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Glee Reviews: Masterlink Post

Feb 2012: It's just time I did this. I read these all the time and I'm tired of having to skip back twice just to get to season 2. It's ridiculous! So here, mostly for myself, are shortcuts to reviews (posting date changed to keep it out of the way). Random extras I feel are relevant have been added in. Where I had particularly interesting or important cut text, I included it in parentheses with quotes.

[interim updates][Feb 2014 Update: This page is not broken. I am that behind on Glee. I don't hate it. I love it so much my heart hurts, and that's why I can't watch it until I can fully devote hours of squee to it like I did before. I'm just terribly, terribly busy.]

[November 2014 Update: Still behind, but new reason: now I hate Glee, so I've jealously guarded season 5 away in my lair, intent on preserving it because now that I know it's the last good season, it's even more precious and important not to squander it. It has been transformed into a Doctor Who-esque property, to be viewed in relative isolation and experienced differently.]

[September 2016 update: I've basically elected to never officially finish this show (see prior updates if you've forgotten why). Optimism forever!]


5x01: Love, Love Love ("Hey, remember how Klaine got nothing in the finale? Today is their All.")
(+ Early reaction to filming spoilers)
5x15: Bash [partial: Klaine scenes only]
5x20: The Untitled Rachel Berry Project [semi-complete: mostly Klaine scenes]

4x01: The New Rachel ("You think you've seen character assassination? I'll show you character assassination!")
4x02: Britney 2.0
4x03: Makeover ("I don't know who I am, who I am without you")
4x04: The Breakup ("We were meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it")
(+ its supplemental tag)
4x05: The Role You Were Born To Play
4x06: Glease ("Your mouth is poison / your mouth is wine")
4x07: Dynamic Duets ("Please remind me who I really am")
4x08: Thanksgiving ("If you get lost, you can always be found")
4x09: Swan Song ("What can you do when your good isn't good enough?")
4x10: Glee, Actually ("What's wrong with a story that's a little sad, or a song that's a little depressing? You come away wanting to die, that's what.")
4x11: Sadie Hawkins
4x12: Naked ("You are not what I thought you were")
4x13: Diva ("Santana comes back and Blaine is sick. Guess which one I care about.")
4x14: I Do ("#emmasayidont is suddenly the least of my concerns")
4x15: Girls (and Boys) on Film ("Come What May. Including Adam. To whom I dedicated half this post because now I love him, apparently.")
4x16: Feud (" Glorious crackfest of hilarity! Which includes the violence and name-calling.")
4x17: Guilty Pleasures ("BLAM! Also Hummelberry and new fan favorite ship, Kruce.")
4x18: Shooting Star ("The crime drama fairy came to visit my favorite characters. Magic ensued.")
(+ initial Feelings Explosion)
4x19: Sweet Dreams ("Wow. That was really not enjoyable, and also very, very lame.")
4x20: Lights Out ("So basically it looks like a season 3 episode?")
4x21: Wonder-ful ("HUGS, STUPID MARRIAGE TALK, CONCERNED LOOKS, DIRTY FLIRTY LOOKS, HANDS, TOUCHING HANDS, HUGS EVERYWHERRRRE, and then I think people other than Blaine and Kurt had storylines maybe idk")
4x22: All Or Nothing ("in the case of Klaine, closer to nothing.")
12 Things I Loved (And 12 I Didn't) In Season 4
Top 25 Season 4 Glee Performances: Day 1 || Day 2 || Day 3 || Day 4 || Day 5
In which I ramble about the effects of Cory Monteith's death for a really, really long time.
And when they decided Finn's fate.
3x01: The Purple Piano Project ("The moment of truth: will Glee recover, or is it permanently broken?")
3x02: I Am Unicorn
3x03: Asian F ("When you ship someone and it goes to waste, could it be worse?")
3x04: Pot O' Gold
(+ pre-airing rage at "The First Time" based on a TV Line spoiler article)
3x05: The First Time (Title: "You were in love, or so you said" ... Cut text: "You should know better.")
(+ a comparison between Glee & West Side Story, the film)
(+ a second look at previously-skipped scenes)
3x06: Mash-Off ("Why don't you have a husband, Sue? Is there something you're not telling us?")
(+ a second look at 3x01-3x04 and 3x06)
3x07: I Kissed a Girl ("They're called secrets for a reason")
3x08: Hold On to 16 ("Best. Sectionals. Ever.")
3x09: Extraordinary Merry Christmas ("No one does Christmas like Glee does Christmas")
(New Year's Kurt/Blaine Shipping Tour)
3x10: Yes/No ("alternate title, Furt: The Remix")
(RS Explores the Warblers CD)
3x11: Michael ("The One With All The Hurt/Comfort")
3x12: The Spanish Teacher ("The English language lacks the requisite words to express just how much I dislike you.")
3x13: Heart ("Everybody wants to live happily ever after / Everybody wants to know their true love is true")
(+ script excerpt reactions)
3x14: On My Way
("second look" reviews of Blame It On The Alcohol, Sexy and Born This Way, plus the season 1 DVD)
("Date Night With DVDs" - more random thoughts from seasons 1& 2)
3x15: Big Brother ("Quinn-centric AND Blaine-centric? Heart attack of joy.")
3x16: Saturday Night Glee-ver ("Wow, that was...quite the parade of torture. I'm not sure I've ever been more miserable watching this show.")
3x17: Dance With Somebody ("OTP! And...maybe some other things, but mostly just that.")
3x18: Choke ("Pretend I'm okay with it all / act like there's nothing wrong")
3x19: Prom-asaurus ("And the cynics were outraged / screaming 'this is absurd' ")
3x20: Props ("Glee remembers Tina exists, is awesome")
3x21: Nationals ("There were moments of gold and there were flashes of light")
3x22: Goodbye ("For what it's worth, it was worth all the while")
(+ additional post-ep fics & season rankings)

Top 25 Season 3 Glee Performances: Day 1 || Day 2 || Day 3 || Day 4 || Day 5
"Christmas In August" tag - reactions to Santa Murphy's deleted scene release project
season 3 DVD: special features overview
2x01: Audition ("Let's just all remember that no matter what, we had one relatively resplendent season that no one can take away from us. ...  Not even this episode, with its one awesome thing amidst a big ball of suck. I never claimed this blog required courage, Kurt!")
(+ extended sidebar on "Empire State of Mind")
2x02: Britney/Brittany ("Okay, I'm pretty sure none of that happened.")
2x03: Grilled Cheesus ("If heart attacks are caused by loving too much, then I should be totally safe watching this.")
2x04: Duets ("This episode was 100% devoid of Puck AND Sue AND Emma, and yet it still managed to be like the Little Glee Club of Horrors.")
2x05: Rocky Horror Glee ("Forget hate. Now I just want to kill them all. ... Except Becky. Possibly Carl. And...Sue.")
2x06: Never Been Kissed ("Season 1? Is - is that you? . . . And we're back to the world in which Will is wonderful!")
2x07: The Substitute ("What a glorious feeling - I'm happy again!")
(extra post: 30 Days of Glee: The 1-day survey)
2x08: Furt
2x09: Special Education ("Sectionals: the non-fun version.")
2x10: A Very Glee Christmas ("The following has taken 2700 years to finish and turned into a multimedia experience. Merry Christmas, Future Me.") -- p.s. scroll up or you'll miss a full paragraph.
2x11: The Sue Sylvester Shuffle ("Azimio would like you to know he will NOT be singing show tunes. That is the music of his oppressors.")
2x12: Silly Love Songs
2x13: Comeback ("In which I: love the music, fall apart in a maelstrom of anguish and despair, recommend a fic/author, love nearly everything else, and ultimately decide this episode defies all odds and is relatively spectacular. In that order.")
2x14: Blame it on the Alcohol ("WORST THING ACROSS ALL OF TELEVISION SO FAR THIS YEAR. It is going to take me like 48 hours just to stop shaking from all the anger.")
(extra post: Sam Evans Tour Of Revisited Scenes)
2x15: Sexy ("Do you know what kind of disgusting images I'm going to have to look at to get this out of my head?")
2x16: Original Song
2x17: A Night of Neglect ("Or A Night Made Awesome By The League of Doom?")
2x18: Born This Way
(+ extended sidebar on "I Feel Pretty/Unpretty")
2x19: Rumours ("I'm thinking close to 95, 96% perfection here")
2x20: Prom ("Who do you think you are, runnin' round leaving scars?")
2x21: Funeral
2x22: New York ("Will we ever have a happy ending, or will we forever only be pretending?")

Top 25 Season 2 Glee Performances: Day 1 || Day 2 || Day 3 || Day 4 || Day 5
[otherwise, still working on this section]
[Before we start, BEHOLD: My first and second posts that ever mentioned Glee]

1x01: Pilot
(+ brief reaction to extended version)
1x02: Showmance (partial)
1x03-1x04: Acafellas & Preggers (all jumbled together with more on Showmance)
1x05: The Rhodes Not Taken
1x06: Vitamin D
1x07: Throwdown
1x08: Mashup (note: scroll up for first paragraph)
1x09: Wheels
(extra post: early shipping orientation)
1x10: Ballad ("This post contains 5,000+ words, multiple pictures, and linkage. Therefore, it is Epic.")
(+ initial feelings explosion)
1x11: Hairography (+ initial feelings explosion)
1x12: Mattress ("Overall, if you can see past all the anguish and woe, you'll find relatively little straight-up negativity. How curious.")
1x13: Sectionals
(extra post: fandom survey: Glee)
1x14: Hell-O
1x15: The Power of Madonna
1x16: Home
1x17: Bad Reputation ("Come for the fic recs. I have at least one you don't want to miss.")
1x18: Laryngitis ("only about half was worth watching. It does contain 2 of my favorite musical performances of all time, though.")
[+ reaction to preview for Dream On]
1x19: Dream On ("warning: only the lack of pictures is stopping this post from being tagged Epic, so...proceed with caution.")
[+ initial feelings explosion]
1x20: Theatricality
1x21: Funk
1x22: Journey [+ initial feelings explosion]

SUMMER 2010:
[reaction to excerpt from "Glee: The Beginning"]
[Glee's inclusion on the 30 Day TV Show Meme: Best New Show]
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