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Another mixed bag o' Castle stuff. (and maybe some other things)

* The "castle" tag on Tumblr is eating my brain. As a bonus, it (naturally) comes with all sorts of pretty photos of actual castles to break up the routine. But mostly, the real stuff.

# I love how they have a word that means everything
# I love pretending like I'm part of this fandom instead of a wide-eyed immigrant

A scrapbook journey of other things I have found today:

* Relevant interview snippets from one of the "Cuffed" writers: Wow. OK. Sir, I do not know who you are, but the fandom praises your work and based on this, you're my favorite.

But for “Cuffed”, you know what we did? We cuffed our hands together and walked around the house. We figured out the comedy, figured out stepping on each other’s toes. We got into a little bit of a back and forth that is kind of reflected in some of Castle and Beckett’s back-and-forth [...] It’s part of our creative process that fans can imagine — the two of us handcuffed together, left hand to left hand. By the way, that’s where the only way you can face the same direction is if you’re in a spooning position.

* Oooh, this looks nice, I like this:
FBI Agent Will Sorenson: He's quite a guy. If only he knew how big a fan you really are.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, well, he's not going to know.
Will Sorenson: You never told him how you stood in line for an hour just to get your book signed? How his novels got you through your mother's death?

What? What? What??

* And while Googling to figure out where I'd found that...who needs to watch the entire series of Castle when one can just read a giant quote page? No wonder even 2010 Me was able to recognize & comment on the snappy writing.

* YOU HAVE A CAR WAKE-UP SCENE. I did not know you had one of these, complete with requisite falling-asleep-on-the-shoulder business! (incidentally: I have never seen a car whose front seats were close enough to comfortably do that. TV's suspension of disbelief is handy sometimes.)

[edit: wait. So you're saying "Cuffed" won't even be the first time they've been nabbed and left somewhere? Geeze. It's like this show's entire purpose for existing is to do for me anything and everything that other shows have not covered.]

* And on a final note, Heat Wave arrived today! (book 2 is already on reserve -- I'm guessing 1-2 weeks -- while book 3 has no fewer than 90 requests so I'll be paying a quarter to rent that overnight whenever I want instead).

I'm going to need the rest of the night just to admire that this exists, and how shamelessly and 100%-committedly they have dressed it up like a real book ripped straight out of the show, complete with fake author photo & bio on the back/jacket (the effect being ruined a tad, though, by the jarring "Watch Castle on ABC!" sticker on the cover), before I get around to reading it.

Or perhaps I will get on it just as soon as I wrap the rest of this post. If I can't have the shiny new episode I want, this is the next best thing.
Community: I have no idea what sort of crack makes you go, "You know, I think we should insert a random anime sequence into this," but okay! Sure! It is obviously this show's life goal to be as multi-media as possible, so I guess next we should expect, like, Sesame-Street style hand puppets. Not the greatest hour they've ever had (can't believe they managed to take the best possible thing, no Pierce, and mix it with the worst possible thing, no Britta), but quite fun for what it was. Just watching Supposedly Adult Jeff flee the margarita table was worth the price of admission.

[edit: Oh! And the European guys carrying a soccer ball around just so they could foosball-kick it at Jeff's head. Excellent.]
[edit 2: in unrelated news, check out this equally-excellent lyrical plea to save Community, to the melody of "Jolene."]

The Office, 8x09, "Mrs. California"

For a while, I couldn't decide if I was going to count this episode as a win or a fail. Dwight's gym was a mostly neutral storyline for me, while the amount of Mrs. California was WONDERFUL, yet simultaneously negated by the unwelcome amount of Mr. California. Watch my jaw hit the floor as Maura Tierney, whom I love anyway and would follow to the ends of the earth even more than Catherine Tate, shows up to play a completely normal character; so normal and balanced, in fact, that even Jim looks a tad cartoonish next to her. It's like she's wandered in from one of her roles on serious dramas. And I LOVE IT. Here's an idea: how about Robert goes offscreen and leads remotely, like a normal CEO, and we bring on his wife full time to replace him?

Anyway, what nudged the episode over for me -- besides the hysterical cold open of Dwight-tipping and/or Jim's marvelous prison break to the roof -- was Jim's speech about working with one's wife. Just in the nick of time; I was about to light my effigy of TPTB on fire for shuttling Pam off between episodes without so much as a verbal reference, and then there was

"To be really honest, my wife works here, and I love it. She literally makes me work harder, she makes me smarter, she makes me remember why I'm here. And between us, she's on maternity leave right now, and I would love to leave this room and see her face. I would love it. I don't know how this helps, but it's just what I'm thinking."

Make no mistake, I'm still fairly annoyed that nobody bothered to have Jim give us a proud TH update on the new addition to the family -- I would have taken something as simple as name/length/weight statistics, just for his face -- but that stressed-out feelings explosion went a long way toward dissipating my rage.

Oh, and Ryan cracked me up with his instant declaration of her as a bitch due to getting his name wrong. HOW DARE YOU.
CSI: NY: You wouldn't think there could possibly be an episode even MORE full of Jo's Dull Past Issues, and yet there is.
A few quick backstory notes:
-I HATE the actor playing the other FBI agent. He is responsible for some of the very few Scrubs episodes that completely suck, never mind sullying a season of House, so it was very satisfying to watch him get hit by a bus. But isn't that about the third time someone's gotten hit by a bus on this show?

-No matter how many times Jo stamps her foot on this, I just can't take her side. Shut up about your ethics, woman. As long as nobody's asking you to break the law, and all you have to do is play dumb and pretend you didn't see something, then my God, PLAY DUMB. The way of truthy truth does not outweigh the benefits of putting a guilty, violent dude in jail, K? All the blame to you. This note brought to you be RS's Selectively Gray Morals.

But, the real reason I showed up for this episode: the promo with Jo getting punched in the face.
Me: *sitting bolt upright* AWESOME.

Turns out she got punched in the face more than once, even! WAY TO DELIVER. She also got smashed into a mirror. It was violent and wonderful and just so, so cathartic; my only qualm was that there was not enough blood, and he didn't even bother trying to kick her ribs into breaking. Also, I am very, very disappointed in his ultimate stupidity at allowing -- nay, encouraging -- her to get her hand on the supposedly-empty gun, like she would not have found a way to subdue you with it even if there hadn't been a bullet left in the chamber. I can't believe he got himself killed. And yes, my dislike of Jo is so intense that in that moment, I was willing to forgive all the rape, assault and murder if he would just take care of Jo for me.

Instead, it just got me a gross, gross head-on-shoulder moment with Mac. At least there was a music montage so we didn't have to hear anything he might have said, but God, ugh. 95% of the time, I am interested in crime shows beating up on their women solely to get to this moment, but today I was just in it for the beating. And, just to be clear, this is in no way equal to Stella being attacked in her own apartment. No way. I'm insulted you drew parallels at all.
------, when not obsessing over Castle, I'm just going to live on this site, OK? The Contemps. It is a website devoted to nothing but reviews of new contemporary YA novels, a/k/a "A website about real books!" I can only look at all the shiny covers for about thirty seconds before my brain nearly explodes with joy. Can you imagine if there was a bookstore with entire shelves devoted to just books like these? It would be heaven. I want to read EVERYTHING IN SIGHT, INSTANTLY.

The good news is that the library is good about buying large volumes of quality new books each year, so it's possible I will cross paths with several of them. The bad news is that this is why I can never stop reading 100+ new-to-me books per year. I can't stand the notion that even one quality book, much less the 50 or so that rate as italicized or bold on my list each year, will slip by me unread. I suddenly get why all those book blogs willingly solicit ARCs instead of just reviewing what they find at their local library like a normal book lover.

On a specific book-I-must-read note: Finding Somewhere, which apparently combines horses with road trips and best friendship (female). Someone finally wrote a book tailored to me! Specifically, Joseph Monninger, cool. I trust him; he tends not to blow me away but he does enjoy adding animals to his work, and this might be his breakthrough.
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