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Today was a fairytale, I wore a dress

1. So I watched Gossip Girl for the first time.

First things first, I would like to think of this as the series finale. That way I am both satisfied (without giving the show an opportunity to mess things up) and not tempted to watch it next week.
Will I still stalk Tumblr/Ausiello for constant updates on the hypothetical progress of Dan/Blair from now on? Yes.

But more than anything, I am shocked by how many characters I find instantly delightful. Like, all of them! Obviously I came in most fond of Dan, but right off the bat, I'm querying whether this show can just be all about Dan & Nate's bromance, because that single walk-and-talk made me so happy. Get me all the information on this Nate character, stat, because I am also newly interested in the way the catering girl caught his eye, and busy making up my own fanciful stories about their future relationship. I like her sass and his foot-in-mouth sheepishness and how their totally opposite backgrounds inform preconceived assumptions about one another, along with how those might change.

Georgina: THE BEST. No, really; even before the final reveal (by which point I was just cackling and kicking my feet up in the air for joy while rolling around in a field of fresh daisies), I took a shine to her special brand of crazy/evil and declared her my favorite girl. Scandal! Vengeance! Possible literal insanity! I want it all.

I am surprised by how...sweet Serena is. I have just always assumed her to be the slutty party girl wild-child of the group. Am I confusing her with the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants character played by Blake Lively, or has she changed over the series? Because right now she's a lot more appealing than I thought, and even sympathetic enough that I was awww-ing over her unrequited love for an oblivious Dan, and even though I was baptized into the Church of Dair, I would not hate this direction if they turned his focus around. (I say that, but it's possible I only sympathized with the idea of her heart being broken/missing her chance.)

Blair, I am on the fence about after her gross confession of eternal love. She, too, is sweeter than I expected -- I thought she was a mean girl? But apparently she is like a kitten -- but a little boring. Right now she's most interesting to me as a relationship prop and/or for looking really pretty in the right attire. So pretty in her bridal gown with the long, loose hair. I am going to call her Princess Blair from now on no matter what happens. It suits her.

The one person about whom I have not changed my mind is Chuck. That dude is the worst. He oozes sleaze from every pore. How do you even look at his face without wanting to punch it? I admit they threw me for a loop by giving him a dog -- WHAT IS THAT. HOW LONG HAS HE HAD IT? IS IT OFTEN IN SCENES WITH HIM? DAMN IT, SHOW -- but then we pretty quickly clarified that Chuck/Blair makes me want to kill myself, so.

The other person who changed my mind (in a bad way) was Louis. I will totally cop to being delighted when they ended up getting married despite her transgression, and not just because it kept her locked up away from Chuck for a while. Louis seemed like a perfectly acceptable, if not particularly interesting, and upstanding dude. I was calm and nodding my head, going, "Okay. Yeah, okay. Dan would have been nice, but he can be her second chance and right now, this is perfectly doable." I beamed all the way through their cake-feeding and smiled at the lovely picture they made on the dance floor...and then he dropped his Douche Bomb. Wow. I'm guessing this was not an isolated incident, given how long people have been complaining in comments about this wedding -- until now, I just assumed they were all disgruntled Chair fans -- so that's quite a turn-off.

It was riiiight about this point, when my heart was bleeding for the way Blair keeps walking herself into emotionally abusive relationships, that my desires for Dan to play Heroic Rescuer kicked into full force.

AND THEN THAT HAPPENED. Do I think anything's going to come from it? No idea. Probably not. Certainly not in the immediate future. But this is why I want it to be a series finale -- I like the idea of the aftermath being a mystery. How Serena reacts to being ignored, what Chuck's next rage fit will involve, how Blair's going to navigate this whole technically-being-married thing, Georgina's future endeavors as a life ruiner -- all of those will be interesting when explored, but nothing is quite as satisfying as a reveal that despite everything you thought, this is where the story was always leading: after escaping the dark prince and the false prince, her white knight drops everything to whisk her away, no questions asked.  And the lost princess and her champion were never heard from again.

P.S. Just realized why I am being so positive about GG: my limited exposure to it has been completely devoid of sexual content (even kissing), so much so that I've completely forgotten the "OMG" posters that clarify everything about why this show is awful. It's usually way grosser, is it not?

2. I love how I completely forgot that Castle isn't airing a new episode until next week. I am so on top of connecting "sweeps period" with the right month. But that's OK; I hung out with "Demons" and had a total blast. Every episode of season 4 seems to have been dipped in a different shade of gold.

-Oh dear lord, every time I think Castle and Alexis cannot possibly be more adorable together, there they are, finding new ways. [for future reference: horror movie night.] Can she be rejected by all her colleges and have to spend next year living at home and interning or taking intro classes online? If not, can she just freak out An Off Year style once she gets to college, and end up living at home for another year that way? Father/daughter version of Grey Gardens FTW.

(oh, and I should mention somewhere in here that I have lost most of my vitriol toward Ashley since a) they broke up, and b) I found out he was played by Ken Baumann, so that's helpful going forward. Well, going backward, technically)

-Ahhh, so that's when Esplanie (that's what we call them, right? it's just too long typing out both names) broke up. I've always wondered. Jenny! What is wrong with you? Why do your actions constantly cause me annoyance?

-The haunted house plot of this episode was magnificent. Just magnificent, that's all I have the words for. I'd seen a bunch of these clips out of context, at least the ones where they're investigating by themselves after dark, but they are so much greater as part of the whole. I cannot think of a single thing I did not love about this hour, basically.

3. You have no idea how hysterically I am laughing at the 10,000 pirate!Blaine jokes on Tumblr right now. IT DOES NOT END. There's a new one about every twelve seconds. I am going to be so sad in the future that I am not recording any of 'em...but I'm having too much fun to stop.
4. CSI: Miami, 10x13, "Terminal Velocity"
As always: you give me a reason to show up, and I'll write about you. Today's reason: Grant Gustin.

I have been looking forward to this for a while, hoping to see Sebastian Smythe in a going-to-jail context. Neither of our twins were quite as evil as hoped (or at all), but I ended up liking it better that way. I have grown very fond of Gustin's smirky little meerkat face over the past week, for reasons that will be revealed tomorrow, so the unexpected Wilson's Disease factor hit me just right. Hooray for the surprise ending; now all I'm thinking about is their future family bonding. Plus we get excellent fandom-mixer posts like this. [edit: also, heh, it causes ontd_glee to add a new tag for the actor as "you kill our donor dad?"]

Speaking of fandoms colliding, it is so incredibly weird to have Finn's mom suddenly being Sebastian's. Even weirder considering that she started off as a lab tech on CSI. Then you throw in Elisabeth Rohm as the single, sperm donor + surrogate-using mother, and that just seems incredibly like something her Law & Order character would do.

And no, in case you were wondering, nothing the main cast did was relevant to my interest in the episode at all. Except for producing a picture of a grieving father's little girl that was recycled from a character so many seasons ago I can't even count. I laughed at the laziness.
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