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New shows, etc.

Currently using my TV as a monitor (finally figured out I had to turn the computer off before I hooked it up in order to get a signal). I don't like it -- it's all washed out and the screen is way wider than it is tall, so everything feels weirdly squashed and it makes my eyes tired. I'm also terrified I am getting used to its hideous shape. I can't go back to rectangles! The best thing about graduating was getting away from the school's monitors!
I have been terrible about paying attention to Smash, and accidentally fell 4 episodes behind. Whoops! So the past couple of days have been spent marathoning that. I say "the past couple of days" because this show is fascinating, but also relatively slow and dense. It takes me over an hour to finish each episode because I have no problem pausing a few times along the way until my curiosity about what happens next catches up. I don't know why, because I'm definitely a fan and there's nothing wrong with it, it's just...oh, let's call it "rich," that sounds better. I've steered completely clear of all critical reviews and comments since the first episode, and I've really been enjoying it as my own personal prize, with no outside intrusion.

Some thoughts I have been having:
+ Mr. DiMaggio/Michael is some super charisma/chemistry-free casting there, wow. He also gets more aggravating with every scene. What are you doing with your men, show? (except for Nick Jonas. That was some excellent stunt casting. Lyle is the best.)

+ Speaking of that: Juliaaaaa. Don't be that girl. Don't be that girl! I know I'm not emotionally invested in any of the show's relationships, but I am still put off by adultery on principle.
(except, the story in my head: If Julia is Rachel, which is the Glee future I have finally settled on, then Michael is Jesse St. James. SUBVERSIVE RS IS SUBVERSIVE. Also, clearly nothing will ever deter me from loving Julia.)

+ After that cute friend-peck on the lips, SHIPPING JULIA/TOM LIKE A BOSS. Happened on Will & Grace, happening now.
(okay, not really. At all. But it was the cutest thing I have seen on the series to date)

+ I started out liking Tom solely for his aggressive Ivy-protectiveness, but I have to say he has grown on me all on his own. He's just so affable, it's impossible to dislike anything about him. He is the one adult male who has any personality at all. I particularly love him providing piano soundtrack commentary in the corner, and cheerfully scolding Julia about playing with fire without actually judging her.

+ Still don't believe Assistant Ellis is straight. Bi, at best. And lying to himself. Also, I love Julia's one-sided hate feud with him because he is steadily crawling under my skin and I like having her vicariously beam lasers from her eyes for me. But I think it's cute how harmless Tom finds him and how he is always scoffing at her complaints.

+ Karen. ♥

+ Ivy. ♥

+ You would think after three rounds, Eileen throwing drinks in her soon-to-be-ex husband's face would get old. It doesn't. I laughed like a loon every time.

---- Derek/Ivy sex scenes are SO GROSS, OH MY GOD, I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW NETWORK TELEVISION WAS ALLOWED TO BE THIS NASTY. Like, I dove for cover after a split second, and part of me is still mentally rocking and sobbing in a corner. When did we take a detour onto the BBC? If this goes on much longer it is going to ruin Captain Norrington for me, and we don't want that, do we?

+ I love how half the performances switch to a stage version. It's wonderful having those little preview glimpses. They also won my heart forever with a rendition of "Redneck Woman," and while there's still nothing that makes me go looking for singles to download, they've earned an edge over Glee by being willing to cover songs that are more than 5 but less than 20 years old.

I think the two most important lessons we've learned here today are that I have no ships whatsoever (this is rare! Savor it!), and also that I really enjoyed the slow marathon session and may consider waiting another 4-5 weeks so I can watch it like a movie trilogy in three parts. It's really hard to think of it as a TV show/fandom instead of a fully-finished art piece, which makes weekly dissections unnecessary at best and damaging/detrimental to my enjoyment at worst.

Also, because I'm bored and there was almost no TV this week, I watched the first two episodes of Awake. It's turned out very heavy on the procedural angle, which explains how it's going to sustain itself, and it's even slower than Smash but not quite as interesting. The shrinks are probably the best part, and the main character is good, but his wife is gradually getting on my nerves and Wilmer Valderrama has only gotten more obnoxious as he ages. So: it's the kind of show where I'll watch it if it's on, but don't think I'll make any further efforts to keep up with it, especially not once night work starts.
Definitely not bothering with a bracket for FMM because my one truly invested thought is KELLY KAPOOR SHOULD THROTTLE EVERYONE. I would cheer for Spencer Hastings, but she's going to get crushed in the first round by Santana and that is just the most depressing thing I can think of. Beckett is probably my only serious shot at happiness.

I will have my usual hats-off nods to classic stand-bys (and one newcomer to the games) Scully, Donna Noble**, Hermione and Liz Lemon, but I'm not yet at the point of being whipped into a frenzy. Wait until I see who they're up against, though. Also Queen Blair, who is an old hat at this game, but for the first time I have some specific respect for her. Out of all the categories, Teen somehow has my highest percentage of faves right now. What is this?

**After mocking up a quick Dream Ballot, it turns out I would actually like very much if Donna Noble would be the alternate Queen of Everything. Try to get on that.

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