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*giggles* There's something so awesome about logging on to LJ and seeing "Messages (5)" at the top of my LJ screen.  Somehow, the parentheses always ampilfy the excitement factor. 

[ I started writing this at 9:45 PM last night...then circa 11:00, the house abruptly shuts down in blackness.  As does a small section of the neighborhood around us. 35 minutes until the power comes back on...not terribly long, but such a weird point in time for it to happen at all.  Usually blackouts only happen during storms, or when too many people are running air conditioners on a particularly hot day.  All I can say is "thank goodness for the autosave feature!"  On Xanga, this would all have been a wash.]

I made a list of things in February that I was going to write about on slow March days; one of them was "round up spoilers," so I took in an overload last night.  Here be all the things that jumped out at me.  Click at your own risk, as I live by the rule of "no piece of info is too big or too small to know beforehand."  And I mean it.  If you're all up to date on your spoilers (or you don't care), feel free to clicky the little links and see my reactions.   

1a)  7x18, "Empty Eyes," is all about Sara.  Sara Sara Sara.  Empathizing with victims, forming personal connections, just...all kinds of good stuff, kay?  Shakes her up some.  Okay, a lot.  Oh.  And there's supposed to be a comforting hug from Grissom at the end.  I am writing this paragraph without exclamation points, as I have already fainted several times thinking about this, and if I let the squee out, it will just scroll on for six lines or so and never stop.  If that last bit doesn't happen, I will send letter bombs.  (Um.  Not really.)  For all I know that's been changed already; I stopped reading at page 10 and I am not, absolutely NOT skimming damn near 50 pages of threads just to try and find Gibby's updates.  Either way, I'm living in my happy bubble of speculation until the episode airs. 
1b) In a related note, perhaps that image will replace all the nasty ones of the shaving scene in people's signatures.  >.<

2a) 7x20, "When the Cat's Away."  Lab rats!  It's an episode full of lab rats!  Not the cute furry kind, but the cute and intelligent kind who run the DNA and fingerprints and trace and things like that!  They are supposed to be multiple scenes of them talking amongst themselves and discussing theories about the MCSK.  Which is so, so awesome.   I've been vaguely dreaming about scenes full of lab tech discussions ever since I started writing "Diversions,"  and now it's going to become a reality.
2b) Is it bad if I'm getting really, really invested in the idea of Hodges being the MCSK?  I'm kind of thinking he's a red herring, because they've made him seem more creepy than usual this year, and besides, every CSI show needs one lab rat that's more prevalent than all the others...what would they do without him?  Besides make Archie the new center of attention.  

But then again, I thought Natalia was too much of an obvious "red herring" to be the mole on Miami, and look at HER...---------------  
CSI: Miami: [Source: Talk CSI]
1) EEEEEH YELINA!  *is blind and deaf to everything else*  --Me
She's back, she's back, she's back in 5x22, I've been waiting for this since "Rio," SHE'S BACK!  Kind of.  In a guest starring role, but I'm crossing my fingers that we might see with slightly more regularity after that.  See people, reason #350 why Natalia shouldn't have been made a full time character; there's no more room left to put Yelina back in the full-time role she deserves.  (*counts on fingers* Then again, if New York can manage two coroners, two detectives, and five CSI's...and Vegas can handle two detectives, a coroner, coroner's assistant, and SIX CSI's and a stupid lab rat who won't stop stalking Grissom...oh yes.  Miami should be able to manage.  TPTB should get on that immediately if not sooner.)  (and yes, I'm fully aware that not all characters appear in every episode, and the cast size means some characters are routinely shafted on screentime, but let's not get nitpicky)

Um, so to end my digression: apparently she's been working as a P.I. Hopefully that means she's back  up to speed on all the things she forgot during her year of retirement in Brazil, like why someone would cut the tips off a latex glove.  But you know what, I really don't care as long as I get to see her.  I won't even be greedy and ask for the doublespeak and/or the dance of metaphors.  Mostly because she and Horatio are incapable of speaking without them.  I just miss her.  I'm going to go watch season 3 as soon as I finish up here.

2) Ryan Wolfe, meet Warrick Brown.  Warrick Brown, meet your own recycled storyline -- Midnight Tiptoes
In other words, in what I think is supposed to be a hint of continuity from *gasp* last season (? when he was always strapped for cash...continued into this year), Ryan's owing a rather large sum of money to a bookie.  Because he is an asshat this year, he leaves to pay this debt while he is still on shift.  Red flag!  Red flag!  And he gets in trouble for this, of course.  And then, in another show of continuity, Horatio says he can't help him.  Oh, if only Stetler were here to stir up trouble!  But alas, he underwent a personality transplant and no longer considers it his life's mission to wreak havoc on Horatio/his team.  Still. 

3) Oh, and for episode 5x21, they'll be addressing the thing with Eric being fit for duty...which is good, but my excitement over that has faded in the wake of Yelina news.  Read the exact spoilers on this page--------------------
Without a Trace [Source: YTDAW]
First of all, I need a better source.  One that doesn't cater to people who squeal over every single Jack/Sam scene.  I can't begrudge them, since I love how it works for the GSR people in the CSI section, gets tiresome for WaT.  That being said, there are still things for me to squeal over.

We get to meet her sister!  Yay!  I was unaware that she had a sister, but I am obviously unaware of a lot of things on this show.  By the time I started exploring internet fandom, which is really the only way to keep track of character development, I wasn't such a big fan of this show.  But oh well.  I do not argue with Sam-centric storylines, at least when Jack doesn't feature too heavily into them as a supportive presence.  I see great potential.  Maybe even some insight into that weird flash a few episodes back, with her seeing her own face in place of the murder victim's.  I've been waiting for that.

Right now I'm waiting patiently for news on the Danny/Elena front, on which I'm getting zip/zero/zilch.  Was 5.16 your way of subtly smashing my newfound ship on the rocks?  Because I know you're all about the abrupt and unexplained breakups (*coughAnnecough*), but that was bad even for you.  Please tell me there is still optimism in the future?-----------------
GA spinoff: "More casting news" - in addition to Taye Diggs, they now say that AMY BRENNEMAN will be on this show too!  Wheeee!  And you know who WON'T be there?  Whatever-their-names-are, the guys who play Mark Sloan and Alex Karev on Grey's.  For which all I can say is YES, THANK GOD, and I WISH THIS SPINOFF HAD HAPPENED A YEAR AGO.  I mean, Taye Diggs and Amy Brenneman!  Those two right there are just as good as Patrick Dempsey and Sandra Oh.  With Kate Walsh equalling the awesomeness of Bailey Chandra Wilson...ladies and gentlemen, so far the acting power is equally strong on both shows.  *bounces up and down* Exciting! Pleeeease let this pilot get picked up for keeps.  [Source:]---------------
ER: Goran Visnjic's contract is up this year.  Not being renewed.  Maura Tierney's still there.  Which, on the one hand I like because Abby's my favorite character, but on the other hand, a) Luka's my second favorite character, and b) just how in hell is my Luby Love supposed to remain intact throughout this?!  *bashes head against wall* Never -- trust -- relationships -- on -- this -- show -- EVER!  They -- are -- NEVER -- safe!!  Well no, that's a lie.  There is exactly one opton.  Luka can either open his own practice or work at some other hospital in the city.  I'm sure there are plenty of them.  And then happy home life remains intact, and I don't have to keep whittling down the number of likable characters on this show.   (Current tally: Abby, Gates, Sam, with Luka, Neela and Dubenko on the bubble.  The End.)

And c) so who's going to be Chief Resident now?  Because really, I can't see anyone being experienced enough for it.  Please don't say Morris. ---------------
4.18: Mike Franks is back.  *kicks wall, breaks toe*
4.19: Paula Cassidy's back.  *rips out hair in despair*
4.20: Abby's in danger!!  Hey, that's what the summary says.  I don't ever, ever, ever argue with the "Abby's in danger" plot.  Is my favorite plot of all time.  Even if it's only a tiny little snip of a sideplot.   I think we're approaching a point where more attempts have been made on the lab rat's life than any of the actual investigators.  You'd think I'd be annoyed by that, but no.  Is exciting every time.    ---------------
Bones: [sources: YTDAW and rocksalted
As I alluded to in a previous post, NO NO NO on the Jack/Angela sex at work! This is not The O.C.!  This isn't even Grey's Anatomy!  IT'S A CRIME SHOW, DAMN IT.  That means only the victims have dirty minds, and I don't care what they do, since they get killed for it.  Please do not do dirty things with my Puppy Love.  I like them when they're innocent. 

That being said, you're welcome to the whole "Hodges proposes" storyline.  Including the "Angela says no for a while" and then "eventually accepts a few episodes later" parts of it.  Seems a mite soon, but hey, as long as it doesn't lead to affairs and/or divorce by season 4, I will happily get behind it, seeing as they're perfect.There is to be no smashing of the Puppy Love ship.  EVER.  Or I will ditch your show so fast your head spins.---------------
House: after I went to look up "Bones," I realized there is a spoiler forum for this show at YTDAW.  Somehow, I did not connect the picture of House & Cameron at the top of the page (blech) with "HOUSE SPOILERS" until today.  *blush* 

*reads a few threads* Oh dear.  This section of YTDAW is quite possibly even worse than the Without a Trace section.  All those people and their...their...hate on the idea of House/Cuddy and blind promotion of House/Cameron!  Mine eyes have been opened.  I definitely know which ship I'm on, and it is NOT the latter.  I don't think I like the ducklings at all, actually.  It's like on O.C., where there's the adult group and the teen group.  Just as I only cared about the teens' storylines on the West coast, I only care about the "adults" (House/Wilson/Cuddy) on the East.   Noteworthy points:

-I'm going to ignore anything that pertains to Chase/Cameron, because we all know that thing where they decided to be FWB was just part of a horrible nightmare I had where bad!fic came to life onscreen.
-3x18 sounds fascinating.  Diagnosing patients on an of them being Cuddy...mmm.  Happy daydreams.
-3x20 sounds, if this is possible, even more fascinating.  [One of] Wilson's ex-wives shows up. I would still like to know what causes a woman to divorce a man like that, since all signs still point to his knight-in-shining-armor complex.     
Voice: *raises hand* I can think of some reasons.  They mostly involve House and the word "slash."
RS: Shut. Up.  If you're bored, go fetch the Muse and tell her to work on the story. 
Voice: Muse says one of her bunnies is sick and needs tending.
RS: Plot bunnies don't GET sick. 
Voice: If you could convince Muse to work on her own, you wouldn't need me.
RS: I DON'T need you.

Anyway.  It's a Foreman episode, too, which I usually don't like but since this involves another past relationship and also a rare instance of Foreman being human and possibly even showing emotion, that could work. -----------------
Lost: [sources: Everywhere.  No really - Spoilerfix, TWoP, Ask Ausiello, TV Squad, random blogs...although this Blogspot page has pictures and video.]

1) 3.13 (next week) "The Man from Tallahassee." Locke-centric.  Frickin' A.  Guess something had to balance out the glee of a 1-2 punch with Sayid & Claire. 
2) 3.14 "Exposé"
    a) So there's a Nikki and Paulo flashback for this one, and I think I've discovered a use for them - new character flashbacks tend to take place in season the first, and since these idiots crashed on the beach with everyone else...Shannon!  Woohoo!  *pause* Although that also means Boone.  And this would probably be in her pre-Sayid days.  Well, that's not quite as good.  Oh well.   Shannon!
    b) "Hurley begins to suspect that Sawyer may be involved in an island mystery surrounding two fellow survivors, and Sun learns the truth about her past kidnapping attempt by The Others."  Oh, damn it, and I was so hoping to block from memory forever that single unbearable episode where Sawyer & Charlie were evil...
3) 3.15 "Left Behind"
    a) Kate-centric
    b) "After discovering that one of her own has betrayed her to "The Others," Kate is left to fend for herself in the jungle with Juliet."  HOLY HELL, what does that mean?
    c) Promo pictures have Sawyer holding Aaron again.  Um...I have to go over here now and squeal.  Loudly. 
    d) "Meanwhile, Hurley warns Sawyer to change his selfish ways and make amends with his fellow survivors or he may face a vote of banishment."  His...what?  You're just NOW deciding this?  He's never going to win the 'most charitable' award, but it's not like he's stabbing you in your sleep to steal your posessions.  And what the hell, "vote of banishment"?  Hi, have you met this island?  With the Evil Others and the black smoke and Danielle's tendency to shoot first/ask questions later, meaning that whole "live together, die alone" thing isn't just a figure of speech?  But sure, you can go ahead with a vote of banishment.  It won't at all resemble Lord of the Flies.
    e) I'm acutely interested in seeing how this all plays out, by the way.  Sounds really good.-----------------
Grey's Anatomy:

*stomps and rages for a while*
Voice: You want to tell the people what's bothering you?
It doesn't look likely [that Burke and Christina will become man and wife.] Sources tell me that Cristina will soon realize that the only reason she said yes was for him. And by the time the intern-on-intern action goes down, I'm told the Cristina and Burke may be on the outs. Source: Kristin on E!Online [Note: From implied comments in her chat, it seems that during her Vine show, Kristin revealed that "Gizzie" would happen!]

a) What the FUCK, I mean sure I expected that only one marriage would live to see the the one-year anniversary, but I expected it to be because George and Callie blew up within 21 days while Burke & Cristina were strong!  The fuck is this!?  I had finally wrapped my head around the idea that Cristina had matured enough emotionally in order to get married, and now it's a no-go?  But no breakups, right?  Because if you break up my OTP in light of all the other shit you've got going down, you've lost yourself one semi-loyal viewer.

b) Shit like "Gizzie."  I had to actually look that word up online because I couldn't put two names together, and then I read "George and Izzie" and go, "guzzuh!"  I'm all for smashing the new O'Malleys on the rocks, but him hooking up with Izzie?  This warrants saying:

WOULD YOU ALL JUST LEARN TO KEEP YOUR FUCKING SCRUBS ON?!  STOP SLEEPING WITH ONE ANOTHER!!  This is not!  You do not need to try out every possible pairing just because you *can*!  This is why I like Burke and Cristina.  Because while their relationship began inappropriately, they have stuck with it.  There have been bumps and rocky patches, but none of them involved running off to sleep with another intern/attending/random bargoer for revenge/comfort/the hell of it.  I no longer even think of myself as a bad person that I desperately want there to be an HIV epidemic at Seattle Grace. It would serve them right.

c) And since I wandered kind of off topic by the end of that point, my point is - I am very close to walking away from Grey's altogether.  This is exactly how it went down on the O.C.  I walked away from that show three separate times.  I've already stomped away from this show twice, albeit for much briefer periods each time, but it all comes down to: lots of graphic (in my opinion), gratuitous, and inappropriate sex.  I don't want to see it.  I picked up this show for one reason only - to get my fix of medical cases when ER was still clashing with Without a Trace and I didn't yet like House.  I got sucked in by the characters.  I like 'em; I like their personal lives and their personal storylines.  But I still would rather see those characters in an operating room than a bedroom. 
Standoff: No cut, because spoilers don't exist.  I swear I've visited every corner of the internet, and I cannot find so much a single-sentence summary about even one episode past the one that aired in December.  Is driving me craaaaazy!  On the bright side, found the MySpace page with all the episodes.  *10 minutes later* Oh!  Look!  I just found a summary for the next episode on IMDB!

Road Trip: Attempting to rescue DARAH KEEGAN, who has been kidnapped by her husband WARREN KEEGAN, the leader of a polygamist religious cult, Matt, Emily, Cheryl and Lia try to stop Warren's Winnebago, containing both his four wives and a deadly cargo of explosives.

So, nothing at all like that Numb3rs episode "Nine Wives," then.

The other episode titles, with absolutely zero accompanying information, are listed as Backfire, Lie to Me, The X-Factor, The Kids in the Hall, and Severance.   For now.
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