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Things that I did, discovered, watched, maybe some other verbs

I. Went to an estate sale today. (garage sales have not *quite* started yet, although I'm betting on next weekend) Better than buying something, they had a dog there. A little old thing, most diverse mutt I've ever seen: built like a basset hound but shaggy and gray/white as a sheepdog, with little triangle-drop ears and coarse, wire-haired fur. Not much good for petting, except the soft spot between his eyes, but he would take casual strolls around the house every so often, utterly relaxed despite the number of strangers around, and gaze up at you with the sweetest little face.

II. Plus I found an adorable plastic necklace made of shamrock beads on the ground while walking Kym. Free St. Patrick's Day gear!

III. So Smash apparently got renewed. I was genuinely not expecting that. Huh. I guess now I have to accept that it is a regular fandom in need of weekly reviews and whatnot. Between that and the thousand other early renewals and various shows I picked up along the way this year, I cannot process how many shows I am going to be signed with for the '12-13 season, even before the new pilots get locked in. It's going to be pushing 20, I'm pretty sure. My head might break like it did three years ago.

IV. Speaking of, I gave it a final shot but I am officially giving up on Awake, due to unbearable irony of the fact that I fell asleep during both of the last two episodes. It's just way too slow and plodding for me; something isn't clicking. I was only watching it out of timeslot convenience anyway, and that ends now. Maybe if I see it at the library I'll finish its run later.
V. Community:

Most of this seemed like a waste of time, and I would still consider it one of my least-favorite episodes of the series, but then we got that amazing Troy and Abed conversation at the end. Has Troy ever been mad before? Genuinely mad? At Abed? Because it's kind of amazing to actually see conflict in their relationship, and to have it come as a result of Troy being mature and responsible and frustrated by his friend's lack of the same. It's quite the mindspin. Also, absolutely here for Darkest Timeline Abed creepily hanging out in a corner of Abed's mind.

Best part of the celebrity impersonation: Britta. I am genuinely disturbed and amazed by how it takes nothing but a wig and dark glasses for her to literally look exactly like Michael Jackson, White Version.

VI. And then, because I had one last night of being home during prime time until mid-May and nowhere else to go, I spent my last hurrah with the double helping of 30 Rock. I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed it.

Because apparently I really, really like Liz Lemon, and everything she says or does cracks me up (nothing more so than THE BLOCKER, although Leminem comes close). A plotline talking about Avery didn't hurt, nor did guests spots by Cynthia Nixon and Mary Steenburgen. The semi-psychotic new page entertains me endlessly. And I am also kind of ashamed to admit how hard I laughed at the Weird Al closing tag parody. Ooh, lyrics!

"That's right, the program is over,
So now you can talk
Trash about it and vent your rage!
On your Twitter and Facebook page!
Won't you join us again next week at 30 Rock?
…erfeller Plaza, NYC
Where the ratings are terrible [awesome]
Remarkably, somehow, we're still on the air
We'll just keep doing this whether you like it or not
We really do love our fans, yes, both of you"

(am now playing the video clip on repeat until I have it memorized)

Oh, I'm pretty sure I need to get this season -- maybe last season too, I don't know how far back the genuine funny stretches -- from the library once it's on DVD and watch it straight through when I need mindless entertainment. As much as I miss my hate feud, this show's gradual decline and fade from prominent popularity has, like so many popular pretentious things before it, made it correspondingly amenable to me.

VII. Test scoring starts Monday! Which means I have to remember how to do things like drive, talk to humans I am not related to, lay out coordinated outfits, pump gas, and deposit actual checks. I can't decide if I am more nervous or excited. It feels a lot like going back to the first day of school, to be honest. Right down to "I wonder who will be in my class [scoring room] and who I will sit next to!" Right now I'm excited to sink my teeth into the work, while worried that I will feel burned out like I did last year, where having to leave the house after dealing with idiot mystery shoppers half the day is just too much.

But I think I'm mostly excited. I highly recommend this job to anyone who has the time and inclination to pick up some spare cash.
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