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Celtic Music and Crime

Today I learned about the "message" system on LJ, which is an enormous relief as it was getting tiresome trying to remember whose posts I had commented on that I wanted to check on new replies for.  Having my e-mail flooded with comment notifications was even worse, so I turned that off a long time ago.  But now I have this, and it's super cool!  This is something really basic I should have learned a long time ago, isn't it?

Tuesday on PBS, there's a Loreena McKennitt concert, which my dad has reminded me about 5 times so far in as many days and will probably continue to badger me about until I have it safely on tape for him.  Not that I blame him.  I generally don't keep up with music news, even for my favorite artists, but apparently she recently released her first CD in nearly ten years.  That combined with pledge drive time = performance!  YAY!  We can't wait to a) see said performance and b) obtain said CD.  She's kind of a revered name in this house, at least for me & Dad.

As long as I can remember, Celtic music has been his favorite genre, and she was his favorite artist.  I remember "The Bonny Swans" playing in the car whenever I spent the day at work with him.  There's a large, framed promotional poster for "The Mask the Mirror" taking a prominent place in the hallway, and it really is gorgeous, but I could never really understand why he liked that music so much.

Welcome to my senior year of high school, AP Lit, poem explication week.  We get a list of 100 poems to choose from and everybody has to pick a different one to spend a couple of days studying & researching before presenting it.  The only one that catches my eye is "The Lady of Shallot," because I recognize that name from the back of one of Dad's CDs with all the pretty art.  I always like epic poems about princesses and heroines and things, but I figure it'd be even more fun if I can listen to one as a song, so I chose that one.  Went home and listened to it...and oh my goodness, this was gorgeous.  Over the course of the next few weeks I listened to her entire collection and then started expanding into all the other CDs Dad has.  A year later, my semester long "first-year symposium" project (a 12-15 page thesis plus 30-minute class presentation) was on the history of Celtic music.  It's officially one of my favorite genres...

...and it's all thanks to AP Lit + Loreena.  And Tennyson, I suppose, for writing the original poem, which admittedly is still one of my favorite pieces of poetry ever.  But since we're talking about music here, some of my other favorite songs of hers are:

-The Highwayman
-The Mummer's Dance
-The Mystic's Dream
-The Bonny Swans
-All Souls Night
-The Old Ways
-Huron 'Beltane' Fire Dance
-Standing Stones
-Stolen Child

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to burn them all onto the computer so I can listen to an uninterrupted playlist while I discuss the night's crimeshows. 
Cold Case: Shuffle, Ball-Change
First of all, we have a problem with that title.  Those are tap terms, aren't they?  Well, ball change applies to any dance style, I guess, but I can't imagine a reason to shuffle in ballet slippers.  Better terms would have been pirouette, plié, jeté...or you could be really morbid with a play on words and call it "Corpse de Ballet."  I'm just saying. 

Episode made me miss my days in dance.  Not that I ever did ballet, but tap and world.  I wasn't in competition of any kind and I certainly never half-killed myself with long hours of practice like that, because I was just in it for fun, but...yeah.  The recitals at the end of the year were pure magic, and made it all worthwhile.  I don't know.  It didn't stand out.  Was moderately entertaining, but not as good as last week's.  And I can't think of anything else specific to say about it.  Maybe next week will get better.  Or maybe not, since I'm pretty sure I remember seeing that exact same scene in Keppler's flashbacks on CSI.

On the birght side, who pegged the killer from the start and never wavered?  Oh yeah!  I'm getting better at this.  :D 

Without a Trace: Deep Water

You know what the highlight of this ep was for me?  The teaser.  It was like a scene straight out of a horror movie somewhere, with a vicious hook to the back followed by having her wrists bound with tape, body wrapped in plastic and stuffed in a weight trunk, which is then locked tight and tossed into the ocean.  Seems promising, if a bit odd for a show that's supposed to be about missing people.  I mean, she's not missing.  We know where she is.  Dead and stuffed in a trunk before we even know her name, if you didn't see the preview.

So what we get to do instead is watch an inordinate number of flashback scenes, while the FBI agents mechanically carry out their jobs with as much personality as the detectives on Law & Order.  Unless they're Jack, whom we get to see embroiled in real world politics, not just the FBI ones, and going off on a dogged crusade to Take Down the Bad Guy.  Jack should retire and become a P.I. already; he's much more suited to that line of work.

I spend the whole episode willing the husband to be innocent, just because Righteous Jack is bulldogging him without relent, and I would get immense satisfaction out of Jack being wrong.  And not like when I want Horatio to get knocked down, so I can see that inner conflict rise to the surface, but because everything about Agent Malone rubs me the wrong way.  He's too brusque, too rough around the edges, too jaded, too...all right, too human.  He is far from perfect or noble or even idealistic.  He's unlike Grissom, Horatio, Mac Taylor, Gibbs or even Don Eppes.  when it comes to team leaders I want to see some measure of heroism, something larger than life.  And as far as Jack Malone, all I see is a tired, middle aged, divorced,cheating bastard world-weary man. 

Anyway.  When he does that creepy thing where he leaned in real close and whispered something in the bad guy's ear at the end, I was just shuddering.  Bobby Goren vibes!  Ew!  I could feel my skin crawl.  In fact, at this point I'm not even sure I'm mad at the guy for killing his wife.  I kind of want him to be smug and get away with it.

Long story short - too many guest stars in this episode, I think, was the problem.  The other agents barely got any screen time.  I'm pretty sure Danny & Elena didn't even talk to each other, though admittedly there were several periods of time in which I was more preoccupied with positioning my dog's normally floppy triangle-shaped ears just so in order to make them to make them stand erect ("Bat Ears") than I was with following the plot.
The rest of this week is bare-bones on the TV front...Loreena will give me an excuse to skip American Idol this week - though without Antonella, I'm hard-pressed to find a reason to keep tuning in - and then it's just Bones & Lost on Wednesday, and a new Grey's Anatomy (!) on Thursday. 

Speaking of which, a lot of my shows are giving up on their supposed month-long hiatus plans, which is excellent news.  :)  Unfortunately, Standoff has been pushed back ANOTHER week.  $@(*&$(@%^@$!!!  They SWEAR it'll be back on April 6 - it better be.  They're running out of time to push it back.  To add to my irritation, the ability to watch the entire season's worth of episodes online has vanished.  Well, not so much "vanished" as "the link to the videos takes you to a blank MySpace page."  Dear FOX: if you're going to kill my show, could you at least just come right out and say it?  The hiatus, the lack of press, the Timeslot of's all rather agonizing and ominous. 
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