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Sunday Night Dramas

Cold Case: 1970's, 8-year-old girls, best friends, one black one white "in a time when blacks and whites didn't get along" so well.  White girl disappeared one night, body was never found, but after 31 years is presumed dead by all except her mother.

Let me start off by saying that this episode made me CRY.  Huge buckets of tears. I cried for fifteen minutes straight at the end.  I'm crying right now remembering it.  This is why I love this show, this is why I keep coming back to it, every so often it has an episode that just absolutely blows me away and leaves me breathless. 

That poor little girl.  She was such a sweetheart...rambling on about fireflies and fairies...and dear God, what a beautiful child. I'm a sucker for redhaired little girls.  I always used to want red hair, that nice dark shade of red anyway.  Okay, moving on.

I tend to cry over best-friendship stories, anyway, but when they correlate with civil rights in the 60's/70's stories...recipe for perfection.   I admit that I suspected the brother of the black girl, thinking it would throw in a nice twist - you're set up to sympathize with the kid who was hassled for the color of his skin, but what if he DESERVED it?   But I'm glad he didn't do it. I liked him.

What wasn't to love about this episode?  (except maybe the girl's father, played by I-don't-know-his-name-but-he-used-to-be-on-ER, with the pouchy face and small piggy eyes)  From start to finish, I was glued to the screen. But the biggest plot twist of all...the girl wasn't dead!  Actually, I just saw a few clips of Bee Season in film studies, so I loved the art direction and imagery at the end, of her looking up at the fireflies coming down even though she doesn't remember anything else.  I don't know whether to be relieved, or just burst into further tears at the thought of that sweet child losing her family, growing up in foster care and becoming an adult without knowing anything about where she came from, except thinking her family was responsible for her almost dying.  *sobs* IT'S NOT FAIIIIIR! 

Also, if you think about it, it's really the mother's fault that she lost her daughter.  Painting that crap on the front of the house.  God, the more I think about it, that woman was incredibly annoying (the present-day version of her anyway.  I don't like that actress).  But I digress.  There was so much to love about the friendship of the two little girls. Innocent and naive and hopeful and talking about fairies and hiding secret messages... *sniffle*     

And that final scene in the woods - eyes shut tight, tears streaming down her cheeks, pleading for mommy as an a-hole of a teenager aims a gun at her ... *BAWLS* I swear I don't like children, but I make an exception for elementary-school-age girls, as they remind me of me, and when they're featured as the victims on crime shows, I find it deeply moving. 

PLUS: "LANDSLIDE."  The original Stevie Nicks version that I adore.  That's one of the first times in my life that I held still and watched the entire five-minute ending montage.  The women looking at each other from the other side of the clothesline, like they did when they were little...that just made me bawl even harder. 

It's official: This is the best episode Cold Case has ever produced.  Erm..well...well, one of the top three, at least. I don't think I can narrow the field any further than that. 

Without a Trace:
Again...two weeks in a row with the dirty/sweaty/bloody Jack.  This is not a nice pattern and it needs to stop.  There are many
People I would rather see injured and then cuddle and coo over before Jack.  Although...not on this show, I suppose, since they've already done it to the pretty people (Sam and Martin). 

Was pretty impressed with his ability to come up with a believable dialogue over the phone like that, though, and proud that Martin caught on right away.  I could never do something like that. 

Other things not to like: I swear I'm not imagining it - Sam IS back to the UST!  I swear!  I swear their was more than concern for a friend and colleague when she a) flipped out at the bartender and b) got her first glimpse of the extremely haggard-looking hobo-impersonating man coming out of the cellar.   Mind, I'm extremely far from being a shipper.  In fact, I don't think I like shipping at all on this show.  Ugh...although, I would like to revise my opinion from last spring.  I would rather have Sam than Anne, if one of them HAS to be with Jack. At least Sam is pretty. 

So on the bright side :NO ANNE!  No Anne whatsover!  Therefore, this is the best episode fo the season.   Plus all the people that like Jack and/or Anne now have a beautiful scenario to use for their daydreams and scenarios and what have you.  I know if I was a shipper of the pair, I'd be nearly dead from spasms of glee imagining their reunion.  But I'm not, and thank God TPTB didn't feel a need to explore that scene, so I don't have to actually witness and/or think about it.  See?  Best episode of the season.  Even though it was generally otherwise boring.  

Except for Nail Gun Eeeeh! (shoots me back to CSI Miami every time) WHY did Jack rip his hand off the nail, tearing it completely through his skin??  He was two seconds away from being rescued!  If he doesn't have some kind of muscle and/or nerve damage from that, I'm going to be shocked.  Iiicckkyy...also, it took me most of the episode to figure out what the hell was going on and why the guy was missing.  I'm still not entirely sure I understand - so...the guy was a con artist, and he met up with this woman who was really his mother but who didn't tell him, so he pretended to partner with her to gain a bunch of money, but ultimately scammed her, took the money, faked his abduction and planned to run off to Aruba with his girlfriend?  Yeah.  Stupid.
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