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*plugs away at episodes* One more and I'm freeeee! Until January 2nd.

I am really going to miss all the "We love those j-i-n-g-l-e bells" promos CBS is running...especially since I can't seem to find them on YouTube. They make me happy, YouTube! Deliver!

Also, I've having way too much fun with "Who's Still Standing" game show event this week. It's quick, but not quite quick enough. I want all of the questions made into a Sporcle quiz as soon as this week is over.

Chuck vs. The Curse, 5x06
(I don't know why I can't stop tongue-lashing this show. I'm sorry. How many times do you need to hear how much I hate spy shows, right? Every time, apparently! But behind all my mean-spirited snark and sarcasm and growling at useless characters, there are glimmers of legitimate love for a character or two and the central relationship. Just dig around until you find the good stuff. I could make it easy on you and only write about the good stuff, but what kind of balanced picture would that make?)

I feel like all season, it's been fun, but I've been waiting for a YouTube-worthy moment -- the kind that I would have gotten flaily about adding to the hefty little collection I compiled from scratch (with some aid) in May. Not sure I've gotten anything super solid on that front yet, but everything tonight added together would definitely do it.

Number one reason I liked this week: there was something sort of Mulder-and-Scully about their sudden and unfairly-accused flight as fugitives. And it was full of Chuck being miserable and anxious about abandoning people and Sarah having to constantly soothe him out of it, which is just right up there with the top reasons for why I got hooked on them and why this show made an excellent decision in marrying them off as soon as reasonably possible. Ooh, look at that, I just got a little shiver when I reminded myself that they're married. Hey, internet, I'm finally ready to accept your comparisons that they are like Jim and Pam in terms of the perfectly balanced supporting partnership.  

And then there may have been some threats of torture that got my attention. Whatever, it's a thing. Rebecca Romijn is the first really great guest star they've had this season -- feel free to have more of her. I wish I liked Ellie and Awesome enough to have any feelings whatsoever (other than annoyance and need to roll my eyes) about their valiant attempt to make this a 2-for-1 "couples in danger" outing, but that compartment of my fandom heart is dead and black. I'm happy just to focus on our main one.

Very much enjoyed Sarah getting pissy about his Bartowski Curse obsession and general reckless stupidity. Loved the post-rescue death glare, especially when juxtaposed against the rush of affection across the way, and decision to let him stay tied up for a while. Proud of her determination to stay mad at him until she'd had her say and gotten a solid apology out of him. Definitely reached a YouTube moment by the end there.

Quote Worthy
-"Sarah, where are they?"
-"If you touch one hair on my sister's head..."
-"Whoa, whoa. Rea -- really, that's the toy? I don't think children should be involved with that device in any way, shape or form."
-"Right now there's a spy in your midst, and she's going to take you and all your men down to save her husband."
(there goes that little thrill again! so much pride & faith)
-"I love much?" *snicker*
-"Rescuing Bartowskis is our business."

(and the entire end of this conversation, pretty much. Quoting it all seems unwieldy and not in line with my YouTube-linking tradition for this show)

P.S. I've been trying to figure out why I don't like Awesome, considering his doctor/family man status and the fact that his appearance is classically perfect, and what I've come up with is that I'm not 100% convinced he isn't a scientifically engineered android husband -- the latest in lifelike robot technology.

Up next: I am surely setting myself up for a fall by saying this, but holy heck, if I do not get Season Highlight moments out of this, your powers that be have failed on every level.

And now I am back on YouTube, touring the highlights of season 4 to my very great glee ("You're my home, Chuck"!), and learning my lesson for the sixth time this season that really, this show is so much better in clips. If I could just stop watching it on TV, wait two days and take the portion control version, I would be a happier person. Unfortunately, it's juuuuust addictive enough that you get entries like this.

CSI, 12x10, "Genetic Disorder"
I really enjoyed that. Although Doc Robbins' wife looked much younger than I've been picturing all these years, now I can't imagine her any other way. Their marriage is wonderful, despite Brass's best attempts to bulldoze it and canon's attempt to force in some totally and completely unnecessary claims of Doc cheating on her in the past just for the hell of it (wtf is wrong with you, writers? I reject your falsehoods). I loved how upset David got at the slightest suggestion that this scene was what it looked like ("He's not her type." / "What type is that?" / "Doc! Doc Robbins is her type."), and how he transformed into the Unbearded Hug Monster upon seeing Doc himself. The Bearded Hug Monster, of course, being JD as christened by Dr. Cox on Scrubs. I liked the parallel better than grammatically correct "Beardless")

PLUS, PLUS, they have a gray tabby cat named Cinder! They are now my favorite couple on the show, since no one bothered to keep track of Hank.

I loved Greg's extreme determination to keep it neutral, forcibly shutting down Hodges' blame rant when necessary, and Morgan's very sweet open-minded approached too (okay, I may have laughed at Brass's "as long as you don't pass notes from your new best friend"). And Henry The Paranoid, telling the truths we all know about how for a guy who seems so laid back, Ted Danson can be terrifying. Resulting in Henry hiding around corners and grabbing Greg out of nowhere to panic at him. Hah! This was absolutely the week to be a minor character.

And in case the A plot wasn't enough, Greg got a whole fabulous B plot to himself and his Scandinavian genealogy. Swing and a hit!
NCIS, 9x11, "Newborn King"
...I just saw an NCIS promo that apparently has Gibbs helping a woman give birth in a car. This cannot possibly be right.

And yet it is. Right in the sense of it happening, not that it was any less weirder to watch than it sounds. Maybe a tiny bit less weird, given that he at least tried to pawn it off on Ziva only to find that Pregnant Marine was having none of that and demanding his particular midwife services. That was kind of cute. But still mostly getting a thumbs-down for awkwardness from me. I appreciate creativity in the realm of "team leaders going above and beyond to help people," but sometimes you take it a step too far and go into what is affectionately referred to as the Super!Mac Zone.

I will accept the basic idea of Gibbs & Ziva being trapped in the middle of nowhere during a blizzard with a pregnant woman and having to fend off baby-snatchers, though. That looks pretty cool on paper; I can see why you pitched it. My main qualm now is your lack of transition. It hardly seemed worth the bother of Tony & McGee rushing off to help if we never even got to see them arrive. Also, disappointing under-use of Abbs throughout.

Best part of the hour was a tie between the brief mention of Kelly (depressing though it was to confirm that he was, in fact, deployed when she was born) and Jimmy's Christmas sweater. I lost the smile right around the time Brina showed up looking like a totally superficial fluffhead. Show! I had just gotten used to the idea of being marriage material, and then he shows up with...that.

And the less said about Tony's weird romantic nonsense and moping, the better. Underwhelming holiday all around.
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