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Is it time for Castle yet?

Yesterday I went to the park, and it was the best kind of day: the kind where I got to meet not one but THREE dogs. Two were a Golden Retriever and a white Husky on long retractable leashes, which their owner let come bounding off the path and over to me after I smiled at them, and the other was an off-leash Springer Spaniel jogging with its owner, who went flying by me but looked at my face as he passed, and when he saw me turn around to look at him again, came running back. It amuses me to realize I have no idea what the people looked like other than being men, as I'm pretty sure I said hi but never looked at them -- I only have eyes for the dogs in these situations, especially since the encounters are usually so brief.
CSI, 12x08, "Crime After Crime":
Bad show! *cold clocks* Don't do that anymore. I know you think it's really clever and cool that you've been on the air so many years and built such a complex world with established relationships that you can still shock us as much as the other characters by having a longtime background player turn killer. But it does not lessen the betrayal. All I can say is, while Vega is the most recognizable NAME of the detective bunch, I'm very grateful that you at least chose the least interesting PERSON for your smear campaign. I will not miss him. My greatest emotional affectation came from empathizing with Nick at the end, and to a lesser extent, Brass.

(p.s. Ted Danson, this is not news, but you're a tool. Although it was highly amusing when you shot down Greg with the warning that "it's a crime scene, not a date" with Morgan.)
Chuck! You're having an adorable week!
1. Oh, don't tease me by having them get all wistful about a normal life. I want you to have a normal life. I appreciate that you nearly die together or in front of each other on a near-weekly basis and all, and accept that your line of work was necessary for you to meet and fall in love, but that does not mean I am not utterly bored by all the non-almost-dying parts and wish that I could magically flip a switch in your brains to make you either forget all about this life, or work in an entirely behind-the-scenes, office-type capacity.

2. I mean, you're allowed to tease if it results in pretty kissing that Morgan kindly did not interrupt. I'm just saying, think about throwing in the towel for that house with the picket fence.

3. But speaking of nearly-dying, I did appreciate Sarah hopping into a Bomb Car with her foot on a brake-pad-turned-pressure-switch. Always fun to have Chuck responsible for on-the-spot rescuing. Apparently the mid-danger hugging was cut for time, alas. I don't see why. More hugging + dead Morgan = win/win.

4. I like that you're still pursuing this, Decker. Good man. I always thought you were kind of a tool, in the one episode I knew you before this, but I'm beginning to really root for you.

5. Circling back to the beginning, now that I've gotten to where YouTube stores all their cute scenes, I really liked Sarah's subplot of wanting one normal friend. Very cute. I rarely have much use for her if she's not talking to or about Chuck, but she started to shine on her own with this.

(it vaguely worries me how much I INTENSELY DISLIKE THE ENTIRE CAST OF THIS SHOW; Sarah's lucky to ride neutral. Only Chuck & Alex are thoroughly approved, so far. Possibly Beckman, as of this episode. And, well, Decker.)

6. I still liked the family dinner ending, though. There was kissing. I am addicted to fuzzy, One Big Happy Family moments.
CSI: NY was a giant snoozefest of Jo's Past Issues On Trial + a plot recycled off Law & Order: SVU; let's swap it out for CSI: Miami:

Giving Cold Case a run for its heartwrenching murder victims, I see. I forgot what it is like to have your stomach turned inside out by a murder. Somehow it seems more awful when it's an old one. Granted, there are two gaping questions from the beginning -- one, how was witness testimony of them being in the vicinity enough to convict those kids? And two, why did the witness recant his or her statement in the first place? -- but after that it was a pretty interesting race to solve both past and present murders. The flashbacks are currently haunting me more than either of the Miami Taunter episodes, though. That is some dark stuff you got going on, 1992 Miami.
It's been a couple weeks; I should probably mention Survivor again,  now that all of the red team is no more (save the awkward traitor with whom I deeply regret casting my first-episode allegiance; look, sometimes you get a Stephen and sometimes you just want to ogle the island Adonis/Will Turner hybrid). I'd be more upset if they weren't as in love with Ozzy as I am and dedicated to filming his Survivor-royalty self continue to be brilliant on Redemption Island. I've been mourning the loss of Ponderosa footage, but I'm agreeable enough to this. I looked like a pointing spaniel during the first immunity challenge, I was so rigidly fixated on the screen, nails between my teeth and hyper-terrified that he would somehow end up out before the two losers on either side of him after all.

And that is probably why I haven't been posting Survivor updates for you, Future Me, because that's pretty much all I care about when I am not actively watching the challenges, which are (almost) always entertaining. Speaking of which, can I call a moratorium on carrying food/liquid in your mouth and spitting it out for challenges? That's fucking disgusting, Survivor. It's worse than mud and gross food challenges combined.

People for whom I am currently rooting to win: Ozzy (probably impossible; I will settle for him making it to the last week of airing though), Dawn (even less possible), Coach if no better options, and Sophie. Out of everyone, Sophie seems like my best shot.
P.S. For real, though, has Rick spoken more than two sentences on camera the entire season? This is almost worse than Invisible Brett's and Kelly's edits.
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