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Today was a good day.

I think we'll kick this post off with belated thefridayfive memes.

1. What do you wear to bed?
I crash in whatever I'm wearing. If I'm feeling ambitious, I change from jeans to sweatpants, and if I'm feeling REALLY ambitious, will change my shirt to a T-shirt (hoodie if cold). I don't know why stories always have other people helping tired/injured people change into "more comfortable" clothes.

2. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
The left side, as seen when standing at the foot and looking at it. I am fixed on that side; I can all but count on one hand the number of times I have so much as put a toe across the center line.

3. Are you back, side, or stomach sleeper?
I think I finally figured out that I end up on my stomach, but start on my side.

4. How many layers of bedding are on your bed?
Yeah, here's what's on my bed right now, as per the last several months:
1) fitted sheet
2) a loose blanket (a really big one roughly 6 feet long, but still)

5. Are you a bed hog or a covers-thief?
No to the former (see "fixed on that side") and "I haven't the foggiest" to the latter. Although if I dimly recall the dredged-up memories of sleepovers, I think my friends and I were able to comfortably share, so at least back then I wasn't?
1. How often do you listen to music?
On a daily basis. I almost always have it playing at the computer, including about half the time while working.

2. Do you ever listen to the radio? What is your favorite station?
I only listen to the radio while driving to and from my temp job. It makes exposure to new/current music a special easonal event! Just like the job.

3. How do you find new songs, albums, or artists to listen to?
TV, mostly. Glee currently provides more than half my new songs, but even beyond that, I usually track down songs I've heard and liked on TV shows. Occasionally muzzy_olorea or dollsome will know my heart and send me recs that nearly always succeed.

4. When was the last time you bought a CD? A digital music file?
CD in January (of course, it wasn't new), digital music in February

5. Do you think any of the technologies and distribution methods mentioned above will still be around in ten years? Why or why not?
I've decided that CDs are never going away, because honestly, digital-only music is soulless. It works well for Glee, where the whole series is an a la carte menu made for sampling because there's so much you could never feasibly release it all**, but when I'm buying a particular artist, I want the physical memento with the pretty insert booklet (which should always have lyrics; if not, why bother). Plus, I just like the act of popping a CD into the CD player and knowing it will play in a set order without having to create a playlist first, and being able to hear it without earphones even when my computer is off.

**Until the series ends, and they release an epic $300 platinum collector's edition set. That just needs to happen.

Pretty Little Liars, season 2 finale, "unmAsked"

That was so intense. I watched it in the middle of the afternoon and it still got my heart pounding, had me shaking in my seat and looking over my shoulder, and just generally terrified the pants off me. I think it might be my new favorite episode. (even if I took issue with why they had to go investigate the motel the first time on a dark and stormy night when they made the plan in broad daylight, or why Emily ever let herself be alone) ... I should not have seen enough of this show to have favorite episodes.

Prior to watching it I didn't believe they were really going to reveal A, until I read the article in my Entertainment Weekly about it:

"NO TWEETING!" Marlene King screeches that command at anyone within earshot on the set of Pretty Little Liars. On this December afternoon, King is doing all she can to protect a big secret that's about to be revealed on the show's Burbank soundstage: the identiy of the elusive "A." Considering that the Twitter following of PLL's four young stars is more than 2.4 million combined -- and there are 80 random extras on set for the demented fairy-tale-themed masquerade ball where the secret begins to unravel - King's paranoia about leaks seem justified. A variety of other safeguards have been put in place. Scripts aren't allowed off set and are immediately shredded after shooting.

This sounds serious! So serious, in fact, that I went on full TV-new-site lockdown for 24 hours to make sure nobody so much as hinted at the secret. I've never been so paranoid of spoilers for this show, especially considering that usually the second it airs I am on Tumblr, going "Tell me ALL THE THINGS!" while I wait for the interesting parts to show up on YouTube. I made it, and it was exciting watching characters sloooowly get ruled out until Spencer was in a car alone with Mona. Even if I should have guessed that they would technically only partially reveal A, otherwise there would be no stories left.

I am still holding out hope/firm belief that the top-level "A" is the same as it is in the books, and that Mona is just a top-level puppet. I obviously haven't seen enough of this show to have a whole lot of feelings about characters, so Mona is mostly just a name in recaps to me**, but I got all the background I needed in this episode to set up enough context to enjoy her sudden case of Crazy Eyes. Although now that I know, it seems silly I was so invested in not being spoiled. It would be fun to watch this show for the first time knowing (or at least thinking you know) who's behind it all.

**until this week I've been thinking of her and Maya as interchangeable people, until Maya showed up and I realized I'd never seen her before. Not that it matters now, since they thoughtfully killed the latter off. (I AM PROUD OF YOUR BALLSY EFFORTS. All I know about Maya is that she's Emily's girlfriend, or was, or something, and she's been missing for a while? If it involves Emily and doesn't feature Toby, I don't care, unless it is some cheap tricks to get her beautifully distraught and being held back by her friends). 

Oh, and in shipper subplot land -- they've actually been relegated to subplots this week! -- ...

Aria/Ezra: Blech, blergh, of course, and not surprised. Until about halfway through their dancing when I realized it's been weeks since I remembered to actually steal their dialogue and replace their faces with Lux and Eric, and then it's kind of amazing how beautiful those lines got all of a sudden. As long as I don't have to look directly at their boring faces.

Spencer/Toby: ...I don't know where to start. Especially since I forgot there was a strong possibility of getting a scene with them since I was so wrapped up in the A mystery, and it came as a total shock. I am hard to surprise when it comes to shipper plots.

a) But...Wren. My mind already broke up with Toby, relegated him to a first love that (like so many first loves) didn't work out, a bittersweet memory but ready to move on with the next guy.

b) Although at least now we know that Zombie Toby was apparently the product of "pretending not to love you was the hardest thing I've ever done."

c) I remain conflicted about her willingness to run back into his arms, but since I guess they're technically delivering on my wish from the summer finale, I can't complain. They got like 20 seconds of pretty kissing in there, and it was simultaneously absurd and wonderful how everybody stood around, watching and smiling their approval. (take notes, Aria! This is how people behave when your relationship is appropriate and socially acceptable).

d) Although, was it just me or did it seem needlessly violent how aggressively he yanked her closer after blocking her attempt to whack him? According to Tumblr, it seems to be just me. I'm standing by it.

Hanna/Caleb: OK, a long time ago I read things about them getting their inappropriate on, and it tainted them forever and grossed me out to look at him. Their relationship still grosses me out whenever I think about them. Which sucks, because the actor is devastatingly attractive and his face puts all the other dudes on this show to shame. The only reason I'm mentioning them now is that of the four girls, Hanna in her Juliet attire was by far the most beautifully costumed, and when he showed up and somehow looked even more dashing and Zorro-esque in a mask, I got a little weak in the knees.

As for that ending: frick, I was really looking forward to being done with this show forever, and now I'm sucked back in because I'm desperate to know how extensive the A network is and what all the other peoples' motivations are. I seem to have temporarily forgotten that my version of the show generally only consists of two ship arcs.

How I Met Your Mother, "The Broath"

I object, I would like it noted for the record that "Quinntervention" was coined some three months back (and no earlier. That was the first-ever instance of it being used). My definition is an intervention for Quinn, but I am still claiming all ownership to it.

75% of this episode was SO GREAT!** It was firing on every cylinder, making me laugh, making me love everyone (except Quinn), even delivering a slap. Someone compared it to The Playbook, and they were so right. And then The Big Reveal happened, with me cursing as usual that I never suspect when I am being played with fake storylines, and somehow it made Quinn even more hateful than she already was. Her entire attitude just bugs me more and more with each appearance.

**The one thing I could have done without was all of Marshall and Lily's gross sex stories. I've been generally less thrilled by their romance with every passing year, and now I know why. Every time they mention their filthy night life, my respect for them erodes a little more, and I'm pretty sure I don't care about their relationship at all anymore.

But! Despite that hiccup, I was highly impressed with this one, and I expect it to repeat well. The title event at the beginning was AMAZING -- bring on the ninja attacks. Robin's intense hatred for Patrice will never not crack me up ("Nobody asked you, Patrice" is actually starting to make an inroad in general fandom conversation), and Ted staying in university housing, talking to College Ted/Marshall/Lily doppelgangers, did the same.

Except at the end there was another thing I could have done without, when apparently they started in on weird same-sex kissing. I don't know for sure because at that point my eyes had to take a vacation to The Opposite Wall. I'm hoping it sounded worse than it was, because it sounded horrendous. This is not OK, show, and I don't care how much ground Friends tried to break with this, it will never be okay.


2BG: Aw, show, you love your pets. Maybe the girls can get a kitten next? I am too overjoyed by the scenes of Max "I bring my tiny dog with me everywhere, so what" Black toting her tutu-wearing temporary charge around to parties. Also of Max sounding genuinely hurt that Caroline doesn't want to stay and enjoy their surprisingly-fun low key housesitting vacation together. And Sophie multiplying her shame/lowering the health code rating in every public place possible. And basically everything else that happened, really. Nonstop enjoyment!

NCIS, 9x18, "The Tell"

Oh, I enjoyed that a lot. And by "that" I mean the insane chemistry between our silver-haired leads (permanent and temporary), with all the little underlings obsessing over the level of bounce in Gibbs' step (except for Abby, who is too busy being amused by Sightings Of The Unexplained and building 3-D maps of them to do more than beam her tacit approval of Gibbs' new ladyfriend). For Samantha Ryan -- and oh, I see what you did there with "Ryan" -- I will forget Jen even existed, that's how hard I approve. Favorite non-Shannon ship ever! First one I have been deeply invested in coming to fruition! 

As for the ending kiss... I scared the dog with my high-pitched squeal, let's put it that way. Oh, you hope and you hope, but you never dare expect!

P.S. No matter how much you like this character, you should avoid looking at the "Samantha Ryan" tag on Tumblr, because the very first image was some horrifying Unexpected Porn. I always forget that Tumblr is allowed to post explicit images until I search overly generic tags.

CSI, 12x18, "Malice in Wonderland"

Apparently there was quite a lot of hype surrounding this one. I am so far removed from CSI spoilers these days that the only prior knowledge I had about it was the promo on TV and the episode summary. Which meant that every time something unexpectedly wonderful happened, I was knocked head over heels with giddy joy.

* The Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding was amazing. I want to have be invited to one. Ideally without armed robbers, although the cat/rabbit masks used were incredible.

* I got very attached to The Widow Bride the second we heard their adorable proposal backstory and I proceeded to be devastatingly wrecked by their tragedy even though it was over before we met them. I may have shed a tear at the Alice-in-Wonderland-themed funeral (the worst part is that he wasn't supposed to die! It was just a stupid wardrobe malfunction! Tragedyyyy). I had an emotional Wednesday, okay. They're my favorite one-off characters since the tragic road accident family on Grey's Anatomy earlier these year.

* Chloe! Or whatever the jewelry store worker/female thief's name was; I haven't seen her since Harper's Island and I forgot how much I like her face. These murderer-thieves had layers; as bad guys go, they were definitely compelling. You have to be a little impressed by the level of detail and planning that went into their heists.

* I am impressed that Mandy not only refuses to help Hodges out with his mother, she actively seeks to make it more difficult. That's my girl.

* And still, I liked Hodges in this. Like, a lot. This has never happened before; I don't know what to do. I love that the same Morgan who a few weeks ago was happy to leave him trapped in an elevator takes pity on him and agrees to play girlfriend, complete with unexpected cheek kisses. Aaaaand this is why Morgan is my favorite. The episode summary said Hodges tried to convince her to play along, so I was really pleased that she just decided to be nice on her own. I probably would have. He just looked so stupidly sad.

* Specifically, I liked him when he got to run down his heartbreaking list of confessions (aw) on their way to certain death...right before turning Big Damn Hero. Hodges, comin' alive!

* "Jaclyn Smith" has no meaning for me because I've never watched Charlie's Angels, but I enjoyed her as Hodges' mother. I also feel like we've heard a lot of creepy things about her over the years that I'm currently repressing, because they don't jive with the awesome lady we were introduced to today.

* I enjoyed how hard Morgan was freaking out as they tried to chase down the ambulance.

* The strained father/daughter conversations were wonderful, solely for the way they were wrapped up with nostalgic fast food peace offerings at the end.

* It just has to be said to combat the internet: I am not totally a fan of Nick's hair right now, as it looks flat and oddly toupee-like, but it is still better than when he has it shaved. We have to reward him when he behaves.

* GSR Highlight 1: I love how one of the suspects asks Sara if she's married, and Ecklie just turns and smirks at her like, "Yes, how would you like to explain your complicated living situation to the nice man?" And then we are all overjoyed when we realize anew that she can just say "yes."

* GSR Highlight 2: Her instant ability to connect a store with a local commercial jingle.
Ecklie: You watch too much TV.
Sara: I work the night shift and my husband's living abroad. Cut me some slack, please.

* GSR HIGHLIGHT OF HIGHLIGHTS: He sent her a plant. A living plant. She likes vegetation. High fifty for callbacks and continuity, thanks.

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