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New stuff in old fandoms

Oh, come on. Not even Yuletide will get me Off The Map fic?? Yuletide, which this year has apparently scratched up two Oregon Trail (the game) stories and somehow decided Texts From Last Night is a fandom? I don't understand why the entire universe is against this show. Look, I will accept your quality Terra Nova offering (Empire of Dirt, an important missing scene, and the even better, longer, Maddy-centric We Are Not Heroes and This Is No Triumph) while I poke around to see what other jewels it's got for the more established TV shows, but I am still not a happy camper about the fact that there is a central, canon relationship with no fiction about it on the entire internet.
Speaking of Yuletide fic -- by the way, fandom, I made this happen. You're welcome. (fine, dollsome made it happen. But I wished for it and I'm super excited she took me up on the challenge)
The Office: Work is a Vampire
"Okay. Three reasons you're wrong about True Blood..."
Bit the bullet and paid a quarter to rent Heat Rises overnight, as it's been 4 weeks and I'm still only #68 on the request list. "Must have been hard writing that ending," indeed.

Since Tumblr gallantly refuses to spoil anybody, I will: after a long and complicated (and awesome) internal cover-up conspiracy, the important thing to know is that Rook comes to her rescue, Knockout-style, and catches a bullet meant for Nikki. Following the chapter that wraps up the mystery, we get a two-page conclusion consisting of her visiting his bed in the ICU later, where he seems stable but hasn't woken up yet.

(to my endless delight, it also includes her reading to him from his latest romance novel, featuring Lady Kate Sackett)

The book itself is my favorite of the three, both for the quality of the narrative and the improving seriousness of the relationship. You give me one scene of her breaking down sobbing when the death of her captain finally hits her, and cap the book off with the scene above? 100% sold. Excellent acknowledgements section, too. Alexis finally gets fancy personal recognition. OH, AND APPARENTLY THERE IS THIS.

See, this is why I need fandom around, filling in canon. I never did end up getting around to watching any of the DVD set -- I was saving it for the weekend, but then I got bogged down reading and trying to finish the Glee review, only one of which I accomplished, and I had to send it back so I picked up the book as a consolation prize instead. I'm comfortable with my choices.

Ooh! Plus a slip of a fic for my personal canon: Miles From Where You Are.
He changes the ending of Heat Rises as soon as he returns from the hospital.
The library also offered me super shiny CSI Season 11, so I borrowed that for all the excellent special features,
including but not limited to: a feature on the Walking With Dinosaurs episode and the best decision ever made on audio commentaries: House of Hoarders including George Eads, and A Kiss Before Frying including Eric Szmanda. (one for The Two Mrs. Grissoms with anybody would have made it perfect, but this came close. And they gave a fair portion of the half hour season overview to that one)

I most enjoyed how many times George talked about the sibling-like nature of Nick/Sara/Greg, along with all the tidbits we got about the set, but the best thing I learned between the two was how Eric & ...Dita ad-libbed the kiss at the end of the date, because they thought there should be one and there wasn't. EXCELLENT WORK, KIDS. That episode was truly fantastic stuff. But then, so was the whole season. They had maybe half a dozen duds and at least four A+ showings with more A grades throughout. I think maybe they should have swapped grades with Community on my last State of the Networks report card, gone with a plain A, because in retrospect it feels almost like it was better than even season 9.

P.S. Another thing I learned is that Justin Bieber is...not nearly as accomplished at talking to behind-the-scenes cameras as he is as at acting. He's terribly awkward, and sounds about as confident and polished as your average teenager being pulled aside by the local news for a sound bite. But I enjoyed Eric Szmanda letting us know that while you didn't see it, he was one of the people who shot Justin's character, and while you can't tell exatly which shot killed him, "I'd like to think it was mine." He's just so proud of it.

I'm two books away from hitting my perfect "211 in 2011" goal, but still have four big, long, empty days of 2011 left. I've already picked the books out, and they are not long enough to span more than half that time. What say you, folks? Should I hit the cool magic number and take some time off, or do I just keep reading, reading, reading to set an even-more-impossible-to-break record until the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve? I do have a few more end-of-year memes to complete, plus I seem to reading largely to put off trying to wrap my head around Glee, so...
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