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Writer's Block: White air [+TV talk]

Is it snowing where you are right now?

Is it snowing where I am right now? It is not. And since that place is Minnesota, it's vaguely annoying. Weather, you are hereby on notice that you have less than a week to meet my demands for a white Christmas (Eve), or you'd best keep it warmish and sunny until at least halfway through January. I realize I should be grateful that we don't have last year's blizzard to deal with - and I AM loving the break from shoveling - but it's so weird to see nothing but scattered pockets of snow clumps across all the bare brown grass.
Speaking of Minnesota, I do not normally watch the local evening news, but I happened to leave it on last week and saw this interview with the U of M president and his wife. Tune in at the 1:30 mark to see an AWESOME dollhouse replica of the mansion.
Other awesome things in this story:
-Their current dogs
-The historic dog gravestones
-The amusing proposal stories (specifically, when she asks Frank what he said when he proposed, because of reasons below)
-The news interviewers themselves (I love these two. They anchor together and have three kids and sometimes they do stories on parenting or family life, and are basically wonderful together all the time)
And, OK, clearly I am not getting to all my TV in a timely manner this week, so I should probably release what I've got before the next new episodes of these two roll out:

Terra Nova, 1x11, "Within"
After getting sucked in by the story, the only note I have for the first 40 minutes is "CREEPY YET HOT," in reference to how Lucas perving on Skye that creepy way gets...kind of appealing by the end. I DON'T KNOW. I developed spontaneous Stockholm Syndrome and started liking the way he corrupted the name "Bucket." The way he's older than her but just by a few years worked for me.

I loved all the scenes with her mom, which broke my heart beautifully from start to finish (Skye has always been my favorite, right?) -- at least until the super exciting surprise!rescue moment. With bonus medicine, so that -- just like I told you she would -- Elisabeth can whip up a cure. Probably within 48 hours. I was not even surprised it was that easy to rescue her, since just
about anything you need done around here gets done in a snap if you make a Shannon aware of it.

Meanwhile, Taylor's cold reception of her also broke my heart beautifully. And need I even mention the tiny awkward-but-adorable comforting arm around her shoulders and forehead kiss from Josh? YES. THAT IS THE WAY TO MY HEART. Not in a shipping way, but absolutely in best friends for life and/or...okay, contingecy-plan shipping way.

I spent most of Maddy's scenes just admiring her hair, but her little subplot adventure was worth it to see Boylan give up his prize at the drop of a hat in exchange for her putting in a good word with her dad. I like him when he's running scared.

Now, let's hear more about August 2138 already. So far, it's exactly what I was hoping ("His mother died because I couldn't save her"), and I kind of suspect it's not going to make me sympathize with Lucas at all, but will make me sympathize with his father even more. [edit: actually, it will make my heart break for both of them. Nice!] The ridiculously clear black-and-white lines between Good Guys and Bad Guys make me happy, mostly because it annoys the bejeebus out of other people, most of whom are self-proclaimed sci-fi fans while I showed up to Terra Nova IN SPITE of that label, and have been consistently pleased by its failure to live up to said label.

Up next (and last): So excited for the finale, you don't even know. It basically looks like everything I have ever wanted out of the hard-to-make-plausible-in-canon scenario of a hostile army takeover of a first-world style civilization.
Survivor status update:
MIRACLES! This show performs miracles. Only on a miracle show would Horrible Brandon be on the chopping block, miraculously save himself, and then give up immunity and get voted off anyway. My only hesitation is that if they'd gotten rid of Sophie, at least I could stop panicking about Redemption and not care who won. Now I am panicking and wondering what happens if Ozzy pulls a Christine and loses the most important immunity challenge of all, even more important than beating out Edna. (speaking of which: I nearly had an ulcer during that challenge, too-obvious-preview-spoiled or not)

That said, 80% of my effort is currently concentrated on willing Sophie, who is just right up there in my all-time Hall Of Fame Survivor players for being super-smart, eloquent, surprisingly adept at physical challenges, and really, really entertaining every time she speaks on camera, to win. 15% effort toward Ozzy, whose win I would enjoy almost as much, and am only holding back because I like Sophie that much more. 5% toward Coach, whose win I would be perfectly okay with because, you know, weird affinity for the guy, and a 1% margin of error for Rick, who seems perfectly nice. Albert is dead to me after attempting to evict Sophie, even if that was the smartest choice anyone has made to eliminate final tribal threats since Dawn.

All the most clever comments about God's role in the game this week have been made, so I leave you with the best quote from zukpager305: Next week they should vote off God, since he seems to be the biggest player in the game. Either that or God should win as sole survivor. I really am excited to get to a season that is not full of incessant "prayer" in the most ostentatious manner, though. It's becoming nauseating.

[edit: WAIT A MINUTE. Why have I not been reading Stephen's assessment of this season all along? BRB, gotta catch up on an entire season's worth of columns.]
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