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CSI, 12x12, "Willows in the Wind" (week #2 of TBT: The Beautiful Titles)

Alternate title lyrics: She talked a perfect game, deflecting all the blame -- Aimee Mann, "Driving Sideways"

Well, that took some expectations and turned them on their head. If anything, I expected Agent McFlirtypants to be the one who was still alive. All the work I did guarding against looking stupid, and there I am with all my enthusiastic statements about Catherine & Laura's friendship. I'm feeling a little toyed with here.

But it was another hour of riveting excitement, with awesomely confusing double-crossing and fake deaths, and I'm glad that there's enough evidence to support Agent McFl McQuaid playing the tragic hero at the end. Loved that they squeezed in a round of emergency gunshot patchwork -- and yes, I'll be busy passing that scenario around to various Grissom, Sara, Morgan, Nick and Greg combinations for a while -- without making it too deathly serious. Unrealistic or not.

As my mom aptly laughed midway through, "It's turning into a comedy!" (See: them covertly coming back to the lab in body bags.) I don't know about you, but I got very attached to the sassy hooker. I will even admit to laughing at Russell complaining that his wife just assumes he's at a strip club for a scene as opposed to kicks.

I do not and will never love him or any dynamic he's involved in, but it worked because he provided a solid sounding board for Catherine to play off. I loved the trip down memory lane to remind us how she got started in this job, and ancient episode references. I liked the scene she shared with Sara. All in all, it was a relatively anti-climatic way to play her out, and in its own way, that was good. It wasn't a giant tragedy propelling her out the door, it wasn't burnout, it wasn't even a conscious desire to leave. I love that it really just took an opportunity piled on top of reflection to nudge her onto a new course. 

They warned me the second to last scene would make me cry, and of course it did. The absolutely perfect goodbye speech. I especially appreciate that she made time to hug Sara and Nick, and while I'm not crazy about how quick the fade to black was, Greg just barely squeaks in there for his before they disappear.

As for the real ending, a late-night diner stop with just Morgan? Full on tears streaming / down your face moment.** Could your Circle of CSI demonstration be any more complete? Nope. I miss her already.

**Sentient Windows Media Player, you are on fire. It literally met me with that lyric while I was typing it out.
E!Online is doing its annual couples poll, you know, the one famous for its errors and accusations of vote-tampering and still crowning Jeff/Annie from The Little Comedy That Struggles as the 2011 champions. Go play! Go marvel at what a grossly disproportionate amount of space is represented by Glee!

Of course, we all know how totally safe it is for me to participate in shipping polls.
Feelings so far:

1. Jim/Pam versus Callie/Arizona
HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH. Self, has there ever been an easier voting choice?

2. Self: NOPE. Although Chuck(/Sarah) versus the Brittana, which bears eerie resemblance to the above, is pretty close.

3. Finn/Rachel vs. Castle/Beckett. Wow. That's a dilemma too. /sarcasm.

4. Barney/Robin vs. Dan/Blair of Gossip Girl fame? Well, I voted GG. On principle. Because I've had enough of HIMYM jerking me around, and I've had enough of GG girl fans being gross about Chuck/Blair, since everything I have ever read about him paints him in nothing short of an abhorrent light and I genuinely don't understand how it is possible to ship that, whereas Dan is a) adorable, and b) apparently a longterm piner. Yet somehow, Dan/Blair is the distinct minority in the fandom, based on every comment ever posted to an article with Gossip Girl spoilers. Who knew I had such strong feelings on the matter, especially since I've never seen the show except in a clip of Chuck punching a window?

5. Puck/Quinn vs. Mike/Molly, a/k/a "Battle of Awesome Ladies Saddled With Hideous Wastes of Space." The latter male has less repulsive hair and is a cop as opposed to a juvenile delinquent, so they get my vote.

6. In the case of Marshall/Lily vs. Kurt/Blaine, I am going to shatter the very foundations of my shipping bylaws by choosing the boys over a married couple with a baby on the way. Who am I! As Johnny the Tackling Alzheimer's Patient might say (while tackling someone). Once again, I may be watching Scrubs right now.

P.S. portions of my flist will be happy to know I voted for Sam/Andy on principle, since I had nothing better to choose. They will have my support only as long as they go up against unknowns or hatefuls, but it's there.

Bold Statements; I respectfully request that one of the following four win -- Jim/Pam, Kurt/Blaine, Chuck/Sarah, Castle/Beckett. I can't narrow my #1 pick any better that. There are still plenty of viable options I would be OK with, since these things rarely go my way, but like to pedantically stress my favorites in case the universe pays attention. If all else fails, please let Kurt and Blaine get farther than Brittana. It is an all-out civil war between these couples in my head.

2/1 edit: 75% knocked out in the first round, and Britanna's still in it. I hate people.

This news from Sundance seemed relevant to my interests: [Josh] Radnor may have a bigger hit on his hands with Liberal Arts, in which he plays a 35-year-old bookish type who returns to his old university stomping grounds (filmed at Radnor's actual alma mater, Kenyon College) to visit his favorite professor (Richard Jenkins) and ends up falling in love with a co-ed sixteen years his junior (Elizabeth Olsen)

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