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In which I torture anybody on a diet before discussing American Idol & Lost

Predictably, despite reminding myself multiple times over and writing it on the calender over the computer, I completely forgot about the Eddie Cahill chat last night on CSI Files.  Oh well, guess I'll have to read a transcript later.  I was busy baking chocolate chip cookies.  I haven't baked anything from scratch in over a year, but my dad found Mrs. Fields milk chocolate chips at the dollar store, and he was quite excited about trying them out (as opposed to the semi-sweet Tollhouse chips), especially since we had mixed nuts at home to add to the batter.  Since my dad only bakes shortbread and I replaced my mom as the resident baker around age...11 or so, this fell to me.  I'd forgotten how much I enjoy baking.  I also realize now why Izzie Stevens goes on all-night baking binges when she's stressed and/or grieving, because there's a comforting rhythm to it - measure, mix, place on pan, switch trays, move to cool, wash the dishes while it's in the oven...I felt more productive than I have in weeks.  Which is probably kind of sad.

Anyway.  Took me 2 hours from start to finish (while having to constantly smack the dog, who was just waiting for a 5-second window of opportunity to jump up and snatch cookies off the cooling rack).  Apparently I haven't lost my touch after all.  They were proclaimed "delicious" by everyone.  Even my brother, who never hesitates to remind me that I make the worst sugar cookies in the world.  On that note, does anyone have a way to keep them soft and chewy instead of coming out flat, thin and crispy?
Weirdest Dream Ever: So I'm walking my dog along the sidewalk, about two or three blocks from home, and a big yellow butterfly gently alights in my hair.  Okay, cool.  It flaps its wings gently, but doesn't fly away, and it's like having a living butterfly clip.  I love it.  A few minutes later I realize it's on the other side in my shadow, so I reach up to touch what I expect to be empty space on the first side...oh. Butterfly.  Now I have two!  It's not as cute as just a single one, but still pretty cute, so I let them stay.  Somehow, the fact that I'm terrified of insects hasn't sunk in yet.  I get most of the way home before I look at my shadow again and realize there are four butterflies on my head, and also one on my back, and when I wave my hand to shoo them away, they don't move.  OKAY.  GETTING FREAKY.  I turn in the driveway, and the eave of the garage is strung with yellow butterflies, like bats upside down in a cave.  And then I realize there are more of the yellow devils on my arms.  I am rapidly becoming covered in butterfly, and they've dug their feet in like ticks and won't move.  Screaming time.  AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
All right, I know you're only here for the TV discussion.  You're probably not here for the TV discussion pertaining to American Idol, but tough. 

I watched exactly half of the guys' part of AI, then turned it off.  Couldn't be arsed to vote for anyone.  Here are the things I think about them:

1. Blake has probably the best voice, but last night I learned that he has some sort of icky tattooing all over his arm.  No amount of hair-fixing could ever make up for that; he is permanently unattractive in my eyes.  Too bad.

2. I liked Sanjaya for the first week, but then my mom went on and on about his smile that was too wide, and the way his soft voice reminded her of Michael Jackson, and on and on about the hair and how he's so obviously gay...well, it killed whatever little appreciation I had for him being cute, and now I can't stand the sight of him.

3. Brandon is the only guy in the entire competition with the whole package - looks and personality and a nice voice.  Then I learned he was trained in classical piano.  I am now considering asking him to marry me. 

4. Paula had on the most gorgeous shirt!  I wanted it!  Was soooo pretty!

Who needs to go home RIGHT NOW: Phil & Sundance.  I'll also accept Jared or one of the guys named Chris, although with less enthusiasm.
I watched about 25 scattered minutes here and there throughout the girls' performances.  Forgot to vote until exactly 8 minutes after the phone lines closed.  (dammit!) Thoughts on them:

1. Antonella still rocks my world.  AND SHE PLAYS THE VIOLIN!  As if I needed any more reasons to love her.  *hugs her to pieces* The only problem is that she can't sing the low notes very well.  They go flat, or they just don't sound right, or something.  But that doesn't matter.  Her high notes are fantastic.  I don't care if Simon thinks she's come as far as she can can.  I like her, and I want her to go farther.   She needs to make it to next week, so she can compete with the boys too, because she's definitely better than most of them.

2. Lakisha is afraid of animals.  As if I needed any more reasons to hate her.  -.- And I am not going to spell her name with chatspeak capitalization unless you can tell me precisely what a "kisha" is.

3. Jordin is pretty.  She wins at everything, and she always picks great songs.  It'd be great if you gave her the title.

4. Gina has kind of a likable personality, but I waffle back and forth on whether or not I actually like her.  Tonight I learned she has a tongue stud.   This combined with her ratty punk clothing and her ugly streaked/chopped hair and her screaming singing voice, is just too much, and my opinion is now firmly cemented in "dislike."

Who needs to go home RIGHT NOW: Melinda & Lakisha.  Or, in an attempt to be slightly reasonable about my demands, Haley and Sabrina.
Lost: Knocked my socks off.  I watched it twice.  The whole way through.  Including flashbacks.  And I'm still trying to recover from the shock of how great it was.

When I say I don't watch flashbacks, what I really mean is "I don't watch flashbacks involving Jack, Hurley, Locke, Sun/Jin, or people that weren't around in season 1."  Charlie, Claire, Kate & Sawyer are people I'll probably watch, but will also probably end up partially fast-forwarding.  Sayid flashbacks, on the other hand, actually make me sit up and rejoice.  This might be the best ep of the season so far. 

Long ago and far away, when Shannon was still alive and before Skate took over my life, Sayid was my favorite character.  He was attractive, intelligent, resourceful, and fairly heroic but also quiet.  He was soft-spoken, but when things needed doing, he took action.  But he never really fit in anywhere.  He'd drift from group to group, helping whoever needed it with one of his thousand and one skills, but I never felt he'd really found a place he belonged.  It bothers me that Locke always ended up in the Adventure group with Jack & Kate, when Sayid was more clearly suited for this purpose.  Mostly because he wasn't constantly pursuing his own crazy agenda.  But I digress.

Sayid flashbacks always include a few lines in Arabic, which understandably causes me to purr.  And they generally revolve around his time as an "interrogator," which I find fascinating because it's not something he did by choice, and his entire character development has been about atoning for those sins, and his deep scored regret.  This, too, I find compelling.  Do I have some kind of complex if I'm always drawn to the characters with the most emotional baggage?   Bah, I'm wandering off track again.  His emotions blasted through the screen; the helplessness of a captive pleading for reason, and then the confessional tears in the end...if you weren't moved by that, you have no soul. 

On to the episode - I'd almost forgotten what it was like to see Kate talk to someone who wasn't Jack or Sawyer.  Ordinarily I approve of keeping those three separate, because they're better than everyone else, but it brought back some faint memories of the very early days in season 1, and Kate & Sayid seemed on the verge of striking up a friendship.  She was promptly whisked into the world of triangles and didn't have time for anything else,  but their personalities seem compatible, and they're definitely suited for team exploration.  Where Jack always acts like she's getting in the way, and Sawyer has trouble tamping down his protective streak, Sayid treats her like a valuable ally & teammate - which she is.  He doesn't condescend or keep her in the dark; he talks to her.  I like this.

Discovery of the Day: Hey, there's another hatch!  With cows!  And at least one horse!  So maybe that black horse Kate saw *was* real, after all, and not just a figment of her flashbacks like when Jack saw his father.  Good, because I always wanted to write a story that involved finding a small herd of feral horses.  (shut up.  It's at least as plausible as polar bears).  Um, anyway.  I basically loved everything about this section (except for the Locke-being-an-idiot part), with Sayid getting shot and having the guy pull the bullet out with tweezers, and yet still aware and clever enough to take in his surroundings and get information out of the obvious Other.  And also realize there was a secret underground chamber to hide the other Other, based on the fact that the horse's stirrups were too high for the man (told you.  Thousand and one skills).
Oh - and there was even a cat!  A super-duper-cute cat!  This is my favorite Hatch EVER.  I loved the faltering look on Sayid's face when he heard the cat was named Nadia.  While I very much loved Shannon - they were my OTP - for a long time I entertained the thought that if they ever got off the island, he'd find Nadia again and Shannon would move on.  Ever since S was shot, my fantasy about Nadia has been revived, so this was great.   On the other hand, it also makes me even sadder that she's dead, because if she wasn't then Sayid could have brought the kitty back to the beach (quietly ignoring the fact that he isn't heading anywhere near the beach right now...), and then they would have been a couple with a dog and a cat, and how cute would that have been?

And as if I needed more reasons to hate Locke, his damn hatch explosion probably killed all the cute cows and the gorgeous pinto horse.  *cries*  *punches Locke* Sayid wants to punch Locke too.  Or possibly smash him in the head with a rifle butt.  Did you see his face?  It took admirable restraint on his part to keep his temper in check.  Locke is nothing but a liability.  Idiot.  Ah, if only he had blown up in the explosion...I would have gotten farther in the Death Pool.  As it is, I'm knocked back a fair few paces due to Miss Klugh being shot.  Blaaah.  C'mon Paulo, I'm still waiting for you to die...

Speaking of Paulo, how much did I want to punch him in the face for his smarmy little, "We share things now"?  Ugh.  Commie share fests are so boring.  I like Sawyer's Wild West inspired looting & stockpiling ways ever so much better.  I kind of wish we hadn't had to come back to the beach at all.  The three heroes are so much better when kept away from all that pithy day to day civilian life.  Admittedly, I did like Sawyer's indignant "who the hell are you?" when Nikki tried to chime in with all the season 1 regulars.  She still sticks out like the gawky glorified extra she is, and that will never, ever change.  Did Ana-Lucia ever redeem herself?  No.  So I don't believe all of the creators' promises that these two will ever be important. 

But Sawyer, honey, we have to talk.  About your hair.  PLEASE DO NOT WEAR THE SCUZZY PRISON-INSPIRED HALF-PONYTAIL EVER AGAIN.  It made me want to retch just looking at you.  I would almost rather you cut your hair short.  (and rest assured that I most certainly do not want to see you do that)

Aside from his horrible hair, I couldn't help but squee a little over first him wandering around looking for Kate, and then later on when he's off brooding by himself, and Hurley attempts his form of comfort by saying, rather out of the blue, "She'll be okay, dude.  Kate.  I know you're worried about her.  But she's with Locke, and Sayid?  She's gonna be fine."  Hah!  I will never stop feeling vindicated by how easily everyone, not just me, can see how much Sawyer cares about Kate.  I'm just waiting for the day when everyone is equally able to see that she reciprocates. 

Lastly, while I expect that a lot of people will think it's fitting that Hurley smoked Sawyer in the ping-pong game and knocked him down a much-deserved peg or two, I'm feeling rather defensive of his right to be a cocky and arrogant bastard, so I'm just as sore as he is that someone as bumbling and pathetic-looking as Hurley could beat him.  Although I did kind of figure that he would give Sawyer some of his stuff back anyway, because he's nice like that.
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