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For all those mourning a certain site being shut down by the government, here is a happy-place distraction: I found this on Tumblr, and I don't know about you, but this is ALL I AM GOING TO SEE every time I hear "Rolling in the Deep" from now on. (knowledge of Glee is not relevant to your enjoyment, but it is from this week's episode) It's been 3 days and I'm still laughing at it.


RS: GIANT SMILEY FACE + UNCONTROLLABLE LAUGHTER. Yes! I will acknowledge it in context solely for this reaction. If they split up I will even consider coming back full time. Consequences! Team Hunt! I could not stop whooping and twirling with delight. (BURN THIS HOUSE DOWN. BURN IT ALL.) Yes, yes, you are finally handling this exactly right. I desperately needed exactly this level of anger and direct, hurtful, accusatory blame to come out. You've actually somehow -- and I have no idea how -- even turned yourselves around enough to get into a position where I could theoretically get back on board this ship. But, again, I fully support all permanent wreckage options since "you don't ever forget that."

P.S. Jackson and April living together on their own? Fine, with the Tagalong Pig. This seems like a step in the right direction.

The Office: Pool Party
Things I loved: the dog dressed like Dwight (and the rest of the cold open), Jim bragging about his party escape artist expertise, Cathy specifically trying to get Jim for a Chicken Fight partner -- smart girl, take advantage while you can -- and Dwight kicking Erin into the pool (I hope someone has made that into a GIF, because I want to watch it on loop forever).

Everything else was incredibly painful and/or nauseating. Although I did hear the distant sound of a thousand distressed fangirls when men started stripping down and Jim opted to flee the scene. It's a tough call -- do you want him classy, or would you forgo that for the opportunity to ogle? Discuss.
Hawaii Five-0: Showed up for the promised relevance of Danny showing up to stand in for MIA husband while Rachel went into labor and/or emergency C-section. It was not quite so fraught with danger or full of Grace as the promos made me believe, but I loved every second of that subplot. I can't quite figure out if it's supposed to give us hope, or if it was just a really nice consolation prize/one last hurrah. Either way, I'm tickled.
Castle, 4x12, "Dial M for Mayor"
Oh, I am so fully on board this season now. I'm pretty much (jinx, knock on wood, etc) guaranteeing right now it's getting an A next
time on State of the Networks. That. Was. Awesome. My first reaction is, "I need to watch every episode immediately!" Then I remember I still have the entirety of season 2 and 3 waiting for me, if it's plot-arc-advancement I want. Alas, what I really want is the current conspiracy plot to move forward, so that Castle & Beckett's respective explosive secrets can come out. I don't know which one I like more, or which one I'm more excited to see exposed. I'm guessing that will happen in the finale and we'll get the summer to be miserable, but I'm excited anyway.

That paragraph is my roundabout way of saying that in just two short months, the show has progressed from barely tolerable, and only when excessively shippy, to excellent at all times and in all respects. Castle disdain aside, Gates continues to be my preferred boss. And I apparently cannot get enough of Castle & Beckett doing anything together, as their working relationship is as much a joy to watch as anything overt (Booth and Bones had nothing on this). I loved that even when there was conflict, it was incredibly tempered and subdued, without particularly escalating into a fight.

Plus, in side squee mode, we had Alexis squealing and kissing his cheek like ten times in a row. I almost didn't register that for some reason she's altered her plans to skip to Stamford Stanford (damn you, Babysitters Club) a semester early, and while that still does not explain why she isn't still in high school, taking fun classes to pass the time and being with her friends, her enthusiasm about finding an internship for work experience almost makes up for her inexplicable life choices.

Oh, and always nice to see Wendell show up in other places now that Bones is a lost cause. Sure, he only shows up to play murderers, but...
Chuck Versus the Bullet Train
I accept your B plot this week for the purposes of Hostage Alex, or specifically Casey's reactions to it (with bonus Erin Cahill guest star power -- see, this is the kind of name that is much more relevant than Bo Derek). But per usual, most of that was a giant waste of time and I wish this show would just be 100% Chuck and Sarah. I'll even let you have Casey be part of it if you leave Morgan at home and keep focus strictly on mission work.

The A plot Brought It, though. His reaction to finding out about the Intersect, the happy calm that settled over me when she was still ready to give it up at a moment's notice for their future and not sidetracked by the shiny skill set, a quick sidebar for some practice baby-making (*approves*), and a sweet hypothetical drawing whose significance we had no way of knowing would blow up to insane proportions by the end. Moving along to my favorite part, the Intersect going haywire, and Chuck To The Computer Geek Rescue. I literally had to bite my knuckles to keep from squealing aloud every time he reached over and touched her hand. I even liked most of the regular action plot, fraught with annoying hand to hand combat as it was. (you've seen one fight scene, you've seen them all. Nobody cares, Sean Chuck. [Scrubs might be on right now])

Aaaaand then the ending happened and got real devastating, real fast. You're, uh, going to fix this, right? Without any long term damage? Because I'm obviously all for amnesia plots, especially if resolved in epic ways, but I can't handle another Donna Noble conclusion even a little bit. I want the future in the drawing and I want it without any complications or Intersects or spy business at all, except possibly as consultants. These are my demands. Having been watching for the duration of 12 new episodes, I have clearly earned it.
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