RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

All Tuesdays Invariably Suck (affectionately known as "ATIS Syndrome")

So you know how I always have horrendous bad luck on Tuesdays? Almost every time, without fail? (now you do) Well, this morning I woke up to find that my monitor had finally died. FML.

I mean, it has been chugging on steadily for 6.5 years and I think my parents were using it before that, so it has been incredibly hardy, but...this is not what you want to discover when you wake up late and have 4 hours' worth of work to get done in exactly 4 hours. Am using parents' computer right now, but I'll only be able to commandeer that for work purposes, and not fun/life-saving purposes like catching up on TV all evening. -.-

You really couldn't hold out one more month for garage sale season to start?

[EDIT FOR MARCH MADNESS: Dear fandom, remember how I threatened to cut you all if Kurt represented Glee last year?

I will cut you five times harder if you blast Santana through with zero competition. This choice is so much worse. In other news, I am already bored by this tournament and don't even know if I'm going to bother submit a voting bracket. So many irrelevant the entire Drama category, for example, save Castle.]

[And now to descend into the terrifying darkness that is going the next 16 hours without using a computer. I don't think I even remember how to do that.]
Tags: life, march madness

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