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I learned to live half alive, and now you want me one more time?

This week is intense. Every single one of my shows is new, and I deliberately skipped last week & doubled up NCIS this week so I wouldn't have to wait between parts. Private Practice, meanwhile, is doubling up on its own. SO MUCH TELEVISION. Then a well-deserved break for Thanksgiving; looking forward to everything.


HIMYM, 7x10, "Tick Tick Tick"
You know what's not funny? Stoned people. (although Creepy Guitar Guy is allowed) So, skipping over that half --

First thoughts: Oh. Oh. We've gone all the way with the kissing. I take back my support. Cheating is not how soulmatey relationships begin!!

Second thoughts: I take THAT back! I will hurt anyone and everyone (especially Nora and/or Kevin) to keep this 'ship alive after seeing Barney The Real Boy (Non-Whipped Version) burst back to life. His face. His faaaaace. The montage of WONDERFUL FLASHBACKS, like, that is what is in his head when people pontificate on the word "soulmate"! They're your best friend. Yeah they are. Somehow, while I've gotten more used to complaining about how this couple ended than actually enjoying the idea of them together, I've forgotten that beneath their annoyingly casual hook-up style of romance, they work and work for me because they are honestly really good friends.

Third thoughts: Continuing the theme of Barney's Amazing Face of Pain and Feelings, I may have stood up and applauded when he based up, told Nora the truth and didn't even take the "it was a one-time thing" escape route she offered, but instead went through with the breakup on blind faith that Robin would be there.

Cut to: Robin being her usual idiot self; woman, this is why you constantly backslide into fifth place and bear the full brunt of my wrath for everything whether it's your fault or not. Though to be clear, in this case, it is. Lord knows I am usually all for women sticking with the nice, safe, comfortable guy who loves you, but on TV those Nice Guys are always, oh what's the word, attractive. Like, at least enough to be the opposite of unattractive. It is a basic television requirement.

Final Thoughts: Still. BARNEY'S FACE when Robin enters the bar. Barney's face five seconds later. Barney sadly gathering rose petals strewn in vain. ROSE PETALS. Are you trying to tell me it was worth suffering through fifty episodes of Nora (my best estimate) because it taught him how to be properly romantic? Points for trying.

I have no idea what is going on with the show, because I apparently no longer know what spoilers are, and my gut says that Nora could still somehow be in the picture so I'm going to plan on that negativity. But either way, this is still a path on the slow burn to beauty, right? Because that way I could feel less rageful and more "Ooh, UST, I remember that, it's nice when the guy pines if you know it's for a limited time and your pairing is endgame." 

Robin: I'm such a mess. Why do you even like me?
Barney: I guess, because you're almost as messed up as I am.

Remember that quote, children, because it's coming out to play on the next "Guess the ship quote" meme. It has that instantly iconic flavor to it.

Terra Nova, "Proof"
The last five minutes got real exciting, real fast. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Haaaaahahaha. I don't even know what to do with that teaser. At first it was a bunch of wonderful, majestic landscape views & dinos from afar, and then it was hideous overacting and and a massive CGI fish even I thought looked fake.

Sibling Times: Maddy & Josh playing a board game? Yes please. Maddy & Zoe are also cute together, despite how obsessed with vampires the latter is. At least everyone is treating them as something scary again instead of romantic. (also, thank you so very much for all the happy mental images created with Zoe demanding Daddy over Mommy for bedtime stories because "You don't do the voices right.")

Most of Maddy trailing after Not!Horton was too awkward for words (with a side of devastation after one of her "most prized possessions" was torn to bits and thrown away), but those two minutes of her working with Malcolm -- who was particularly awesome this week -- were great. And then, to my eternal delight, the summary wasn't lying -- her life really WAS in danger! Ergo, I got my favorite thing: Jim riding to the rescue in the nick of time to throw heartfelt punches and save her. + rescue hugs.

I now know where I stand ship-wise with the kids, and it is soundly on board with Josh/Kara. Loved their too-brief scene together. In the space of about twelve seconds, she thoroughly humanized him and even made his insane deals-with-the-devil seem understandable. Though, to be fair, Josh is doing a fair amount of that on his own. I loved Skye dressing him down, but I also appreciated his "it's not like I'm giving them guns" rationale (and the surprise reveal that they're also a street drug -- I LOVE HOW THAT DID NOT OCCUR TO ME BEFOREHAND). Followed by his subsequent guilt trip -- too awesome. And the final confession? Awww, I am not sure I hate him at all anymore, with the need to tearfully spill the beans to his parents after like five minutes. Which wins me more yelling to go with it.

Wait, we're not done yet! Because Jim's on deck for Round II of Gettin' Violent To Protect My Kids. This time it's more reactionary than immediate, but also filled with threats and therefore every bit as awesome. *\o/*

Oh, and while Taylor's mission was the lowlight of the evening, the flared-neck dino was excellent. And, icon makers (the few of you who existed), I foresee icon shots of Maddy holding up the apple at the end. It would be perfect for my own use if Maddy were my favorite, but I'm holding out for OTP or Jim and Zoe.

Next week: Karma has some unfinished business with Jailbird Jim. Elisabeth, I expect appropriate reactions with you right on the scene there.

House, 8x06, "Parents"
Wow. That was an unexpected medical conclusion. Which was the opposite of the fight storyline conclusion, which was easy to spot as soon as Wilson walked into Foreman's office. Poor abused friend.

But, in a perfect show of mirroring, the case was dull as a post while House & Wilson planning their date night was too glorious for words. The slash people have to love this, right? Now Cuddy isn't even in the picture. Good things come to those who wait?

Past Me: Does this mean Mrs. Taub finally had enough and dumped his ass for good?
Oh yeah. Wow, plus she has gone & gotten herself a vast upgrade in the significant other department. Good girl! As for both babies being named Sophie, ugh, I don't even know. This has gone from hilarious to sad to depressing.

Most memorable part of the night? Chase & Adams. I am telling you, it's like a bonfire in terms of chemistry every time they have a conversation.

Last night featured one of the greatest Hawaii Five-0 teasers I have ever seen.I stopped paying attention not long after that**, but honestly, who knew there was such profound joy to be had from a) Danny sleeping on McGarrett's couch, and b) The latter coming down in the middle of the night for an extended lecture/snark-off session about the noise of infomercials vs. beach waves? BEST.

(**though I did leave it on to the end and perked up at any additional banter -- I also laughed my head off at the height difference during one argument in which they were standing face to face; it was like watching a St. Bernard bark down at a Cocker Spaniel)

On a related note, Steve lost to Castle in the TV Line polls. I don't understand. Are people voting on marriage material over basic attractiveness? Because I know it's a character poll, but sometimes abs just deserve to win.

CSI: Miami, 10x08 "Dead Ringer"

Past Me: My personal favorite part was the hooker bearing a distinct resemblance to Avril Lavigne. Do we get to see her again? . . . Eric seems to be on a hot streak of compassion here. Are we building to something?
Show: Sure! And possibly yes.

Me perking up at "lunch plans tomorrow?" quickly escalated and exploded into my favorite Eric scene since, er, the last Miami Taunter episode (side note: what a lame name. He does things so much more awful than mere taunting). On the one hand, it's very uncomfortably judgmental in a "Feminism, where you at, I think you should police this issue" way. But on the other hand, this actress is spectacular; I love the way she sticks out her chin and defiantly stands her ground, hurt but defending herself against his attack -- all the better given that he's reacting to something untrue, but she can't correct him. Until she does.

Again, there's something slightly off about how much more receptive he is once she says she was threatened and forced to lie -- like, "Oh, thank god, you're NOT a dirty streetwalker, you're a proper damsel in distress! ALL THE SYMPATHY" -- but I find it hard to hold onto that edge when, sufficiently dressed down by tears, he's offering hugs and promises of protection. Happy dance! Hugs for always!

Continuing this theme, I positively love how Eric flips out at Esteban calling her a whore. On the one hand, hypocrite, you did a pretty decent job of slut-shaming her in not so many words at own residence. But on the other, feel free to keep up your White Knight, Defender of Ladies' Honor front.

1. I love how "What a rush - knowing that you're the last person she'll see before she dies" is not considered sufficiently creepy to set off copycat-killer alarms, yet a line of what I would have taken for merely a shoddy attempt at tribute poetry, or possibly a quote - "Her eyes are a vast ocean. One look and I drown" - totally sets them off.

2. Oh dear God, Natalia is the biggest bitch on the face of the planet. Did she actually just attempt to bully a poor new trace lab employee into quitting? Seriously? Natalia's record being, of course, squeaky clean. I wish she had just drowned in a car trunk, or one of the other 47 times she almost died had stuck.

3. I would care more about O'Shea being back if he were a villain from Original Miami instead of Shoddy New Miami. I miss Stetler. Meanwhile, I still don't understand why Walter is part of this show.

4. This is turning into quite a complicated cover-up, isn't it?
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