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Happy Pi Day

The weather was beautiful today -- like the end of May, pristine blue sky and shorts weather -- and I only got to enjoy an hour of it because stupid work chained me to this computer. THIS IS THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT A WORK-FROM-HOME JOB SHOULD DO. And I am having TV commentary withdrawal pains, so I protested by watching things in my downtime. Even though I was more excited by the prospect of writing than the watching part, and am actually sitting here right now thinking, "Why isn't Smash just already in my head?"

Pretty Little Liars, 2x24
Absolutely nothing on TV Monday, so welcome to the first episode this year I've watched in full.

1. HOLY HELL, creepy doll hospital is creepy. I actually got scared watching this, and usually the only serious emotion I have about anything A does is laughing at those antics. Speaking of laughing, did PLL just go to full on crack? "No, he can see things. In his mind." Please tell me that is part of the wildly creepy old lady's conspiracy cover story and not that we actually have mediums on the show now. But congratulations on having a mostly intriguing plotty-type aspect to your story this week.

2. I love how Aria's too busy dealing with man troubles to even be part of the Spy Ops, by the way. Did they even notice/care that she wasn't there? It was weird. I know I wasn't paying strict attention so maybe she was referenced, but you'd think she be part of any major plans to go to police.

3. Not surprised Ezra got fired, or that this was the straw that broke the camel's back. Even I was giving up the ghost at that point, and they're only a symbolic relationship for me. I was really liking where it was headed when he started with that firm "You're not going to break up your family to keep us together. That's not a choice." As my need for quality teachers outweighs my need for wrongbad symbolism, when he mentioned moving away because teaching is what he does, I sighed and translated, "And you need a break. Maybe forever. All right." They even threw me a pleasant surprise of a bone with "Do you have any idea how much I love you?" Yes! RS responds to statements like this! Say more nice things!

Spoiler alert, he doesn't, but that's probably Aria's fault. UGH. HOW ABOUT NO ON THE GOODBYE SEX. *rocking under shower spray* Still not clean...and what the hell, what the hell! This is not an appropriate time for sex! This is a "congratulations, you just achieved a perfect relationship, get out while it's still untainted" moment. Life Unexpected one-upped you on that, at least. And now I have to stay off this tag on Tumblr forever because I pointedly looked at LJ instead of what was on the screen, and it went on entirely too long for anything good to have come of it.

(Live viewing note: "Blech. I don't know what's happening because I am now fixedly looking at LJ instead of what is on the screen. But there seem to be a lot of kissing noises, and the song does not seem to be ending OH SWEET JESUS I JUST SAW BARE BACK OUT OF THE CORNER OF MY EYE. That is assault, that is assault. On my eyes.")

4. In conclusion: I failed to be on Ella's side at all when she shamed her daughter for threatening to expose their family shame (because really, her dad is a dick in all areas of life), but now I am more than ready to drum this skeeviness out of town. The fandom's celebration is making me ill. I need to believe this is the end of them until spoilers say otherwise.

5. I am actually excited to find out who A is! BRING IT, FINALE.
The Office, 8x18, "Last Day in Florida"
The office plot was mostly blah, with way too much Ultra Gross Kevin. I would say it gave me a craving for Girl Scout cookies, but then I remember how their rates skyrocketed to $3.50 for a small box of particularly average-tasting cookies, and it literally negates any interest I have in them. It's kind of a cool magic trick. Best part of this was Darryl exploiting the fact that his daughter is not as pretty as Sasha, and then giving a hasty and completely pathetic "it's not what it sounds like!" TH.

The Florida plot was golden. PACKER IS GONE?? Still not worth having him contaminate all these fabulous episodes, but it's a start. I love how Pam refuses to let Jim give up on Dwight until he has reached the point of physical tackling (on a related note, watching people tackle Jim as he keels over will never not be funny...and I want to watch their entire last fight on loop a dozen times in a row), and their odd brand of bromance is always epic. Nellie remains flaw-free. Robert California remains unbearable.

But more to the point, the first thing I flashed on when we saw Jim golfing was "Job Fair," and remember how that episode ended with a big welcome-back kiss for everyone to flail over while the manager stood creepily and way too close behind them? I was literally expecting to hear "Kiss her good" any second. Tumblr should get on this comparison set ASAP. I'd do it myself, but my horrible new gargantuan monitor makes me depressed if I even think about images.

Speaking of flailing all over the place, give me a minute to go do that. My OTP has been apart too long. Even though once again, they get shoved out of the frame so we can zoom in on Andy's face; EXCUSE ME, WERE YOU DROPPED ON YOUR HEADS??

The Florida subplot was the most I have EVER enjoyed Erin, even times when she was crying. I am furious that Andy's going to drag her back to Scranton, because for the first time, she actually belongs somewhere. While she seems too incompetent to run an office, she seems ideal for providing companionship and simple housekeeping tasks. The fact that she needs Irene to handle her technology for her is some adorable symbiosis, and although it got deleted, the scene where she introduces her grandson to Erin seems like it could go somewhere! Maybe! I didn't mute or skip forward on a single one of her scenes, which miiiight be some kind of historic event. I want her free, clear and independent of Andy now, and I want him to stay with someone who clearly suits him better and with whom he seems happy enough.

...I just really, really want Erin to be in Florida forever. I realize that can't happen because it would cut her out of the show, but that's not even why. I would WATCH Florida Erin. She is precious. I want to read stories about her and a hypothetical new circle of friends** she forms and all of the crazy, G-rated adventures they get up to like volunteering at a local cat shelter on weekends and taking ballroom dance classes by night, all with Irene hanging out on the sidelines. This is just brainstorming here. I can't believe how much I loved this part, is what I'm still struggling to say. Also, her green shirt was v. pretty.

**It would be kind of in character for Erin if all those friends were actually Irene's friends. Maybe have to change the ballroom dance lessons, though.

Stupid Andy.

Smash, 1x06, "Chemistry"
Whoa -- that one whipped by. Maybe I will watch weekly (I mean, I already broke the rule about not reading any reviews/comments, so now it's possible to think of it as a real show). I still refused to take notes, so here's what stuck with me:
  • Sick Ivy calling two best friends is precious. And by two best friends I mean Tom and Tom alone. Beginning to suspect I need a gay best friend for cuddling purposes.
  • I loved Karen accidentally hiding behind the piano, reminding me of a student eavesdropping on teachers.
  • I really like the pit-band-warming-up theme tune.
  • Tom/Julia chats. ♥ Still not judgmental (not harshly, anyway), but getting concerned.
  • I'm at the point where I want to take out a restraining order against Michael. This is escalating to obsession in a really disturbing way. I think something incredibly gross happened but by that point I was done giving this show the benefit of the doubt, it's in full on Grey's Anatomy Skip Forward mode. I would literally be having a meltdown if I were not able to constantly reset "Jesse/Rachel, Jesse/Rachel" in my head. It washes the layer of heebie-jeebies away instantly.
  • Really pretty music in this one! I almost looked to see if there were full versions of... *looks stuff up* "Who You Are" and "Shake It Out." Both of which might even be entertaining as originals, since I was surprised to see they were by Jessie J and Florence + The Machine. Ultimately I left them as episode centerpieces and continued luxuriating in how I can enjoy almost every song in context. So refreshing!
  • Meanwhile, the tune to "Let's Be Bad" has been stuck in my head all week, which is surprising because I didn't think it was particularly noteworthy. They must have way overused it.

So I watched Cougar Town for the Scrubs reunion party, even though it turns out that I could have been spared this episode and all its horrible non-Ellie things and just watched the context free closing tag to get my fix.

  • Ellie "Not Sarge" The Non-Participant. It's kind of like me while watching this show. Still not involved.
  • "No, it's not just Scrubs in Florida with a lot of wine." Has anyone created a single-access list of all this show's alternate titles? Because they make me happy.
  • I disagree with everything on Jules' list of Things That Make Me Want To Die except for "a capella." That one she got absolutely correct. Specifically, a capella as sung by the aptly-named Worthless Peons. Shut up, Bill Lawrence, no one cares how much you love them.
  • I hope Tumblr invents a make-your-own Things That Make Me Want To Die meme in bar graph form, where you can fill in your own items as necessary.
  • I laughed so hard at the closing tag, though. "Everyone here looks like someone from my old job!" "That's exactly what Old You would say!" And when Ken Jenkins pops in and gives him a heart attack...dear Tumblr, can we get a side by side comparison of this + the first time Ted sees Kelso post-retirement?
  • Forever depressed at how empty and soulless this show is compared to Scrubs. The best thing it has going for it is that at least now new people, who inexplicably love this show, understand the wonder that is the behind the scenes staff.
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