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I am having a SPECTACULAR Valentine's, thank you for asking.

Valentine's Day surprise: I got a bubble-mailer package from Amazon, and was baffled because I hadn't ordered anything. Tore it open and discovered that when I requested a free sample of a chocolatey organic granola bar, they sent an entire box! Five delicious "chococonut" flavored bars of deliciousness. Best freebie ever.

Adding to the Best Valentine's Day Ever feeling, two of the shows below shocked and awed to the point where I'm not even sure which one made me happier. Guess which ones.
Gossip Girl, 5x15, "Crazy, Cupid Love"



I don't even know what to do with myself.

I just want to watch the pretty Casino Night-style kissing over and over again. This is so incredible when you're unspoiled and see it live. Jaw on the floor, eyes like saucers, quietly shrieking, futilely spinning around and looking for someone freak out with; every cliche sign of shock and joy was happening where I was. I regret nothing, except the fact that I had to wait until the following day to watch it again.

Next week: OH GOOD GOD IT CONTINUES. Damn, my fandom timing is awesome. Can't even process the eight thousand ways for this to go wrong, especially on a show that plays fast and loose with all time-honored traditions of happy OTP endings. It's not adultery when your marriage is an acknowledged sham, right?

In other news, I should probably investigate this baffling Charlotte Rhodes mystery soon, since it affects my sub-ship, and this name did not come up in my initial cursory fandom research. An equally cursory glance just made things more confusing. Why is everyone related to everyone else by either blood or marriage? It's like the O.C. all over again.

2 Broke Girls: I see it's been a good month since I mentioned this, which means I have not yet gotten to talk about Jennifer Coolidge Sofi and her hilariously overwrought Polish accent, because this show is an equal-opportunity offender. She is by far my favorite new addition to the cast. She makes everything better, especially watching her lay the smackdown on Smitten Oleg. As always, I wish they could be less vulgar about it (network suits, please be harsher with your next set of notes), but most of it was very funny.

Meanwhile, Max & Earl's relationship is sweet, and predictable or not, let's not pretend that we did not all awww at Caroline's father fulfilling his annual flower-sending tradition, +1 for Max for taking care of her.

Favorite quotes --
Max: Hey, you! Dr. I Forget Your Name!
Dr. I Forget His Name Too: How? It's written on every wall.
Max: OK, Dr. Exit...

Oleg: I have something I want to give you.
Sofi: Oh, Hepatitis C?
Oleg: (producing a box of chocolates) Happy Valentine's Day.
Sofi: Look at me. Now look at you. Now look at me again. Does this look right to you?

^ Pretty sure I am going to quote this line at every ship that annoys me from now until the end of time. In fact, since there is no cross-review contamination on my flist, I am totally recycling it for Glee tomorrow.

Castle, 4x15, "Pandora"
Where to begin? Alexis and her M.E.'s office internship (best part: I officially love how all the women in Castle's life indirectly gang up on him with a gossip chain), his reaction to it that is like 10% protectiveness and 90% whining about invading his turf, jealous!Beckett, kidnapped!Caskett, being locked in a car trunk together (resulting in inevitable sex noises, which Tumblr will take immediate advantage of and which I will shame-facedly find hysterical), Castle's Panic Button app, and did I mention jealous!Beckett? Because that one is my favorite, especially when she has no real reason to be. The convo in the car made me very happy.

It's odd how I can condense chatter about this show so much, but I think it's a side effect of the all-consuming joy that happens when my eyes absorb this show. My brain is so high it stops functioning properly. As for things not mentioned in the above list: I also got a kick out of Castle's glee at pissing off Gates, "bracing myself to shield you from a hail of bullets," and how immediately sloppy her room-casing gets as soon as she sees Castle. Oh, and the end. Next week should be fun. Shared near-death experience #712!
NCIS, 9x15, "Secrets"
So much of that was so much fun! Even though Castle got to this territory first, NCIS did great work. Most of which was Abby's costume, complete with kitty snout and her desire to meet Catatonic The Cat Rescuer. The rest of which was Gibbs' various reactions the superheroes, from skeptic beginning to fantastic mirroring of thank-you gestures at the end. And Tony's inability to stick with ratting out Ziva's speeding ticket for more than two seconds before caving and admitting that the other thing Gibbs doesn't know is how Tony sometimes abuses his power for free coffee. *cue bracing for headslap* *cue headslap delivery*

Of course, I could have done without everything involving Tony's ex, including and especially that horrifying...I think it was kissing, I don't know, it reminded me of some kind of many-limbed sea monster grappling with prey. Ugh. I don't even know which is worse, that + her hinting at wanting him back, or her hinting at Tiva. I like George Clooney Tony, okay? I long ago gave up all hope of and/or interest in him getting together with Ziva, which subsequently killed off my ability to see him as a romantic at all, and I am so over his entire backstory. It has been nothing but trouble since his father showed up, but especially since "Baltimore."

Cupid!Gibbs was amusing, though.

In lieu of describing the rest, I'm just going to list a bucket o' great quotes. Tonight was very entertaining in that respect:

Ziva: Do you ever get the feeling that he enjoys being smacked on the head?
McGee: I'd rather not think about it.

Tony: Holy undergarments, Duckman!

McGee: They don't claim to have actual superpowers.
Tony: Right, because that'd be weird.

Vance: You two know each other? Oh, please tell me that you weren't married.

Tony: Before you judge, just remember, if things had gone differently this could've been McGee.

Tony: Which was your favorite Harry Potter?
Fred: The one where Harry Potter wasn't kissing my mom.
Tony: saw that.
Fred: Don't let it happen again.
Raising Hope, "Jimmy's Fake Girlfriend"
Absolute favorite episode of all time, right here, right now.

Oh don't mind me, I will just be over here sobbing with joy. I have not seen Glee yet, but I am fairly certain that this kicked its collective ass and that Jimmy's grand gesture is a million times more satisfying than any of their showy romantic musical performances. Of all the ways I have imagined this would go, while being completely spoiler free (because do spoilers even exist for this show?) and having no idea what sort of timeline they were aiming for, this blew them all out of the water.

My actual, exact reaction, right here.

I was a little iffy at the beginning, because: improv! It's horrible! It's the very definition of secondhand embarrassing, and Burt and Virginia were not helping matters (I had my fingers crossed for cross-stitching as their hobby. There are so many snarky things he could stitch). I was just waiting for that to go horribly, horribly wrong, and it almost distracted me from how much I love Ashley Tisdale. (and also: am shippin' it. I'd say they'd make very pretty babies, but that joke would be in poor taste here)

And then it didn't. And then the play happened, and every single line made me do the above face more, particularly as Sabrina's eyes remained full of tears the entire time, and while I fully expected the giant fist crushing my heart when she ran out, I DID NOT EXPECT THAT TO BE AN ADDITIONAL FAKEOUT.

So. Love confessions & highly reciprocated kissing; everything's cooler when cameras are spinning. That finally happened. IT IS ON. Having two longterm UST OTPs canonize* themselves within 24 hours is pretty much the greatest 1-2 fandom punch I have ever experienced.
*I am using that word deliberately wrong because it sounds cool.

In conclusion: Not only is there still a boatload more great TV for me to dig into (we're back in that world where all the best stuff airs the first two days of the week, which is what my first year of full-time fandom looked like, and it is the best), I currently love everything about today. It's just the best.
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