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[7:30 AM edit: I have gotten 5 hours of sleep since I woke up on Monday and will not be going back to bed until at least 3:00 this afternoon. I cannot be trusted with words. Meaning blog posts. Proceed with caution]

1. Did Pink sing a version of "Perfect" back in the day? Because I don't remember it. It's all Glee version, all the time now. Possibly because I seem to have only one ship left in my headspace, and there are somehow no ladies in it. Like, earlier I had a painful twinge about the realization that most of our Glee kids won't be back at school in the fall, and my most acute feeling -- before Rachel or Quinn or anything -- was "But what are we supposed to do without the boys being adorable together??"

2. I haven't quite made up my mind about the Christmas episode of Glee yet, but BLAINE AND RACHEL JUST STARTED A DUET AND THUS: DEAD OF JOY.

[edit: Conclusion reached. YES. YES. EVERYTHING, YES.]

P.S. Fics I desperately need: the 1950s AU where no version of Finn exists and Rachel is a well-to-do young college woman engaged to a closeted Blaine. Minus her 21st-century gay rights support, and with all appropriate scandal and heartbreak involved.  I don't know why I am requesting this instead of a straightforward romantic AU. Straighten up and fly right, brain.
3. Kym and I made a new friend on our walk yesterday. A loose husky came flying out of nowhere and scared the crap out of me - I've seen him loose once before; he's got a harness with a tag attached, but I still didn't know what his temperament would be like - but since there was nobody in sight to help, I just had to hope for the best.
I tried yelling at him and he backed off, but then he started following us and clearly wasn't going away until he felt like it. Kym is better with both males and dogs her own size, so with much "Good dogs!" encouragement on my end, and after some initial lunges from Kym when they touched noses, she seemed content to ignore him after that. It was lucky that he showed no sign of aggression, merely sprang away like a jackrabbit and pranced off at a safe distance until he could try again.

He actually ended up following us for a good 10 minutes, during which time Kym got more annoyed every time he approached and finally started barking at him (translation: "I am trying to walk here, leave me alone!"), but I was able to get a look at the name on his tag and the phone number to leave a message for the owners. I couldn't really touch him, even though he came right up, because he was quick and Kym DEFINITELY won't tolerate that, but it was cute while he trotted alongside us. His whole attitude seemed to be "Tra-la-la, I'm freeeeee!" Now, how come I never meet loose dogs when I'm walking on foot?

4. Syndication finally acquired seasons 8 and 9 of Scrubs! *fist pump* Perhaps soon they will feel like an actual part of Scrubs canon, instead of slightly awkward cousins at a family reunion. It's in 9 right now -- I love Mahoney more every time I see her, and you steadily get desensitized to Cole until you're able to laugh at him (although the best quote remains, "Cole, silence or punching"). Absolutely love transformed!Kelso by the end. 
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