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The 2011 Fandom Awards

I've gotten so many comments in the last 24 hours, I feel like a pinball being batted back and forth between demands on my attention. And I love it. I feel pampered and spoiled and...fully realize that, like a squirrel, I must gather up these acorns of kind words to sustain me for the upcoming cold, routine months ahead.
I don't know what got into Google, but they have all these songs available for free download right now, and I am talking almost entirely popular radio hits. I am presently being enchanted by the ever-delightful "Hit 'Em Up Style." I wandered over because I saw "49 cent songs" on a webpage ad (using IE is cool sometimes!) and I was happy with that idea, but this is even better. You do have to enter credit card info to create a Google Wallet account; possibly this is some scheme of the devil I don't understand, but it rang up as 0.00 and it can be downloaded to the computer and/or saved online for playback, so I'm pretty delighted with it. Says it's a limited time offer, though, so I don't know how long this will last.
And finally, the part the title promised:

2011 Fandom Award (Nominees)
Because even narrowing the field to five or ten is hard enough.

First New Fandom of 2011: Off The Map. I'm still really fond of that first post, starting with its perfect title.

Best New Fandom of 2011: Off The Map, even if the fandom is all in my head. But Castle's been really fun, too.

Favorite Fandom of 2011: Fandom-wise, I think I am most devoted to Glee, now and forever or at least until it finally dives off Point Of No Return Cliff. If I think the show alone is a carnival, by the time you add fandom in it's like its own private resort island. (and yet, I am strictly an observer, wandering friendless and silent. Pity me! Introduce me to your friends!)

Favorite Episode of 2011: Primeval, episode 5x04 (this show doesn't deal in episode titles). How did I put it...if you have ever wondered what my brain looks like when it gets its Tragic Scenarios setting on, IT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE THIS. Guys rushing to screaming women's defense! Heroic rescue carrying! Delirium! Fever! Freezing! Shhhh-ing! Unconsciousness! Tight holding! General threats of weakening pulse/pending death! Handholding! 11th hour miracle cures and subsequent happy smiling [with a side of Public Embarrassment Because Everyone Knows You're Totally In Love With Her But You Won't Admit It]!

But in a very close second: Community, "Regional Holiday Music" -- based on the fact that I have watched it at least 15 times, IN ITS ENTIRETY, since it aired a few weeks ago. It is my TV comfort food, kind of like Scrubs. Infinite replay value.

Runners-Up (hah, now I'm not even trying to be reasonable)
CSI: The Two Mrs. Grissoms, or A Kiss Before Frying (which aired back to back in the best January ever)
Off The Map: There's Nothing To Fix, or I'm Home
Terra Nova: ask me later if I can choose one installment from this uninterrupted streak of joy. Not "Vs."! That's my answer.
Glee: Rumours; Hold On To 16; Extraordinary Merry Christmas
House: Bombshells
Community: A Fistful of Paintballs
Castle: Nikki Heat (and I'm guessing Countdown could take it down, but I've only seen the highlight clips)

The lesson is: every year, there is a lot of truly excellent television to be found.

Ten Favorite Male Characters in 2011:
1. Ben Keeton (Off the Map)
2. Blaine Anderson (Glee) -- and frankly, he's so great I'm amazed anybody beat him.
3. Greg Sanders (CSI)
4. Gibbs (NCIS)
5. Sam Evans (Glee)
6. Chuck Bartowski (Chuck)
7. Jim Shannon (Terra Nova)
8. Jim Halpert (The Office)
9. Owen Hunt (Grey's Anatomy)
10. Dr. Cox (Scrubs) -- he's just always relevant to my life.

Ten Favorite Female Characters in 2011:
1. Ryan Clark (Off The Map)
2. Lux Cassidy (Life Unexpected)
3. Sarah Jane Smith (Sarah Jane Adventures)
4. Quinn Fabray (Glee)
5. Emily Merchant (Primeval) -- the greatest Victorian lady of all time
6. Jess Parker (Primeval)
7. Max Black (2 Broke Girls) -- I can hardly remember the last time I was so enchanted with an individual, especially one not involved in a ship, who stood out so head and shoulders above everyone and everything else about their series
8. Shelby Corcoran (Glee) and I really wish Rachel were on this list but, sorry Past Me, she got beat out.
9. Abby Sciuto (NCIS)
10. Denise Mahoney (Scrubs) -- I got very attached to season 9 this year. I'm at the point where syndication just rolled back to season 1, and I want it to go away so they can run season 9 again instead. Luckily for me, the other half hour is just about done with season 7, so she's almost back!

I love how Community's success is so dependent on the strength of its ensemble that none of them own my heart as individuals. Britta has the best shot, but against all of television? Not this year.

Ten Favorite Ships in 2011:
Speaking strictly in terms of what lit up the radar in was still really hard to narrow it to ten!

1. Ben/Ryan (Off The Map)
2. Eric/Lux (Life Unexpected)
3. Kurt/Blaine (Glee)
4. Jess/Becker (Primeval)
5. Sam/Quinn (Glee)
6. Jim/Elisabeth (Terra Nova)
7. Owen/Cristina (Grey's Anatomy) -- spring semester only. I keep forgetting the part where they were once a cornerstone of my TV world.
8. Chuck/Sarah (Chuck)
9. Castle/Beckett (Castle)
10. Spencer/Toby (Pretty Little Liars, and no, I clearly don't know what I'm doing)

Honorable Loyalty Mention: Jim/Pam, The Office
Best Musical Performance of 2011:
(I had to create this category -- even though I won't venture outside the Glee realm, there is a lot of music on TV that needs recognition. You could choose an awards show if you were desperate):

Since I can't be trusted not to insist that one of Blaine's duets from the Christmas episode win, I'm sticking with the easy answer I determined over the summer by process of elimination: "Don't Stop" from the "Rumours" episode. Shiny, happy joy. ...and now I remember why that summer project was such torture, because I am still plagued by indecision. Why isn't "Raise Your Glass" number 3! I didn't even know Somewhere Only We Know existed... on the other hand, I'm really happy "Don't You Want Me" is as high as it is, because I have recently added it to my list of Glee obsessions. I am at the point where that entire episode's levels of Blaine-inclusion have caused me to rethink the necessity of labeling it "Special Circle of Hell" at all. Wow, this is quite an epic digression, and I'm still not done answering the question.

Bonus: best non-Glee moment: House, "Get Happy" (episode: Bombshells). It's too delightfully creepy for words.
And because these also bring me endless amounts of joy:
HIMYM: Groove Is In The Heart
Community: Baby Boomer Santa
Community: Whatever we've collectively decided to call this rap

Favorite Villain of 2010: Black Rider on Community. Ahhh, paintball war memories.

Favorite Het Couple of 2011: Jim/Pam by default. Ben/Ryan (Off The Map) for actual obsessive shipping intensity.

Favorite Femslash Couple of 2011: Quinn/Rachel (Glee)...well, it's as close as I've gotten to one so far.

Favorite Slash Couple of 2011: KURT/BLAINE (Glee). I've never had one of these that I legitimately believed in before! I feel like I haven't quite talked enough about how they occupy a ridiculously large amount of real estate in my heart and are wonderful and perfect to a degree that is almost frightening. Which is especially impressive considering my anti-Kurt bias hasn't gone away.

Favourite Shippy Scene of 2011: Can I get a top 5?

1. All of the scenes in the year's best episode: conveniently packaged in one YouTube video! But especially the one that starts at around the 2-minute mark.

2. Castle and Beckett nearly freeze to death. My sense of romance is flawless.

I'm really tempted to list "Sarah Walker Being Poisoned" as scene #3, just to keep this joke running, but I'll do the unthinkable and switch over to happiness instead:

3. Gibbs/Shannon dream sequence:

4. This may or may not have three scenes in one, but the quote is from the bottom left and that is, in fact, the best part:

5. Wait! The claiming hug/kiss on PLL was year too, wasn't it? 

Most Surprising Moment of 2011: Grissom pops up for an uncredited cameo on CSI, proof that dreams come true.

Saddest Character Death of 2011: Joe DuBois (Medium). I know, I know. You'd all blocked it from memory and I just had to go and rip out your hearts again, right?

Biggest Fandom Disappointment of the Year: Cristina Yang. (that or the Medium finale)

Biggest Squee Moment of the Year: Excluding the "favorite shippy scene" moments, which speak for themselves, I'm going with the Gibbs/Abby cuddling at the end here. Or...possibly when I heard there was Halpert Baby #2 on the horizon. Or when they announced that first Jesse, and then April, and then Shelby were returning for stints on Glee, and in the middle of all that was the announcement of a Fleetwood Mac tribute episode?

Favorite Fanvid Of the Year: The one fanwork that exists for my Off The Map pairing. Followed closely by the Classic Schmosby Remix. And Wheels Up.

Favorite LJ Community of the Year: thriftwhore
(I love how this completely breaks the strict TV theme of this post)

Fandom That You Never Expected To Get Into: Castle and Chuck, given how I'd been flat-out rejecting them since they premiered. Well, I was less openly hostile toward Castle, which may explain why it's gotten the star treatment while the other is a kicked dog, but I still didn't see myself becoming more than a casual rerun viewer at best.

Fandom That Made An Unexpected Comeback: Primeval, which actually rose from the canceled dead (this never stops being exciting) and then showed everybody why it was worth saving. Also Scrubs, which I apparently love more each year; pretty sure it's right on Seinfeld's and Friends' heels as the best comedy of all time.

Fandom That Inspired The Most Crack: Pretty Little Liars is usually good for total insanity.

Last New Fandom of 2011: Castle came on with surprising speed and strength near the end there.

Bonus Category: Favorite Reviews of 2011: A category I added solely because I am extremely fond of my work in the following posts and want to remember them (look, I don't have fanfic to take pride in, okay? This is how I justify my English major).

Glee: Comeback
Life Unexpected: Teacher Schooled
Medium: Me Without You (+ coda of a follow-up)
Primeval: 5x06
Terra Nova: What Remains
(I think it's mostly the intense amount of screencap work I'm proud of here)

+ The macro set at the bottom for The Two Mrs. Grissoms.

*scrolls up and down* There are so, so many links in this post.
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