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This is why I decided to start taping Miami.

I just watched 'Dead Air' for the second time in full - that's not counting the several dozen times I've watched the scenes with Marisol.  New eppy in just an hour!  Ooh, I'm so excited! 

Over the weekend, I was also perusing More Than a Flame because I vaguely recall that I used to like Horatio's sad little attachment to Yelina without him ever really being able to act on it.  I had also, as is always the case when I watch a show for entertainment before I get to know the characters, forgotten most all the longing looks and various other sweet moments.  Of which there were...a TON.  Wow.  How did I not remember that?  It's like, about on par with the volume of moments in CSI original version. I would support that ship.  Stupid notdead Ray. 

There was never a time when I disliked her, but when she left I was only a little bit sad.  Now I'm beginning to really miss her.  If H has to lose Marisol, he ought to at least have someone to go back to.  (Pst!  Drug Lords!  Ray's in Brazil!  Kill him!) 

Still, I'm going to be crying come finale time.  I've absolutely grown to love Marisol.  Well, admittedly, I liked her right from the start, unlike his last romantic interest - like Rebecca Nevins, UGH.  Talk about stiff and formal - and aside from Mari's insistence upon wearing clothing with necklines that plunge to about the waist (hey, Calleigh was showing cleavage last week too.  Maybe she's jealous), she's very sweet. 

Also, just found out some more spoiler-ish news to hurt my heart:

TWO people are dying.  Not one.  Two.  Marisol and someone else.  Noooo!  Unless the other person is Erica Sykes, I will not be happy!  Whacking Natalia would make me really happy too, but I suppose that's not going to happen.  Loserly people in charge.

Horatio and Ryan are my favorite characters, but Calleigh, and especially Alexx, really make my show.  I am now worried that one of them's going to die and the other will end up the mole.  Or maybe one will die AND be the mole.  Oh, I sincerely hope nothing happens to Alexx.  Khandi Alexander absolutely rocks my world, especially in this role.  Whereas NCIS' Ducky is fairly creepy and eccentric when he talks to the bodies as if he actually expects them to talk back, Alexx is more like the gentle shepherdess treating their last remains with utmost respect. 

Seriously, I believe the mole is a woman (if you want to make a REALLY wimpy bet and just choose gender instead of a specific person.  Low payout though, I warn you).  Most of the guys just aren't viable suspects - H and Ryan seem to be working to flush Moley out, Tripp being added to credits list, Eric's life almost ruined by molish other main guys left.

Damn!  Here I was all excited to find out the mole, and stuff, and I had finally come to terms with losing Marisol, and now I want to throw up again!

Also, CSI-ish news...everyone is so 99% focused on 1% of the episode that I forget people other than Grissom and Sara are in it.  I've come to terms with Brass dying, because I never really cared about him anyway.  But now I'm hearing things like "Paul Guilfoyle's contract extended" and remembering things about how Lindsey's supposed to get in a car wreck and be in mortal danger too.  Which super pisses me off, because what good is a grieving Catherine when Warrick's all married up and can't comfort her?!

Lastly, some more spoileriffic CSI: NY news...actually, it's more like spoiler-suckish...

Aiden might be back.  Well, not "back" so much as "discovered in corpse form."  God DAMN it! I liked her, you know.  She was about the only thing that kept me coming back throughout that long, dreary first season.

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