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It's apparently graduated to a full-blown fandom now. That was quick.

Earlier today, realized I had not yet looked up the actual press release for next episode of Castle. Immediately burst out laughing:
When Castle and Beckett wake up in bed, handcuffed together, in a locked room with no memory of how they got there...


(p.s. the last time they were locked in a room together, assuming they haven't gotten up to it since mid season 3, it was the greatest thing in the world. I should have learned my lesson about expectations, but have I? Nope. I'm at least eight times more excited for this than I was last week. Try not to blow up at each other Booth/Brennan style, OK?  [edit: Worries abolished. "It's a cute episode, I think shippers will really enjoy it." 25% more excited now, thanks.] [edit the second: CTV promo out, featuring what I imagine is one of the three most relevant parts of the episode. 200% more excited now.]

Meanwhile, I will just be here, reading (or watching) all of the Stana Katic interviews that exist in the world, because I have known her for like five minutes and I am already delighted and enchanted with her shipper status. That's my favorite thing in Hollywood, even more than showrunners who pay attention to fandom -- actors who ship their characters. Especially if they are eloquent about it!)

Also: UGH, LIBRARY. Why all your copies of Heat Wave checked out? Waiting 2 weeks, unbearable. I am normally not a mystery/detective novel fan -- actually, in a move opposite my extensive history with crime drama, I have always loathed them -- but I will make an exception for a series that actively wants me to picture Castle & Beckett in a slightly alternate universe. Listen up, 'brary, I am in the "jump feet first" phase of my fandom tourist visa, and I need all of the components at my fingertips stat. Stat means now!
I had nothing better to do at 9 tonight, so I watched the rerun, which turned out to be 4x02. I was actually this close to skipping it after the promo was full of asinine superhero nonsense, but somehow I wound up hanging out with it anyway, and now that I've made it through a regular run-of-the-mill episode and come out of it pretty satisfied...this could turn into a steady relationship.

Past Me, remember when Nathan Fillion's face made us want to light things on fire and Castle's attitude made you want to punch him in the face? I'm still not on the face fanclub train and will likely never be, but to my immense delight I have managed to embrace Castle's overgrown inner-child ways and possibly find them endearing. This is kind of like an accelerated track version of how Beckett took to him, right? I seem to recall that she was appropriately annoyed by him when they were introduced. Possibly not beyond the pilot, but at least there's something.

The point of that paragraph was mostly a roundabout way of saying I could not stop smiling at his enthusiasm for comic books and/or real live superheroes. And we know how I feel about comic books. Normally I would be extremely disappointed in Beckett's choice of similar literary entertainment, but as I am in the first flush of shipper love, my response today is more like "LOOK HOW SOULMATEY THEY ARE! My stars." (and then maybe some theatrical, exaggerated swooning)

Now seems like the time I should interject how much I can't stand his mother. The woman drives me crazy. Consarn you, bank robbers, for not putting your guns to good use.

Alexis also caused me to lose my cool when she mentioned skipping off to Stamford early. First, look at your poor father's reaction. And second, even if that wasn't a factor, I have no greater pet peeve than people who skip out early on high school to go to college, or trade even part of their regular school day to take classes on location (PSEO). Earning college credits? Not worth it! Seriously. Because that just means you'll graduate college early, and that is my second biggest pet peeve. You do not ditch the awesome environment that school provides, and you do not ditch your classmates. I hate people who are in a hurry to grow up and move on. You are not better than the high school environment; respect the institution.

Add in all the talk about her loser boyfriend and talk of how college is a time, apparently, to get stupid and stop her boring life of always doing logical things (PET PEEVE NUMBER THREE), and I am just ready to punch her in the head. If I had not already seen them break up with my own eyes, I may have caused some property damage up here. I'm still planning to be peeved if she does in fact go come January. You have betrayed me, former favorite! I cannot forgive you. Hand in your Favored Status badge; I'm pretty sure I'm giving it to Kate.

Aaaaaanyway, somewhere past all the rage, I also confirmed that I really like the new whatever-her-title-is woman in charge, Castle & Beckett working a regular case together has so many fun quips and great exchanges happening all the time that I can't even count them all; they just go by in a blur of happiness. It is like Booth & Brennan all over again! Hence why I fear that this might become a permanent fixture on my lineup
+ House, 8x08, "Perils of Paranoia"
I spent most of tonight obsessively finishing as much as I could of the Neopets Games Master Challenge, so I was once again not paying strict attention. (I'm sorry! This show was doing so well, but then all of a sudden the shows on either side of its timeslot shot up into superpowers and dwarfed it by comparison) Maybe it would help if the cases were less boring? And I had no IDEA what we were supposed to be realizing about the sword at the end, or the real/fake gun. My dad had to point out that John House was his father, and beyond that I got nothing.

(I didn't help that the station screwed up and suddenly cut to a commercial in the middle of House & Wilson's final conversation, then went dark for several seconds before snapping back in. Why don't they ever screw with boring parts?)

However, the entire episode is validated for the House-Wilson Wars, or more specifically, the sight of Wilson in a giant net. No, I'm not kidding. Like an actual, swinging-from-the-ceiling, holding-you-prisoner net. It is basically the best comedic twist I have ever seen on a drama. Does your fandom catch people in nets? Because if not, it's just not trying hard enough.

Though, Wilson seeing to it that House was shut in a bathroom with the doorknob removed (after setting off a ruse net trap of his own -- once again, ladies and gentlemen, in my fandom grown men try to catch each other in nets) somehow made me laugh even harder.

In other news: Foreman has once again confused being an idiot with being interesting, and Chase lacks the balls to tell Park she's weird and creepy and no, he doesn't want to get a drink with her, and what is wrong with you that makes you think it is OK and/or "doesn't hurt" to ask?

Also: I'm not saying a person needs an arsenal of guns; one or two would be fine with ample ammunition and otherwise you should probably concentrate on stockpiling food/medicine/toiletries if you really fear lawlessness, but if you already have them, what is wrong with keeping them around? Lady, your priorities are weird. That is not a particularly ~*shocking*~ thing to lie about, and your theory of getting rid of the guns so as not to "live in fear" is flawed, because the fear can be there whether you make preparations or not.

Final thoughts: TV Fanatic's closing made me laugh -- "Honestly, this was the House fall finale?  What are we supposed
to be excited to come back to?  Park and Chase's awkward date? Foreman's infidelity?  House's sword?"
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