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Another day, more obsession talk. I should probably fetch an icon soon.

Reading Heat Wave at what, for me, is a turtle's pace because I am enjoying all the banter that much. Holy crap, this is so much better than, say, CSI novels.

I also love that I am having no trouble picturing Castle for every line. I am having a self-fulfilling-prophecy problem with Nikki Heat, though. Most of the time she is Beckett, but she keeps flipping back to Natalie Rhodes as well, and other times she will lose her face entirely as my mindset switches over to Natalie reading the book for insight, and thus the character being an independent entity (you know, like she should be, at least if this were a real book).

(indeterminate amount of time later)
Heat, you're losing me a bit at licking margarita salt off his hand. I just...have an intense squick about tongues touching anything other than food or eating utensils (including other tongues, but at least I can pretend that's enjoyable for other people if I don't think about it too much). My dog licks my hand. Don't mix up these displays of affection.

Also, bull, I can't believe you're pulling a Rookie Blue. This is, in fact, the EXACT REASON I fired Rookie Blue's OTP from ever having a chance with me -- gross hookup for the first time due to a deliberate loss of impulse control during a blackout -- ...but somehow it's Castle and I can't bring myself to care because it's just AU fanfic and they've already earned it. And even though I won't stand for dirty fanfic either, I DON'T KNOW, MY MORALS ARE CONFUSED.

I think it's the PG-13 nature of the scene. ABC has thoughtfully ordered its ghostwriter not to get particularly graphic, and I don't mind sex scenes nearly as much if they avoid certain words and descriptions, choosing to focus on the leadup with only the barest hints of more, if that, before rushing the fade-to-black. There. That sounds like a good, rational reason I can give myself for why I am not only not skipping past this, but reading every line and actually enjoying the artfully worded writing itself.

Voice: I think it's because she kicked him the jaw right before inviting him up for ice, and so half of this scene was her treating him and otherwise examining the damage.
RS: *distracted from responding* AUGH! The next chapter just jumped us right into it. I DO NOT WANT TO FOLLOW YOU INTO THE BEDROOM. PLEASE LEAVE ME HERE. Nooooo...can't...walk away from...words... But...don't...want... will kill the ship; don't kill the ship, dude!

*shakes it off* Nope. If Beckett can read this book, I can follow suit.

*winces & skims* Oh! Hey, that's good. We've gone for artful brushes around the edges, still no graphic words, stopping before we get anywhere too awful. I still have to skim here due to my other squick, though; there is just something excessively gross about sweaty skin. Please, please stop referencing any sound and/or texture it might have.

Book finished. Immediate reaction: WHERE IS THE NEXT ONE?? (Oh, in transit already? Cool.) I cannot believe how much fun that was. Pretty sure I will need to own copies of these books when they inevitably pop up at sales. (great. and since there are paperback options, that means now I'll have to scan the mystery section at sales too. Is there no place I can ignore anymore??)

This seems like it would have excellent reread value -- and not just for certain shipper passages that I could selectively transcribe for myself, but the entire storyline. It was interesting and quippy from start to end. And I just figured out why this is better than CSI novels -- instead of wasting time with OCs and having chapters dedicated to the perspective of players in our murder of the week, we stay with Nikki the whole time (and therefore, care about and are privy to her personal life, whatever there is of it).
And before I forget, an afterthought to wrap This Week In TV:
Terra Nova, "Now You See Me."
Rocketing back from the previous ep, all KINDS of stuff going on this week. There was no part of this that was not an exciting action ride. Specifically:

-If I didn't know better, I'd think the Shannons had some kind of magical power to influence people's thoughts. How is Jim "the only one Taylor trusts 100%"? Kind of fun to see him in charge, though. If only to freak out Reynolds.

-SKYE?! Whoa, did not see that coming. That said, no sooner had the words "you'd best have a good reason for this" left my mouth than we were introduced to her dying basically-hostage mother, and I have to consider that a much better reason than Mira's whinypants sob story about making a better life for her daughter. Yes, I apparently have certain levels of approved mother-daughter bonds.

But wow, did it ever sting to watch all of Taylor's apple-of-my-eye interactions with her after that. I wanted more of them, but not like this! Well, maybe like this. Maybe it will be epic when the confrontation comes. There are so many relationships to betray here.

-I want to know more about this fever and maybe see somebody else we know hit with it. Jim & Elisabeth seem good at inventing epic cures when they're, uh, motivated.

-The dinosaurs were SO GREAT this week, but then, so was Taylor & Mira's bonding adventure this week. They're pretty entertaining in tandem, whether taking each other prisoner or jumping over waterfalls and working together to shoot giant predators* with flammable arrows.
*I call the big one Bitey.

-Speaking of great interactions, Jim & Malcolm. Jim, you're kind of a bullying asshole, aren't you? (I still love it) The way that fed into the baby Anklyosaurus storyline was even better. Zoe gets cuter every episode (particularly while pouting, "His name's BOXER.") Loved the ending, with yet MORE cool-looking dinosaurs, including what I assume was a precious mother-baby reunion.

-More interaction with Elisabeth, too, please. "You're impossible." / "Thank you, Malcom."

-As for you, Reynolds: you are ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous, and not like in the way where I laughed at Sam on Glee and then later adored it to pieces. But at least him declaring his intention to marry Maddy someday (how big of you to wait! what with her being SIXTEEN and you having known her a few months) assured me that he will probably die come finale time...and I'm okay with that. He is much more useful to me as a vehicle for Maddy's grief than as her boyfriend.

Up Next: Pretty sure that promo was mixed with images from the finale, but I don't care because I'm not even sure when I was last so excited for a finale. Looks EPIC.
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