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Listen to me, this is crazy, it's all got to stop

I finally understand why people watch Wipeout. I had a devil of a good time giggling at all the replays and sound effects of people bouncing off objects tonight. I just don't understand why they need to fall into muddy water? Why do we have to look at people getting gross and dirty instead of just comically being flipped head over heels?

Grey's Anatomy, "Suddenly"
And self-absorbed teenagers everywhere get a slap in the face reminder to be nicer to their parents.

(teens still watch this show, right? or did the original teens watching age out and the new ones only deal in Glee and shows on the CW/cable?)

Beating out all the doctor storylines this week was the family in the confusing mess that was the end of November's cliffhanger. So intense, so heartbreaking. Best tragedy since the shooting spree, a zillion and one scenarios to use in the dark playground that is my head when set loose on fictitious characters. But they did such a good job of making us bond with the daughter that it was really jarring to realize we not only weren't going home with her at the end of the day, but we're never going to see her again. Are you kidding me? Spin-off! Fanfic! Find me a novel that has approximately this plotline at the beginning! I don't care what you do, just tell me more about how Lily copes with being 18 and settling her parents' estate, never mind trying to keep what remains of her family together.

The only part of that storyline I did not love: what's the worst possible injury you can think of? Oh, I don't know how about A SHARD OF GLASS stuck in your EYE. How do you top that? CUT TO EYEBALL SURGERY, NO WARNINGS. Your only defense is that split second window between seeing it/your insticts telling you to look away before your brain recognizes and processes what you're seeing.

I keep forgetting I missed the first half of the previous episode. It was great to see Otis Ben back, in form just as fine as I remembered. Not worth my jungle show dying, but still. I keep thinking I will give A Gifted Man a whirl, just so I can see Rachelle Lefevre back in doctor mode too, but...nope, can't stomach the thought. Anyway, gee whiz, this pairing is so cutesy and delightful.

Colby The Distraught Husband remained excellent at a role that largely consisted of seething at doctors and cuddling a small child.

Loved Teddy crying over Henry's body, which redeemed her from that horrible, horrible fit of whooping insanity she went through. Was both surprised (probably shouldn't have been) and somewhat disappointed by her lack of anger toward Cristina. Now waiting for the moment where she kills Owen. He's been practicing some excellent nonstop hangdog expressions, though.

What else, what else...April had a good few scenes in there, subtle, but important. One point for Owen analyzing her mental fitness (or lack thereof) with hand on shoulder for emphasis, and another for Jackson showing up just in time to hear her being mocked for the greater good.

Derek & Meredith: there was a moment of him leaning on his elbow, looking at her at the end, with the most disarming smile I have seen in months. I felt internal organs rearrange themselves to accomodate the sudden melting nature of their cell structure. I need a high-quality picture of that to stare at ASAP, because good grief, that's got to be one of his five dreamiest-looking moments on the entire series. He even kissed the top of her head for good measure. All I wanted to do was freeze time there forever and ever, which was a wise intuition, because the significance of the doorbell ringing didn't even register with me until the reveal was in our faces. At which point the spell broke something like this:

"SON OF A BITCH!'" *explosion* Fired. You are fired, 'ship, because now it's never going to be just the two of you again; except in lucky, isolated hospital moments; this child is always in your lives. And I don't like her. Unleashing full-fledged dislike. This is not how I wanted them to become parents, especially not after all the hellish and unnecessary baggage they tacked on this year. I have been semi-successful at ignoring many things that happened in season 8, so I guess we can just add this to the list. But boy, am I peeved about the likelihood of them never having a satisfying scene at home again, which is traditionally where all their best scenes take place.

In conclusion, watching this exhausted me. I just wanted to shut the TV off and sulk, except, "Oh, that's right. I  have to sit through a whole second hour of this."

P.S. Remember my Terra-Nova-inspired Population Control AU where I rationalize the abortion instead of simply denying it? I am pretty sure I just found some dialogue to make that more real. (00:33-40 or so of clip 1) And then I gotta get the hell out of dodge, because an interview with Rhimes just informed me they'll be forcing the non-AU version back to the forefront, and unless it involves him divorcing her ass, I really want to forget about it. It's going to be right in the middle of the AU and/or crossover event so I can't escape it, isn't it?

Private Practice, 5x10, "Are You My Mother?"
Forces of Good
* Aloma Wright is back on my screen! I mean, she's on my screen every night as Nurse Roberts, but she is the absolute funniest deadpan actress on TV. Excellent choice in casting your social worker, show.

* What a fun AU in which Cooper has a kid who calls him Dad. Not sure I'm ready to accept it as canon, though.

* I really enjoyed that walk-n-talk girl chat Violet & Addison had at the hospital.

* Charlotte: "Love her enough to leave her alone." <-- YES. FOR LIFE.

* Pete crying out of nowhere caught me off guard. I liked it. I was really hoping to hear "you" over "Lucas," but will accept a heartfelt response of "I will never keep you from your son, Pete" in its stead. That said... wishing it was Sheldon's kid, part 7 of god only knows.

* I was decidedly unbothered by Addison not getting to adopt this kid, not least because it soared straight toward CRYING IN JAKE'S ARMS MODE, which was just excellent, excellent; this is why I was able to ship Sam/Addison for 3 episodes in the first place. Speaking of which, have a real time reaction:

* Sam: We can't do this anymore.
Addison: I know.
Now stay this way. The hardest thing about this series it that nothing sticks. Unless it is a thing that sucks, like Sam's divorce or Cooper/Charlotte or Cooper/Violet getting torpedoed in about five minutes flat. But I think we've more than paid our dues here. Please just let it die and rest in peace.

The Dark Side
Well, at least Violet finally remembered it's her own damn house. Small blessings. But sticking a fork in Pete/Violet is not a fair trade for shedding Sam/Addison. For the second time tonight: son of a bitch. New deadline: fix this by spring or drastic measures will be taken. My sanity is at stake. In the meantime, I'm too tired to keep fighting, I give up. Pete has apparently stopped loving Violet for no reason whatsoever, and we're just supposed to roll with it. At least she's not at fault. That way I get to share her brain and be the victim. Shut up, preview.

-Amelia apologized for being "hateful and awful" to Charlotte. Come now, Amelia, don't do that. We agreed that attacking her was a positive step forward in your character development. Remember that time you were cracking rape jokes?

-Jake's entire patient storyline. Knock their heads together and be done with it. Although I did very much love Addison begging for permission to drop their ethical doctor vows for a second and mock the weirdo relationship. Look, just saying it's love doesn't make it a positive thing. Shocking and unpopular opinion! But true, according to everyone who has ever protested student/teacher relationships.

-What the hell was with the meta tongue bath about the Grey's Anatomy premiere? Goddamn right "we all just pretend like that stuff doesn't exist." I'm doing it right now before I say anything that earns me a comment (i.e. that I'll regret).

In conclusion: very much on the failboat this week, save for the crying and the social worker and the epic breakup.

Pretty Little Liars
Crack addiction! You're back!

I don't know if anything interesting happened in the Halloween episode -- I couldn't be bothered to look up anything about it after I heard it was Flashback Hour; is there a thing I could possibly be LESS interested in? -- but by all accounts, this was such an exciting episode that I'm a little tempted to watch it. On the other hand, my version doesn't include Hanna or Emily, and it's faster. Efficiency wins.

Ship A: Simultaneously terrible and excellent, them telling her parents. I mean, on the one hand, it took me like 20 minutes to get through the scene because I had to stop after every sentence and scrub all the excruciating embarrassment feelings off. On the other hand, there was that incredibly precious handclasp. And me cackling with general evil and delight as they ripped Ezra a new one, first with their eyes and then with their words. (and then, if you're Mike, with your fist. but less literally.) I am a walking contradiction and always will be.

All things considered, that went down much less terribly than Life Unexpected. (I like to pretend this is secretly Lux Cassidy's favorite show. I don't care what garbage that show tried to tell me about her dating Jones by 2012; this is my Lux-brain and it still feels sad -- distantly sad, but easily riled up -- about Eric.) All I'm really taking away from this scene is "I love Aria," anyway. I'm beginning to think I may actually like them for them, and not just as stand-in characters. May.

Nothing compared to him drumming Jackie out of his office, though. Dark! Quietly intense! Unnecessarily but admirably protective of Aria! (this is something Ezra does particularly well) And as much as I'm obviously in his corner, I still felt sorry for Jackie. It has to bite being passed up for a younger woman you're not even 25.

Ship B: ...they're wonderful even when they're fighting. Yep, yep, now I remember why they got to be on the Top Ten Ships list of the year. This show's total inability to enforce breakups works for me. Awww, Toby, look at you with your handmade rocking chair presents and continued refusal to accept being dumped.

And can I just bring up again how much I like boys who comment on girls' friendships? (see also: Twisted Sisters' Husbands Club, Grey's Anatomy) I tripped over a scene of him pestering Emily about Spencer, too, which normally wouldn't make the cut, but I'm glad I saw it because that's just precious. And the fact that he starts off his whole house lecture with "You can't treat Emily like that" and "I'm just going to watch two people I care about rip into each other?" ... everything is all about protecting people tonight, isn't it? I love it.

Noted: for someone whose persona largely consists of following Spencer around like an oversized puppy, he got very aggressive and threatening last night. It was disturbingly hot. And not necessarily disturbing.
Finally: the sheer outpouring of vitriol aimed at "Work It" made me watch it. Let's be real, the minute something gets labeled sexist, I am immediately 15% more interested in it because I live to rebel. Unfortunately, I made it exactly six and a half minutes in and then I had to bail. The sexism accusations went over my head, if there were any that early, but what I couldn't take was the godawful secondhand embarrassment and painful over-acting. See, Don, this is what happens when you dump Robin Scherbatsky for a job.
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