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Looks like a solo tonight

Checked out the Warblers soundtrack from the library, figuring I was now in the market for them. Turns out trying to overcome my hatey prejudice against all but the 5 tracks I specifically like is harder than I thought. Come follow me on a disorganized journey of discovery, and keep in mind how prone I was to skipping Warblers scenes last season, so that means we've got all kinds of new reactions.

I was planning to play it straight through, but I looked at it and lost all willpower right off the bat. Teenage Dream: NEVER! Hey, Soul Sister -- ugh, way too much history with stabbing the "switch stations" button when the original came on the radio. Silly Love Songs -- I skipped you after five seconds in the episode, probably for a reason. Candles -- shut up, Kurt. And I don't even know what the last two are, so I automatically don't trust them.

I'm starting on on Bills, Bills, Bills, the one toward which I am relatively neutral. Silly Love Songs is going to gain ground next, I think, with McCartney credit. And then maybe I will give Soul Sister a whirl; it seems like the kind of thing Blaine could work his magic on. Following that, I suspect I will remember my ability to stand Kurt's voice in duet on occasion; hello Candles. The two at the end next...and then we'll see if I can tolerate something called "Animal," which I suspect was from the irredeemable episode and will not like.

Plan, Interrupted: (I got bored and skipped ahead)
Candles!! This is a genuine surprise, as I've never heard it before. I blew right past it the first time I saw the episode, and every time I went through the episode after that, because a) Kurt was involved, and b) I assumed it was something dreadfully boring from Broadway, or something 40-50 years old.

I can't believe how contemporary and pretty (musically AND lyrically) it is, although my first reaction was certainty that this should be sung as a male and female duet, or a girl alone, and turns out that's how the original is. Now I'm torn. I am inherently drawn to the original -- this is something that would totally fit on The Music List, with all the excellent lyrics -- but she also has a bit of a raw, scratchy sound to her voice, whereas Glee always puts this smooth, polished edge on it. I have abandoned all plans to get further in the CD tonight and am just going back and forth between the two versions of this now. And on a related note, I've got to zip off to some sort of video clip site to collect the latest stop on the Kurt/Blaine tour. *fist pump* Brand new Glee for me!

[edit: breathtaking. Now I get what everyone was talking about! You know, Kurt, you keep this up and I might one day even let you sing with Rachel.]

[edit the second: Yeah, I just listened to the original "Candles" like, nine times in a row, so Hey Monday's getting top billing on the Music List. But the Warblers will definitely get a b-note mention.]

Meandering Around
++ "When I Get You Alone" was one of the five on my pre-approved list, by the way. I can't help it. Gross lyrics and all, it is just so catchy, and has such fun memories associated with it. (the others on the list, for organizational purposes, include Misery, Blackbird, Raise Your Glass and Somewhere Only We Know)

Bills, Bills, Bills is still boring me to death.

+Silly Love Songs is faster/more upbeat than I remember it being, and much more entertaining.

Hey Soul Sister: ...the only music is a ukelele. They have actually made this song worse. No, now I remember why I complained about the Warblers getting numbers all the way to Regionals -- they made a terrible first, second, and third impression. (that said, I've upgraded it to "tolerable listening as part of a set")

*bites bullet* --Teenage Dream: AHAHA. How do you take something seriously when a guy is singing "You think I'm pretty without any makeup on"? Oh, and in case you were unclear about why I loathe this song, it's because I like to live my life without people singing stuff like "Let's go all the way tonight" in my ear. That's just how it is. Ask Matthew Morrison how he got himself blacklisted in my book as an independent recording artist.

-What Kind of Fool: Here is who can sing slow ballads: female singer-songwriters who have written incredible lyrics. Here is who cannnot: everyone else, including you.

--Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?: I don't. That's the thing about you, "sexy" is not among my list of adjectives for you. It is specifically banned from the list of adjectives. This song makes me nauseous.

--Animal: oh. this is the one I thought was called "I Want Some More." Awful! This song drives me insane. It's worse than Katy Perry, even, it's so dumb.

While we're on the topic of Glee music, I got my hands on Volume 7 too (season 3 -- that was fast), and tomorrow we'll test my theory that I would hate fewer songs if I tried to accept them all as part of a CD full of happy sounds, rather than evaluating them in performance context.
And now, the regular edition of the news.

CSI, 12x11, "Ms. Willows Regrets"
Wow. When you go out on good terms, CSI writes you out in style. That was gripping and compelling without relent from the first minute to the last, hammering home at every turn just how very attached to Catherine I have gotten over the last few years. I've practically elevated her to goddess status at this point, and not least because I have extremely low confidence in her replacement based on the character description, and I feel like no can possibly live up to Catherine's perfect mix of maturity, passion for the job, and deepening a sense of family among the team from the day she took the reins (even if they aren't hers anymore).

They did an excellent job of immediately fleshing out the friendship between her and Laura and creating a very strong rapport. Their friendship is one of the best things I've seen in a long time. Cath sold every inch of the anger and ultimate despair when it came to her safety. (and as an aside, why haven't we seen more of Catherine's mom? She seems way cooler than Sam Braun)

They saved the best hat trick for the end, though -- I thought we were going to our To Be Continued bar when there were still 15 minutes left (I appreciate you moving the pace along, though, to pack more in). Color me shocked when Agent Charming McFlirtypants went up flames along with Laura. So shocked that I refuse to accept their deaths just yet. It ain't over 'til it's over. Denial is lovely. And yes I see you over there sad-sacking it around, Vartann. Bittersweet memories over there, but probably best left in the past. Once in a while, I accept things that are nice but just don't work out.

The shoot-em-up ending took my shock and dropped it on its head again. AWESOME HIGH STAKES, GUYS. By that point it was like we'd already gotten half of part 2. There must be a completely insane amount of stuff getting done next week, is all I can say. I'm also glad that, unlike Grissom's exit, we don't have to wait between parts.
Law & Order: SVU, 13x12, "Official Story"
Harry Connick Jr: excellent on Will & Grace, excellent here. Oh, this is swoon-worthy. Please feel free to continue sweeping Olivia off her feet; I think we were all as pleasantly surprised by your crusader stance as she was. 

But the star power of the hour really belongs to the Amaros, cheating accusations having apparently been left behind overseas because tonight they were incredibly cute and perfect together and seriously, Stabler who? Amaro has now officially beaten him on every level there is. I don't think I've ever been this tickled by a relationship in the entire Law & Order franchise. Add the adorable daughter, and maybe some hot lunging at scumbags with "You talked to my daughter, you threatened my wife?!", and I know I'm locked into this show for the rest of its life with him around.

Extremely compelling case, too. I guess this was the one where the Occupy Wall Street bums threw a hissy fit and wreaked havoc on location because production dared to try and profit off their super credible and self-important movement by including it in their show? Pfft. We don't want you anyway. But the script raised some really terrifying ideas about bad people being above the law overseas. At a certain point I was just gaping at the screen in disbelief. This is...not one of those ones that's based on a headline, is it? People are so busy telling us about how 25% of all women are or will become victims that it crowds out legitimately scary threats like conspiracy to brutally gang rape.
Private Practice, 5x12, "Losing Battles"
Wow. That was really, really good. I'm always so surprised when this show goes well.

Victim's Advocate: Man, nobody ever gives husbands the benefit of the doubt when it comes to single-strike occasions. I cannot believe there isn't a single husband out there who has lost control once and only once because it was truly out of character, and not just a pattern of escalation. Boo, show! Boo! I was giving him so much benefit that even after he showed up at the hospital, I was convinced he really was innocent and some random other person in her life had beaten her up. I even felt sorry for him not being allowed to see her. Hah! At the rate he was going, he was probably prepared to tamper with her IV and inject air bubbles. 

On the other hand, it made for a totally compelling plot. I loved Violet sticking to her stubborn guns no matter what. When he broke into her house, I was so tense I was on the literal edge of my seat, leaning forward. And since I haven't learned my lesson about giving benefit of the doubt...dare I take Pete's reaction to her being hurt as a good sign? See what happens when you aren't there to protect her? (ignoring the fact that she wouldn't have taken her in if there hadn't been somewhere else to send Lucas) And how does that make you feel? And what have you learned from your answer to the previous question?

By the same logic, you'd better tell me that her running off to Scuzzy Prison Vibe Dude is meant to further bother Pete, because I cannot accept that you would so utterly squander hurt/comfort like that.

Upset that her place has turned into The Murder House, though, and that this is probably the last straw as far as staying there. I like that house. It's pretty, it's cute, and a lot of positive stuff has happened here. I don't want to leave it.

Wannabe Mama: You're only tabling the baby making options so you can hit on Jake, right? Because I approve this message. (as far as all the surrogates being I crazy, or aren't there some kind of guidelines in place to make sure that surrogates AREN'T doing it solely for the money? I thought I read something about not wanting to create some kind of second-class "breeder" status that somehow targeted and stigmatized poor people, or... Whatever. I still think being a surrogate sounds ideal, if you are lucky enough to pass all the health & genetic standards, because you get paid for the relief of not having to raise a baby at the end, while simultaneously feeling good about yourself for making people's dreams come true -- people whose highest priority is being great parents. Oh hey, Maury The High Horse, haven't seen you around here in a while.)

I loved Amelia offering to be her surrogate, though. I understand why she can't, but I see why she offered, because it would be so perfect. And the way she said it was so quiet and subdued and genuine and uncharacteristically giving that I was melting on the spot. Favorite scene of the night.

Mama: I'm glad that Erica stood her ground and defended her right to a shorter yet higher quality life. I'm equally glad that Amelia gave her an honest answer.

Don't Wanna Be Mama: Oh, of course! Of course this week Cooper will break down crying in guilt over feeling grateful that Erica is sick because it's the only way he would have met Mason, and Charlotte will be there to hold him and otherwise put six dead-on shots through the bullseye on the target labeled "The Art of Perfecting Hurt/Comfort for RS." I can't even argue this one or twist it around for other people; I have to accept that I love it as-is.

Edit: geeze. A person with no knowledge of seasons 1-3 would mistake them for an ideal couple.

And this doesn't belong anywhere because I tried to block most of the "where to pick up ladies" discussion out -- seriously, who picks someone up at a gym? You're sweaty and gross. Any sane woman should be turned off immediately. Not even Taye Diggs can pull this look off, and he is extremely close to a god -- but I spat out my drink laughing at Amelia's wise note that all Sam has to do to get dates is post a shirtless picture of himself with "Dr. Bennett" on the top.
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