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So the atrocious new comment page has been released. I summed up my feelings pretty well here. [EDIT: but it still looks normal on my journal? What is this miracle, how did I achieve it, and how do I keep it that way?]

Meanwhile, I don't know how I feel about the change to the LJ cut in rich text. I am certainly glad to be free of the obnoxious new "cuts must be edited inside the LJ cut window" hover text, and it's EXTRA exciting to be able to cut/paste things inside a cut without switching to HTML, but I need that gray background to help visualize formatting.
Terra Nova: Occupation/Resistance
Reynolds. I can't help but notice you're not dead.

I am displeased. (and yes, out of everything, that seemed like the most pressing comment to make first)

I knew two people were due to die, so when I finally caved and watched the sneak peek of the first 8 minutes on Sunday I was already hyper. While riveted to my seat throughout, when the explosion happened and then the clip cut off, my only thought was: "Please don't let Kara be dead. Please don't let Kara be dead. TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS."
What happens: Kara is dead.
RS: *punches through drywall*

This was not the correct teen romance to blow up, show! (pun intended) Such wasted potential. She seems like such a nice girl. Seemed. I was really looking forward to the idea of having her around Terra Nova for a year or so, before they found some other way to ruin that. I should be thinking ahead and assuming that a breakup would suck more than her dying, but it's hard to see it from that perspective right now. I want more of Josh and Kara being the kind of stupidly comfortable couple that comes from having been together for years. And by "more of," I mean any at all. Right, you know what that means: I'm on a mission to find a YA novel I can cast them in. Shoot, if I'd planned ahead, I probably could have even used them for The Big Crunch. Why do timelines never work out in my favor?

Did super enjoy the long welcome hug from Jim, though. Need to go book some time in the Mind's Eye (that's like the Eye on this show, but dealing with speculation in my brain) to think about AU situations in which she becomes a permanent part of this family.

My second biggest disappointment of the night is the giant "lol cut for time" segment missing between the explosion and Jim waking up 3 days later. Are you kidding me?! So I don't get to see: What happens when the soldiers come through the portal and assume control over ragtag soldiers & medical staff on site, Elisabeth finding him or Kara, the colony's (namely: THE SHANNON KIDS') reaction to being stormed -- which I was REALLY excited about, Elisabeth getting back to the kids, Josh finding out about Kara, Wash holding down the fort, Wash waving the surrender flag, or how the army takes over everything in general. Fantastic. There's something to be said for disorienting us as much as Jim, but what I'm saying today is "Uncool." I could have done with less time in 2149 and more of the good stuff.

But! Mostly I was extremely pleased with how this finale went down. I slept through the live airing, and the next day it took me seven hours from start to finish because I kept getting interrupted and had to keep walking away so I wouldn't be distracted. It was excruciating, because everything was exciting and important. Are we ready to switch to bullet points? I'm ready.

(I would have picspammed the dickens out of this one, but it was all I could do just to wrap my head around it with words. Pictures would have meant hours. More of them, that is.)

* Jim/Elisabeth: OTP on fire, beyond even what I was hoping for. Loved her swooping in to escort his disoriented self away the first time, and the first stitch-up. Tipped my cap at one more scene in bed (out with a bang! pun, once more, intended. Besides, the world needs more Shirtless Jim before he goes away forever), with all kinds of lovely santized-for-7-pm/my eyes kissing that fools me into believing have matured as an adult. And somehow I managed to comment on this before the forehead kiss part of it, wtf.

* One of the many reasons this show actually does need a season 2: there are not enough scenes like the first homecoming, with Zoe and Maddy running over to him and "my girls." ♥

* I was really gunning for Dead Skye as the reason behind Josh's tears in the preview, since it was clearly going to be one of the two possible love interests, but fine. It is not like I am going to ARGUE this lovely consolation prize with the fantastic self-blaming bitterness and the crying and hugging and comforting like he's seven again instead of seventeen. ♥ I especially like the oh-so-brief flash of relief upon seeing his dad's okay.

* Oh, Malcolm. ♥ He has rocketed so far up the ranks of my favorite characters, it's not even funny. He doesn't get enough credit from fandom. I still get an unpleasant jolt in my stomach every time I hear about McCormick (to torture myself: "See that window? That's where they put his head when I refused to help. Then they let him bleed out on the floor!") -- that is a level of sadistic/terrifying you just don't really get from the limited glimpses they've shown us of the generic Bad Guy army. And he is just marvelous throughout, with his sharp-as-a-fox ideas and his fantastic decoy acting -- even knowing when he was lying to the guards, I believed him. Which is not something I could say for Skye, and we DIDN'T know absolutely that she was lying.

* Jim also did an extremely convincing job of playing disoriented. Lucas was still foolish to take him at face value, but for everyday situations, I bought that. I especially liked when he came home mumbling about where the train station was (okay, maybe I just liked that because it involved more of the kids running over to him. I'm predictable like that).

* Things that broke my heart, non-human version: the callous shooting of a gentle giant Brachiosaurus.

* Lucas stepped up his Creepy Perving to a whole new level, managing to declare Skye his sister while sending out clearer than ever "want to hit that" vibes which make it all very confusing for me. My brain hears "BROTHER AND SISTER? GROSS" even as my heart is all, "YOU ARE HEARING IT WRONG. THERE IS A SEXY CONCUBINE PLAN OR SOMETHING IN THE WORKS." And then I feel suitably ashamed of myself for like five seconds before the cycle repeats.

* Because this episode is apparently a whirlwind farewell tour of My Favorite Things, let's throw in a 6-for-1: Josh using "defense of Skye" as an excuse to explode and vent the rage over Kara's death in an awesomely violent and satisfying manner, getting the stuffing knocked out of him, Skye screaming and running for help, one truly marvelous display of Angry Papa Bear responding to a threat against his family, and tossing them both in the brig to think it over. There may be more parts to this once the location changes.

* Always lovely to hear Josh apologize, but particularly like him coming to terms with Jim's stupid-ass decision that got him jailed in the 22nd century in the first place. Also good: Josh's refusal to leave his father alone at the hands of an evident psychopath, and all the struggling and yelling that goes with it.
-Josh & Skye's immediate post-release conversation, or in fact any verbal conversation during this finale whatsoever. See also, "reasons we need a season 2."
-Informing Elisabeth what's going on

* Cattle prods seem to be all the rage as torture devices on TV these I approve.

* Elisabeth = HBIC, and don't you forget it. She'll inject you with brain-eating parasites to save her husband without batting an eye. OR WILL SHE? Either way, she definitely won't hesitate to boldly lie to your face and knock your ass out if it means protecting her family. Mom, that was awesome indeed.

* Reilley = my favorite foot soldier

* Speaking of things that are horrible and make my stomach squirm: the truth about Somalia is so much more awful than I could make myself imagine. When has that "choose just one to save" mandate ever successfully happened in fiction? Never, right? Something always comes along at the last minute and renders it unnecessary. Not today. Oh, my god, and the worst part is that now I can't stop my mind running this scenario with all of the fathers in my TV over and over again and DO YOU KNOW HOW AWFUL THIS IS? HINT: AWFUL. And then they make my skin crawl a little more with "They would have just executed me on the spot. But her...they took their time with." Yeah, starting to see how this scrambled Lucas's brain.

* I loved everything about their escape dash, starting with the "What did they do to you?" and Josh having to help him walk as well as the hunkering down behind the bunkers (favorite things hard to get in canon unless it's WWII, part 2498: entire families on the run), but: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH.

* I'm not nearly as attached to her as some people are, but she's a nice lady and a whole lot of shippers gon' be pissed. I'm not a shipper, but she and Taylor have a great working partnership/friendship, and that death cuts to the core. That's the third time I get the sick-to-my-stomach feeling, watching her crumple -- but she's classy to the end, and may have the best last words on TV right now. Soft, sad: "You know, you have your father's eyes." And cue bawling.

* Oh my word, Zoe is the most precious little pumpkin I have ever seen. "If you need another hug, just ask." asjkldfasjdflsdkljfaklsdfklasdfa. TAYLOR'S FACE. Taylor + kids = clouds of cotton candy and lollipops. I bet if there were any dogs in Terra Nova, he'd have an affinity for them too. He just seems like a dogs-n-kids kind of guy.

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming of feeling gutwrenched over the loss of Washington, after everything she's been through and survived, just like that.

* The one place the finale lost some gravitas with me -- besides my general inability to believe how cartoonish the transparent villainy of "strip mine it until it's totally destroyed!" is -- was Hope Plaza, when they went for all the silly sight gags of evil people getting their heads chomped by a T-Rex style dinosaur. But on the other hand, that was still fun to watch.

* LOVED the Taylor/Taylor showdown. Excellent ruthless beatdown. And I was 99% sure Lucas was bluffing his tears and not at all surprised when he brandished a stabbin' knife, but that 1% of me wanted even more badly than Commander Taylor to believe him. I JUST WANT EVERYONE'S FAMILY TO BE WHOLE AND HALE AND HAPPY. (except for Mira's. I cannot say I give a fig whether she ever sees her daughter again).

* Skye blowing Lucas away without a second thought to save her father figure? Oh, this just gets better and better. (having him not be dead, providing ample fodder for season 2? best of all)

* More from Married OTPville: tender goodbye before he goes back through the portal -- she may not let him have last words, but can we get a head-cradling embrace? Yes we can. I couldn't really enjoy Hope Plaza the first time around, because I was busy chewing off my fingernails out of fear that they'd end the season on a cliffhanger with him trapped in 2149, so when he came back and immediately found Elisabeth, I was a very happy panda indeed. (ooh, and don't forget the last huddling around the campfire) What's the real message of Terra Nova? Love is the answer. Love is always the answer.

* So now Mira is a loose canon, making her either a flippable ally to Taylor's side as a free agent for whomever can get her back home, or even more crazed and hell-bent on his destruction. Not actually sure which one I want more.

* I love that they ended for good on the family looking up at the night sky. Both because it meant a non-cliffhanger, and for sentimental reasons. I choked up. I am 85% sure we're not getting a season 2, given the production cost against the middle-ground ratings and critical ridicule, and I am going to miss this baby so, so much.

* That said, if we do get a season 2, I am super duper incredibly interested in finding out more of the Badlands and its connection to history. Thanks, by the way, for revealing what was in the damn Box O' Mystery and even giving us a smidgen of explanation instead of holding it hostage as leverage for renewal. Much obliged.

In conclusion: *sobs* I don't want to trade my family/dinosaur show for the spring offerings! I want to keep it forever! My only consolation is the fact that the premiere (the whole glorious two hours of it) are still waiting for me to see it with fresh eyes, both because pilots always look different at the end of the season than they did at the beginning, and also because god bless my then-foolish decision not to write anything specific about it: I have only vague, blotchy memories of scenes that are going to be really exciting when I see them again. I'm halfway to a bonus episode. Good times.

2 Broke Girls: Even with the episode making that joke all over the place, it was really hard not to think of Caroline & Max as a couple in this one. And I liked it. What have you done to me, Glee? (fortunately, the ending snapped me out of it. That hug was so sweet. What am I doing, sabotaging my own personal crusade against the idea that girls can't be super close without also being a little bit gay? I love when Max reluctantly relaxes her quills enough to have warm and fuzzy heart-shaped feelings. Another thing I've really liked has been their ability to go a whole half season without any serious love interests on the horizon. Except that brief thing with Johnny, which was still cool, because I liked Johnny, but -- a focus on friendship? Yes, please.)
Raising Hope: If possible, managed to be even sweeter than it was last Christmas. I laughed ridiculously hard at the movie trailer -- I would so watch this film! Even if it is already a TV show -- and the Chances' reaction to it (especially Maw Maw's "I like her"). I've never seen It's a Wonderful Life, but I do like when TV shows spoof it, so the alterna-life was a ton of fun. (especially slutty!Sabrina, who will do anything Jimmy asks for the price of increments of $20...or a nice compliment) And then, of course, there was the warm-n-fuzzy feelings filled ending. I'm so glad this show provided successful enough for a second year.
Discovery I should not have made: bread dipped quickly into hot cocoa made with milk kinda takes on the flavor & consistency of warm cake. At least, when you use thick whole-grain bread.
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