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Thrilling Thursday

That was some rock-solid television tonight. Sweeps period: restoring my faith in television, one show at a time.

A. Should it worry me that I consistently choose to watch Wipeout over recently-deemed-borderline-acceptable 30 Rock now? Even though nothing on earth will convince me to watch 30 Rock online later if I miss it, when 7:00 rolls around, I am desperate just to watch people flip and flail.

B. The Office, 8x14, "Special Project"
So I think we have another bid for top three of the season on our hands. Show, coming alive!

I don't know how it happened, but I loved every second of this except for the godawful-boredom parts that involved Darryl. I don't understand what they are doing with him and Val + guest appearance by Weird Warehouse Guy, because it is literally the most uninteresting thing I have ever seen. It would be more exciting to watch them walk in circles.

The teaser was adorable. Granted, the rageful part of me is not amused by Angela's completely unrealistic "lol had baby 4 days ago, back to work and all excess weight gone" storyline, as well as kind of depressed by what this implies about her maternal instinct/lack thereof. This is pretty much the worst way to do a baby plotline since Bones. Buuuuut, the tolerant part of me loves having her around to make Pam feel bad, especially if she's being a baking fiend, and then of course there is Pam and her adorable self. Enough said. I am so happy she's back! Even if their solution is to immediately split her and Jim up again for the next 2 or 3 episodes. No, that's a solid plan. Wise thinking.

I love when power goes to Dwight's head, especially when he doesn't really have any at all (witness: cuss-riddled meltdown as most of his picks are replaced with worse ones). I love how central both Jim and Pam were to this plotline, especially all her text-message advising, which to my shock, didn't even immediately blow up in her face in the name of "humor is when people embarrass themselves." It will much more subtly blow up in her face later! Must stop alluding to last minute before I get there. But I'm so excited!

I know we're not actually getting rid of Erin, but wouldn't it be GREAT if she just got lost in Florida and was never seen again? I'm going to make this happen, in my head. Her consciously choosing to leave is less exciting, but would still work for me.


Cracked up at Ryan's PowerPoint about how either he or Kelly should be picked as the edgy youth component of the group. Him or Kelly. Not both. Ideally him. But either one. This, too, will horribly blow up in our faces. #the spoilers hurt meeeeee.

OK, let's just get to me cackling with delight at the final minute: "CATHY! You are a conniving ho bag! ...and I like it." Slow claps for all! I cannot wait for this. Mostly because I am laughing myself silly at how she has somehow interpreted Jim and Pam's marriage as "not good," and cannot wait to find out more about how she has come to this conclusion. I imagine she also thinks that high fives are a form of aggression, and that giving someone the right of way in an aisle means you want to bed them. She clearly has a very special view of the world here.

Anyway, I'm delighted both because it will finally give her pretty-but-rather-pointless character something to do, and also because it genuinely entertains me to have this random reveal that she has Crazy Eyes and is plotting nefarious deeds to (presumably) hook up with the guy who just had a new baby. No, you're right, that is clearly what's happening here, Cathy. Everyone can see he only has eyes for you. Stalker Chick, Ahoy!

I am going to be extremely disappointed if this plan of hers -- which was technically only implied -- is anything less than her boldly propositioning him so I can watch him smack her down like the hand of God. Or, more like, become adorably frazzled. And have an immediate need to call Pam. There are so many ways this could go down, but they all basically boil down to me chuckling at the people having SPAZZ FESTS about how they will stop watching the show if Jim cheats on Pam. They totally will!!!11!!

Sure. Cause that seems like a definite possibility. How long have you watched this show?

In conclusion: so, so happy.

Up next: Bring it on, Florida episodes! I didn't even realize until today that they will also be containing Nellie Bertram. Fanning away emotional breakdown Miss-America style here.
C. Grey's Anatomy, 8x14, "All You Need Is Love"
Edited for relevance, by which I mean Owen and/or Cristina scenes.

I missed 12 minutes tonight because Kym had to go outside and eat grass (or actually, chew dead leaves. She likes those better in winter), but GA has not quite crawled back to the point where that's a big enough issue for me to care. I saw a whole bunch of scenes I was looking forward to, so there we are.

Cristina's "he's going to leave me" walk-n-talk was a good start. We are all kinds of vulnerable and insecure and helpless against her fate in this moment, and I am all over it. I'm glad she still has self-respect and dignity under all that, with her refusal to beg, but at the same time...when she said that, I tilted my hand, then shot a wriggling hand into the air. Once called upon, I politely declared, "I would listen if she begged." translation: that is a challenge, show. Try me and see.

Meanwhile, Owen pushing her out of the path of a car? Wonderful! Went down exactly the way I wanted, because look, you still care about her enough that your instinct says you don't actually want her to be hurt (despite death wishes I may have made last week). I wanted her to have that look of hoping that it meant more than it did. Maybe if she'd actually gotten hurt, it would have. But instead, once you verify that she's okay, you remember why you don't want to be around her right now, and you walk away. *thumps desk in resounding approval* This show and its damn fine work of portraying my every exact feeling and reaction through him, I cannot get over how successful it is.

Speaking of which, Cristina's eyes shimmering with tears behind him in the elevator, quietly accepting the news of him moving out while it kills her -- needed this! I need every inch of buried pain and hurt I've been carrying around to be inflicted on her and literally written all over her face while she doesn't have a leg to stand on. I have buried grief beneath hostility beneath a false shell of not caring, and with the top layer broken now is the time for lashing out. I don't care if it's unfair or sexist or even taking my usual glee in being one or both of those things. I am all Unfettered Feelings tonight, and what I'm seeing is just what needs to be.

Aaaaand, following a couple of things I will mention later, there is the ending. I've never been a big swooner over their steam vent connection, but they put it to good use throughout the hour. And then? She begged. Still with her dignity intact, which I respect even more, but literally, "Don't hate me. I'm begging you." And you can't. You built three years of ship devotion with her, you can't resist that in this moment. Truce is a good word for it -- you can't quite say all is forgiven in one moment like that -- but you can open your arms and call your OTP home. 

And then did a fist pump, threw my cap in the air, and just slow clapped to the end. Always, eventually, getting back to good. Rogue shipper hearts can't be broken? I don't even know how you did this; I truly do not understand how you got them back to a place of acceptance in my heart. The love isn't back yet -- heart needs a few weeks in recovery -- but at least the poisonous hate that blocks all is seeping out.

In other news, I am sorry April's perky Valentine's decorations got crushed in Owen's fist (but not really, because I am happy whenever they share scenes, for any reason), but let's quickly move along to the relevant Teddy/Owen "I wish you were dead!" confrontation.
1) oh, okay then, so much for that wayward ship

2) I love how incredibly thoughtless and selfish Owen's "I need a friend" speech was. Even I heard it. I just don't care that much because he has been looking exceptionally fit and attractive lately, and I agree. Whatever he wants. And legitimately speaking, there was a nice heartbreaking reminder that they used to be friends once.

3) I've been waiting and waiting for Teddy to kill it with an emotional outburst and break my heart. Tonight was that moment. Knocked it out of the park. And even though I hate how ham-fistedly they stuck it to me with double standards -- thank you very much, I too saw no problem with thinking that Teddy could surely move past this with enough time and apologies, while Cristina's betrayal is clearly FOREVER -- I guess I don't mind how the former accidentally tore him down enough to leave an opening for the latter to come back in.

D. Private Practice, 5x14, "Too Much"
Definitely the least exciting of the night, with nothing of any particular value happening except Charlotte getting her mothering instinct on some more, but I did enjoy Jake getting his Disapproval Face on over Addison's reckless hookup. That's the last time though, right? What's it called when you do it one last time to extinguish any lingering feelings? Because I feel like that's what happened.

Loved seeing my beloved Terra Nova live on a bit in the form of Skye as the 19-year-old sister of the baby. And finally, drumming my fingers and waiting for Sam's zombie!sister to have real lines of dialogue so I can see if it's the drugs and there's a character there, or if she really is as dull and stupid as she appears to be. Because right now, she's making Kevin Malone look like a genius. 
E. And now that I'm in such a good mood, I'm celebrating Valentine's Day early with a spin through "Silly Love Songs." OK, what I actually have is the Kurt-and-Blaine edit supplemented by my review, but they are both so nonstop ridiculously cute for words that I'm quite content to keep watching these 14 minutes over and over. So many things I have no recollection of!
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