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An overview of my evening:

First, Spoilers! Grey's Anatomy with Relevant-To-Private-Practice-Fans Detail:

Basically: they're giving us a limited edition AU in which Derek And Addison never broke up. HOLY HELL, I love TPTB so much for this right now. Let this be a lesson to you all: complaining to the interwebs long enough and hard enough grants wishes. Do you know how often I SIGH OBNOXIOUSLY and complain/wonder/comment on how much I loved that pairing and wish things could have been different for Addison? Like, every third episode of Private Practice, basically, or more often if Addison is having a particularly gross week in the romance department and/or obliquely mentions Derek. Dreams, they can come true!

Now, I just need you to promise me that in this reality, Derek doesn't do anything gross like cheat on Addison with the skanky Dr. Grey, or otherwise do anything at all to mess up the precarious tilt of this beautiful return to The Brightest Timeline or try to imply that Derek and Meredith are Fated To Be In All Universes. It was an acceptable substitute, nothing more. So I'm going to stick with a positive attitude. And on that note, BRB, flailing all the way to 2012.
Tumblr: "If you read Castle fanfiction and you haven't read "Glimpses of the Moon," then you need to reevaluate your life choices."
Me: All righty then.
Glimpses of the Moon: *IS DELIGHTFUL IN EVERY WAY* But also a WIP. That should warn me off, but right now, I cannot seem to get enough of their low-key, hiking-filled honeymoon-in-France adventures. First successful story find! Now I either need a hundred more, or am afraid to ever look again because they won't capture the characters this well. [edit: compromise: Author has more where that came from. Sweet.] See, this is why Tumblr is addictive. You don't even have to Google stuff you want, it just comes to you.
That's CSI: Miami for you -- never lets its patrol cops speak or gives them names unless it plans to kill them ASAP.  Oh good, and it comes with a side of police brutality. In other news, Natalia's feud with Lab Girl is getting old. She's better than you, Boa Vista! Get over it! [edit: for reference, this was "Long Gone"]
Clearly, the best thing about the Bloggess is her weird collection of weird taxidermy. In addition to James Garfield, I am now fascinated and enchanted by Wolf Blitzer ("It's like a hoodie. But with fangs"). I foresee a night spend searching taxidermy on eBay... [edit: how cool is the white buffalo w/ two white calves?]
Tags: castle, csi: miami, fic rec, grey's anatomy, private practice, speculation, spoilers, tv commentary

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