laughing my butt off)

+ JIM'S ENTIRE REACTION TO THIS. There's surprise, disgust, (sidebar apology to Cathy), and a really hot, rare instance of Angry Jim. When he gets to tight-lipped, one-word orders, you've hit the breaking point.

+ When Pam's quest turns from a joke to legitimate insecurity. "Why was he making her laugh so much?" Awwww. You've met Jim, right? I adore insecure!Pam, precisely because she has nothing to worry about. Ever.

+ Round II of Increasingly Irrational Pam + Jim's Pitch-Perfect Reactions (these scenes are never-ending!! Why are all episodes not this focused on them?)

+ Jim making time for a quick pit stop outside the pharmacy to jerk us around re: strange, long-latent feelings for a coworker. "In my defense, he was grabbing my crotch fairly aggressively at the time."

+ How happy, for just a second, Pam is at the fact that Jim wasn't lying.

+ One of the reasons I was so excited for this episode was because I had accepted fandom's theory that, with an A plot like this, we were obviously setting up for an epic resolution. Most people were banking on a Sweeping Speech of Reassurance; I tucked away the possibility but decided to play Wait and See instead. AND LO AND BEHOLD, sharp left detour into Unexpected Healthcare Discussionville!! LONG-DORMANT WISHLIST ITEM ARRIVES.

+ Pam's face. How instantaneously she drops the Hot or Not concerns. Jim being the sort of person who does not regularly visit a doctor (of course he is!). "What would we do if something happened to you?" Jim's response. Pam bringing up Jim's family history some more. Rubbing his back on the way out. In conclusion:

+ Dear fanfic writers: on your marks, get set, GO. (I am actually not 100% convinced that the high blood pressure was not a result of or at least affected by the really trying events of the day, but still, guys -- go nuts)

Yep, I'm pretty sure the A plot in this one outweighs the negative bits, which after all were more simply eye-rollingly dull than actually bad.

Next week: Oh, awesome, I assumed this would be Pam's last episode, but apparently we still at least get the going-into-labor-at-work part of baby #2? That's already more than I was expecting. MAYBE THERE WILL BE MORE. (nope. Gotta nip this likely-false hope in the bud.)

p.s. there seems to be a litter of puppies on the next "Whitney." Ugh, I am finally going to have to show up for that unfunny garbage, aren't I?
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