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 Wow. So, probably not a good sign if I remember Bones is on but deliberately skip it because I can't resist the lure of "Dispo Day" over yonder on A&E.  I mean...Dispo Day!  No, there's no excuse for why I couldn't just set a tape for Bones and go watch that episode in the computer lab, but...that involves a lot of moving and logging into computers and putting in discs and you know what, so much easier just  to watch it on TV.

I DO like the show.  I want to watch it.  I just have no patience these days, and I still don't trust that my tape won't get eaten.  (I'm already confined to the last 4 hours of one tape, because every time it runs over the crumpled bit it rips it out and makes the crumpling even worse, so I can't rewind any farther). 

So, sorry.  On to better things!

Standoff: Dear God, it's on my lineup.  It's on my lineup and it's not going away no matter what anyone says. 

If you're wondering why I have such an aversion to picking up new shows - aside from how nice it felt not to be one of the many, many people who yelped indignantly last year at the unresolved shows like Invasion or Reunion - it's because the last time I got my heart broken over early cancellation was Joan of Arcadia, and I'm still sore about it.

Nevertheless, I love my Matt and Emily.  It's only the second episode, but they are becoming familiar characters that I can talk about as if I actually know them, instead of assigning them random descriptors or pronouns for names.  Another thing I hate about new shows is the murky zone of transition, where you make the best assumptions you can about the characters after only a couple of hours.  A year or two down the line, you'll read your first impressions and cringe, like "how could I have thought that?" or "what were you, blind?" 

Even so, I like this show.  Matt's hilarious...though seriously, I'm not kidding, it's like Speedle lives...and Emily makes me smile.  I need to stop going to TV Squad before I watch my tapes, so I can actually feel the suspense of hostage negotiation and also stop being colored by that one reviewer's commentary...but it's fun.  Once in a while I find myself spinning forward through a few seconds when the talking starts to drag on, but not very often.  The deranged lunatic of the day was only annoying because he was on an episode of Seinfeld in a memorable role.  And the woman that played his wife, while beautiful, was very annoying and made me want to slap her on sight.  Probably due to my subconcious recognizing her in a past role in some other show.  I'm tempted to say House.  Actually, this episode was full of familiar faces.  Especially THAT GUY, the flight controller who ran out of the room.  He's one of those annoying people that seems to pop up on every crime show; I'm sure I've seen him on Without a Trace and one of the Law & Orders, and possibly Cold Case...maybe I got my shows mixed up, but I know I've recognized him many times before. 

So far, even though I keep anticipating something bad to happen to their personal relationship, nothing about it so far has actually made me cringe.

Except for that last bit of the conditions of them having a relationship, "And you can't get married."  'Cause, what if I end up really liking these characters together?  I am trying not to be impatient for them to progress from physical relationship to a deep, emotional connection, because I have a habit of doing that the first time I meet characters, whether it makes sense or not. Especially because marriage doesn't really mean that much in terms of crime drama TV unless it's for a big sweeps-period hullabaloo.  No doubt if it were necessary, they'd find a way around that, but...I hate having caps set. 

Oh, just one more thing: I hate the theme.  Firstly, it's the kind of show that almost seems like it shouldn't need a theme song, but if it has to have one it shouldn't be a real song.  It should be some kind of dramatic, pulsing music, and it should be short.  I do like the image, though, with them standing back-to-back.

House: Hahahahaha...oh, I just laughed.  I do hope that soon we stop having to watch House exercise, because it's still gross.  Aside from that, though, this episode was great.  The kid was really cute.  I don't mean that in a Dr. Chase way, although I couldn't help noticing he resembled a guy I had a crush on in fourth grade.  the X-Files-ish tilt to this episode was awesome.  House: *spooky voice* The lab cannot identify this metal.
Chase: Really?!
House: (normal voice) No, you IDIOT, it's titanium. 
I did cringe at Chase's incredibly stupid Yo Momma joke.  Otherwise, the many jokes made at his expense were amusing.  Not nearly so amusing as the exchange between House and Cuddy, though.  HEE! 
C: I'm not pregnant!       
H: My leg doesn't hurt!
C: You're in denial!
H: "No I'm not!" 
Plain text does not replicate his mocking voice on that last line.  You really had to see it.  I almost died laughing.  And then I immediately sobered up, because House has a really great ability to cruise along on sarcasm and witticisms for an entire conversation, and then suddenly the guard will slip and you'll get a glimpse of his real feelings beneath the surface.  Usually right before he shuts down the conversation altogether and limps out of the room.

Another scene with House and Wilson.  I love Wilson, and I love their friendship, but Wilson's psychological dissections are becoming almost as routine as Meredith Grey's voiceovers, and I don't know why he can't get off his high horse once in a while and just speak normally.  Where's the old Wilson?  The one who managed to balance his tactful remarks with a nice battery of good-natured banter and friendly insults?  Why are he and Cuddy suddenly in cahoots?

Speaking of - the scene where Cameron confronts them and orders them to tell House.  After she self-importantly saunters off, Cuddy scowls to Wilson, "She's not nearly as delightful as she thinks she is."  HAHAHAHA!  I couldn't decide if Cameron looked like a kid standing up to her big brother, or just a snotty teenager defying her parents.   Either way, it made for an amusing image.
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